Sichuan man is dialed call the police the phone is 上海品茶论坛gone more than times 5000 arrest, ever dallied with abusively夜上海最新论坛 receive fuzz

Reporter from Sichuan 15 days detachment of the extensive fire protection that bring city learns, this city because Zhou Mou of many years old 50 is dialed continuously 119 etc call the police the phone is as long as more than times 5000, be in lawfully by police of county of high mountain pool detain 10 days of punishment with administration.

Week of many years old 50 surnames a man to be sent toward the jail. New network pursues in

Well-known, 119, 110, 120 w上海龙凤自荐区aiting for urgent service number is the people encounters what the emergency such as fire, illegal enroach on, sudden disease fa上海花千坊1314lls to appeal phone, be browbeaten badly especially in life property when, they more the life gain and loss that representing pinch. Unless be in,encounter emergency to fall, cannot dial casually commonly, more do not lie call the police affection and ill will are annoyed receive fuzz.

Caught fire here, you come quickly, belle, your sound is very Orphean, look for you to make fun of a friend since January 2017, phone of 119 fire alarm receives group of fire control of county of high mountain pool continuously the telephone call that without reason of a man makes, pretended to catch fire over there him sometimes, sometimes come to an agreement or understanding is dull want to search receive alarm personnel chats. This man is dialing get through after 119 phones, hearing is the sound that the male receives fuzz ring off or abuse male receive alarm personnel, when encountering a[......]


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The country does: Form pub上海夜网论坛lic hospital b上海龙凤阁asically to run new mechanism to 2020

In new network on July 26 report a few days ago, prin上海千花网论坛t and distribute of general office of the State Council " the directive opinion that runs a system about building contemporary hospital " . The country defends unripe family planning appoint cure of vice director, the State Council changes do director Wang Hesheng to divulge, " opinion " put forward, to 2020, form basically safeguard the commonweal sex, public hospital that moves enthusiasm, safeguard to be able to last to move new mechanism and decision-making, carry out, supervise mutual and harmonious, mutual make judge, the processing mechanism that promotes each other, stimulative society does cure health to develop, drive various and of all kinds hospital to manage standardization, essence to refine, science is changed, build science of authority duty clarity, government, processing basically perfect, move efficient, supervise strong contemporary hospital to run a system.

The graph i上海千花网论坛s a patient actively to treat for the doctor (data chart) . Ren Haixia of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Office of news of the State Council holds a press conference this afternoon, the country defends unripe family planning appoint cure of vice director, the State Council changes do director Wang Hesheng to introduce on the news briefing " the directive opinion that runs a system about building contemporary hospital " afore-mentioned information leak when concerned circumstance.

Wang Hesheng still discloses, " o[......]


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Li Kejiang blocks international exposition to send congratulatory lett爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314e全国凤凰楼信息网站r to the 82nd Sa Luoni

Xinhua News Agency is Greek Saisaluoniji Like of premier of electric the State Council is strong on September 9 to th上海龙凤自荐区e 82nd Saluonika international exposition will reach China on September 9 local time advocate mobile hair goes to guest country congratulatory letter. Greek premier Qipulasi attends上海千花网论坛 exposition 上海千花网论坛opening ceremony and see Chinese house.

Li Kejiang expresses in congratulatory letter, 1998, china blocks international exposition history to get on first as Sa Luoni advocate guest country ginseng is 上海419shlfexhibited, the Europe in be began classics trade dealings to build new bridge. This has historical sense to exposition oneself development not 上海419验证归来only, also open in the new level that Europe association and China are the same as Greek relation to develop greatly. Come 19 years, rare two countries cooperates hand in hand in, letter of political each other is deepened ceaselessly, each domain communicates collaboration to obtain great progress, than Leiaifusi harbor project already writtened guarantee an achievement of plentiful and substantial. China holds the position of the 82nd Sa Luoni to block international exposition advocate guest country, the mark is worn on the new start that two countries relation stands in higher level, development perspective is very wide.

Li Kejiang points out, chinese government wishs to be the same as Greek and each country together, initiate one belt better with strategy of each country development butt joint al[......]


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Europe " poisonous vegetables and fruits " incident already sent 18 people dead check 8 big question

Login register Europe of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " poisonous vegetables and fruits " did incident already send 18 people dead check: of origin of 8 big question? ?2011-06-04 01:0 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border7 Http://

On June 1, in a farm that Spanish Ma La adds, goats are devouring by the cucumber of scrap. "Cucumber crisis " already sent vegetable to grow job loss 150 million euro (add up to) of 216 million dollar about.

On June 1, inside a hospital of German hamburger, a patient of male epidemic situation is accepting treatment.

The door welcomes Spanish Ministry of Public Health " cucumber is washed bad luck " victim of; epidemic situation is added to 18 people, among them 17 people come from Germany

World Health Organization says, occurrence bowel of many countries near future gives Europe the of all kinds disease that coliform organisms of courage and uprightness causes, heretofore affirms deadly 18 people, among them one person is in Sweden, the others is in Germany. Introduce according to its, up to on May 31, 9 Europe country, namely Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holand, Norwegian, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and England, aggregate report 843 bowel give coliform organisms of courage and uprightness to affect diagnose case of illness, include poison of make water of 400 hemolysis sex to be asked for integratedly (HUS) .

Germany announces because of,infection of alvine path disease is not Spanish cu[......]


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Libyan opposition arms cent road " surround " capital (group plan)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Libyan opposition arms cent road " surround " capital (group plan) origin: ? ?2011-06-17 05:0 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border9 Http://

Government of made of baked clay ferry army and turn over a government to arm town of military importance of intense contention border land, from time to time attacks Tunisia by accident,

North of level of at present benefit is made an appointment with to the government army the leaflet that drops minatory air attack, drop opposition position however, force so that latter must abandon the town that just carried off difficultly.

North of level of at present benefit is made an appointment with to the government army the leaflet that drops minatory air attack, drop opposition position however, force so that latter must abandon the town that just carried off difficultly.

Mi Su pulls tower opposition to be advanced to the capital, governmental army atttacks opposition foothold Mi Su to pull a refinery of the tower, the hope cuts off opposition logistics to supply.

Opposition army distributes benefit road " surround " capital

War develops to direction of benefit good opposition, goosefoot Bolixi, south, east all have turn over a government to arm start aggression; north to make an appointment with a country to be anxious " protracted battle "

Libyan chaos caused by war already lasted nearly 3 months, many battle line is current war ankylose[......]


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Ba Bo of the president before Ketediwa accepts lawyer of hearing of witnesses to did not arrive first the spot

Lang Babo is in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of the president before Ketediwa 7 days suddenly dagger of family of division north city accepts hearing of witnesses first.

Ketediwa national inquisitor Senpulisi · boast stayed in the villa that Diao Kofi was put under house arrest in Ba Bo that day a many hours, listen to Ba Bo's allegation. It is reported, private doctor attended Ba Bo hearing of witnesses, and the lawyer of two laws book that defends for its fails to reach the spot.

Kofi says, he will go to city of division northwest ministry 8 days Ba Bo wife is attended inside abstruse alternate Ximengna Babo's hearing.

Hearing original definitive edition of Ba Bo begins 4 days month, because of its lawyer of two laws book asks to go to division attend a hearing and be gone to 6 days by defer, but when two people enter a country 6 days than allowing the airpo上海千花网论坛rt in A because of visa " disagreement formalities " and be rejected to enter a country. Kofi announces to postpone the trial to Ba Bo subsequently, two lawyers claim to will apply for visa to enter a country afresh.

After election of the Ketediwa end last year November's president ends, presidential Ba Bo and opposition leader allow to Wadala all announces triumph and make a pledge to take office as a president respectively when, bilateral a group of people of same interest erupts finally armed strength conflict. This year on April 11, ba Bo is caught, declare of division politics deadlock end[......]


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Russia wreck passenger liner already decided 2 people die to still 96 people are missing

According to CCTV latest news, russia " Bujiaer " accident of heavy boat of date passenger liner already decided 2 people die at present. Up to now, the accident already caused 1 person death, 96 people to be missing, additionally 85 people are rescued. She says, 182 people are shared on the boat, have 125 passengers among them.

According to introducing, "Bujiaer " date passenger liner is the yacht that from Bujiaer city leaves for hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting of metropolis of Tartar Si Tan, wreck passenger liner is in Russia 10 days the Volga of churchyard of republic of Tartar Si Tan is sunken.

The word of Andelianuowa of director of bureau of news of department of emergency of Rus上海千花网论坛sia of the quote before this says Xinhua News Agency, 182 people are shared on accident passenger liner, have 125 passengers among them.

According to survival witness memory, "Bujiaer " the time with sunken date is very fast, about only a few minutes of time. Because accident place is apart from bank to have 3 kilometers about, the companion when the accident has thunderstorm weather, it is very difficult to come to help consequently.

Accident reason had be notted announce at present.上海千花网论坛 The expert says, this heavy boat accident may be overweighted be caused by. Also expert analysis says, similar " Bujiaer " such boat does not have date watertight cabin wall, if hull has flaw, a few minutes can sink.

After the accident, presently Shaoyigu of emergency ministry minister reported re[......]


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Brazil today the Wei Si inside run-off of presidential general election weighs Luosaifu " flirtatious " offend female voter

In report will report new net integratedly on October 26 Brazilian president general election polls at be being held 26 days the 2nd round local time, competition will be in those who currently hold the post ofthe Weisi inside presidential Luosaifu and opposition candidate spread out. Before this multinomial civilian attune shows, the supportive rate of two people presents a litre to fall trend, luosaifu the latercomers surpass the formers, the situation is valued. The analysis thinks, brazilian economy is behaved not beautiful is Luosaifu fails first-run the main factor that win out, no matter which candidate is gotten the better of,choose, will face the grim challenge that accelerates economic growth.

Show support of presidential Luo Sai's husband to lead the Wei Si inside changeover of the latercomers surpass the formers

This year first round of voting is medium on October 5, candidate of Brazilian labor party, currently hold the post ofpresidential Luo Sai's husband to get a ticket to lead for 41.6% , aaixiaoneiweiside bill rate is candidate of social the Democratic Party 33.6% , the made of baked clay rate that get a bill is Xi Er of Socialist Party candidate 21.32% .

Brazilian electoral law sets, if presidential election is first-run,the ticket is gotten to had been led without any candidate in polling half, the ticket leads two top candidate to will be entered the 2nd round is voting.

On October 14, luosaifu and Neiweisi spread out voting first time the 2nd round to[......]


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England because 3 judges go to work time sees bawdy video get the air in the office

In report will occupy new network on March 18 outside intermediary reports 17 days, because use their office computer to watch a network,go up bawdy video material, 3 England judge gets the air.

British judicatory behavior investigates the spokesman complement of the offi上海千花网论坛ce to say, the video content that 3 judges watch does not break the law.

However, british old judge and presiding judge say, the behavior of these 3 judges is pair of their duty cannot Rao Shu's abuse. Say, the employee to the judicial department this is the deed that cannot accept completely.

A spokesman of this office says, these 3 judges will be allowed to pursue any jobs that concern with judicatory no longer. He still says, these 3 judges did not put forward to appeal to this one decision.

The judge that additionally still a judge watchs indelicate video in time going to work resigned before the government launchs investigation. Otherwise, he also can be the judge that is dismissed this.

3 part by the judge of discharge上海千花网论坛 is Bowers of local court judge, immigration laws official deputy judge of Gelante and local court holds clerk concurrently Baluoke. These 3 judges do not have any connection between each other.

The comment says, experience thing judge is elementary justice, not be senior judge. But anyway, this is very serious issue, this matters to judicatory system of England to whether had fallen to arrant degree.

(Original title: England because 3 judges go to work time sees pornography piece[......]


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One woman of American is right be pregnant pregnant woman of 7 many months forcibly paunch grabs an embryo to cause fetal death

American division collect helps much city because a woman is suspect上海千花网论坛ed of be opposite forcibly another be pregnant the pregnant woman paunch of 7 many months, reave not was born fetal cause fetal death and be arrested, face the accusation such as attempted murder. Allude the breathtaking degree of details of a case, inquisitor of a place says 19 days, he from course of study 30 will never had encountered this kind of case for years.

Advertisement bait

According to police state上海千花网论坛ment, local time 18 days midday, one is pregnant advertisement of the individual on the network that the basis of 26 years old of pregnant woman of 7 many months sells mother baby articles for use first, come to female suspect Daniel Lai favour is located in this city in Langmengte's home.

After the pregnant woman of this not public full name enters room, it is Lai favour of 34 years old to adopt coercive measures to her, the knife that grows about 8 centimeters with sliver of pregnant woman abdomen, take away fetal. The spot is reached after police receives this pregnant woman to call the police, hear the voice of ask for help that the victim comes out in Lai favour home, discover into house she lies on a piece of bed, mind is not clear, can speak only, there is a sword on the ground.

Gimmick profession

The word of police of beautiful intermediary cite reports, according to the view of Daiweilideli of Lai favour husband, he is returned when the home is medium, discover Lai favour is in basement a co[......]


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Russia defense minister: Expect Jin Zhengen attends ceremony of parade of victory of World War II

Login register defense minister of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Expect Jin Zhengen attends: of origin of ceremony of parade of victory of World War II? ?2015-04-16 10:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionSummary of 1 Http:// [] Shaoyigu says, "We hope he attends red field military review to Moscow, enter other solemnization activity " .

In report will occupy new network on April 16 Russian intermediary report, xieergaishaoyigu is in Russia defense minister 15 days this month with the minister of ministry of Korea people armament that will attend Muscovite international safe meeting the general meets Xuan Yongzhe say when the face, russia just expects Korea leader Jin Zhengen attends the World War II that will hold on May 9 this year to get the better of benefit day 上海千花网论坛military review, participate in other and relevant activity.

Data chart: Korea is highest leader Jin Zhengen.

According to Introduction Shaoyigu, russian government knows very well Korea leader Jin Zhengen takes Russia seriously to develop toward the relation highly. Shaoyigu says, we hope he attends red field military review to Moscow, enter other solemnization activity.

Shaoyigu still emphasizes, russia already just announced to was Russia 2015 - Korea is friendly year. He points out, very can glad on Muscovite relevant activity to see face just is represented.

As we have learned, russia Kremlin confirmed January this year, top leader[......]


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Marathon of adapting female of 92 years old of old people of American is over the person that surpass is the most senile record (graph)

Login register marathon of adapting female of 92 years old of old people of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be over is the person that surpass the most senile record (graph) origin: ? ?2015-06-01 11:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

Local time on May 31, haliyateshangpusen of 92 years old attends what hold in Santiago to rock and roll marathon.

In report will occupy new network on June 1 outside intermediary report, the United States once sufferred from cancered 92 years old of old grandmas, ran with the time of 36 seconds a few days ago marathon, adapting female marathon is over the person that surpass is the most senile record.

According to the report, local time on May 31, haliyateshangpusen of 92 years old (Harriette Thompson) attends what hold in Santiago to rock and roll marathon. When arriving at terminus, thompson is just as rock and roll the welcome like the giant star.

This is Pusendi enters boiling water 17 times rock and roll marathon, also be when run the hardest, because of marital be confined to bed, practice of time of her it doesn't matter runs. After the husband died this year in January, thompson leg ministry infection, still be disadvantageous ran.

Before Thompson, the record with the most senile person that female marathon runs, achieved 2010. Mrs Thompson compares what a record holds a person to be over cont[......]


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Premier Ma Laiqian calls parliament speaker abdication prolocutor urgent hair statement is denied

In report will occupy new network on 上海千花网论坛May 17 outside intermediary report, malaysia ex-premier Mahadi alleges 16 days local time, ban Di blocks congress commons prolocutor to had resigned. Bandika subsequently that day late 10 when urgent release statement to deny abdication.

The report says, bandika goes out in statement middle finger, he will fulfil its prolocutor obligation at 17 days, continue to chair the 13rd congress the 3rd times the 2nd sessional conference. In addition, he still expresses to will witness two congressman to make a pledge to take office as, chair premier Najibu to be carried in congress at 21 days show the 11st Maguo plan and follow-up controversy.

Ma Hadi makes public 16 days in say on the lecture: Bandika will see me, say not to want to continue to hold the position of prolocutor one duty, the assistant that so prolocutor is him now (vice-chairman collect Na Jiandi) .

Congress commons vice-chairman collect Na Jiandi also expressed that day, the message that Ban Di blocks A Min to resign is a rumor only. H上海千花网论坛e expresses, the ability several days ago and Bandika meet, bandika did not allude at that time everything.

Collect Na Jiandi says, concerned Ban Di blocks the message of abdication, circulate at will beginning when adjourn on April 9 in congress commons, but Bandika attended the meeting finally.

Collect the preparatory meeting that Na Jiandi also points to to Bandika still chaired plenary meeting of republic and federal president last week. Ba[......]


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Russian intermediary: Xuan Yongzhe catnap is executed Jin Zhengen says this is more abominable than objecting him

Login register intermediary of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Is Xuan Yongzhe catnap executed does Jin Zhengen call this more abominable than objecting him origin: ? Comfort?2015-06-16 15:3 of cangue 上海千花网论坛 ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

Russian intermediary says, korea " Korea daily " confirm, korea government the message that to its orgnaization of the delegate outside be stationed in notices Korea people armed strength the minister to Xuan Yongzhe already was executed.

Xuan Yongzhe (right) will accompany Jin Zhengen to pay homage to palace of samite hill sun on Feburary 16 this year (Afp data pursues)

Will report on June 16 according to Russia satellite network, " Korea daily " the clew story that occupies message personage, smooth soil government just is stationed in the embassy staff of China and other country to inform Xuan Yongzhe of the message that already was executed to its in not long ago. This message personage still emphasizes, of media hearsay execute Xuan Yongzhe is the catnap on the formal activity that in top leader because of its 上海千花网论坛Jin Zhengen attends it is well-founded.

This word that signs up for quote information personage says: The catnap when Jin Zhengen thinks to attend a meeting or absquatulate are more harsher than opposing his decision action.

Russia satellite network reports, about Xuan Yongzhe doubt is like the message that is executed to appear on med[......]


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Tourist chaos throws rubbish chelonian 12 centimeters long straw is inserted in nostril (graph)

Login is 12 centimeters long straw inserted in registering chaos of tourist of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to throw rubbish chelonian nostril (graph) origin: ? ?2015-08-16 13:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

The intermediary outside occupying reports, do not throw rubbish toward sea mile chaos again, because this is likely,bring risk to the biology in the sea. Recently, in the ocean of the Costarica, animal researcher discovered a male Pacific Ocean beautiful chelonian, there is a sucker that is as long as 12 centimeters in his nostril.

This is plugging a sucker that is as long as 12 centimeters in the nostril of chelonian only.

This group of researcher put this chelonian to cockboat, they think the eyewinker in its nostril is a helminth at first.

Video presentation, as a result of the tool that carries inadequate, they can be this chelonian to become an operation with a small forceps only.

A few researcher pressed this chelo上海千花网论坛nian, another person tries to place with forceps give this habit. Unexpectedly straw embeds deeply already the nose ministry structure of chelonian, pull out very hard. In this process, chelonian still poured out of bright red nosebleed.

Film the researcher say of video: This is why we should not throw plastic上海千花网论坛 straw in past sea.

After chelonian struggled for many times ceaselessly, researcher eventually firmly clips straw[......]


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Indian horse breaths out Lashitela nation crop is lean already 628 farmers commit suicide

According to China Daily the report is owed the effect that receive by crop, indian heart strikes a peninsula the Mahalashitela western state (Ma-harashtra) heretofore already had 628 farmers to commit suicide, only a stricken be hit by a natural adversity area will have this state in August 105 people commit suicide.

Mahalashitela what the agricultural crisis of state had lasted 4 years is long, among them 2012, mixed 2014 this year is drought, 2013 is hail calamity. Because the number of suicide of stricken be hit by a natural adversity choice also is in,rise continuously.

There has been 628 farmers s上海千花网论坛uicide since this year, and 2014 annual is counted from homic上海千花网论坛ide is 574 people.



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County of Japanese Ci city suffers a typhoon " Ai Tao " affect 15 people to be missing more than 100 people suffer tired (graph)

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes上海千花网论坛 happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for th上海千花网论坛e aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken



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European Union of Europe of shock of drama of male Tong Bei of 3 years old of appraise is multilateral will admit more refugee

In report will occupy new network on September 5 outside intermediary reports 5 days, european alliance can announce next week, follower each country accepts the plan of the refugee more. Among the member of the European Union, finland and England announced respectively yesterday, want to admit more refugee.

U.N. appeals the European Union accepts 200 thousand refugee 4 days. U.N. refugee work is high commissioner Anthony Aoguteleisi makes a statement say, europe needs to build base oneself upon to accept refugee ability quite, need common strategy.

Dimomans上海千花网论坛i of the first vice-chairman was in European committee a few days ago Greek family this the island says: Rong Ke of European Union chairman will announce next week more large-scale refugee finds a place for plan, enter Greek, Italy and Hungarian refugee especially.

Dimomansi says: We will suggest to member country, ensure we have an allocate, ensure the person that enter Europe is dispersed in each member country. I believe we can obtain positive result from this.

European Union official said a few days ago, rong Ke is considering at present, want a refugee to accept a number from 120 thousand increase to 160 thousand, and include in Hungarian refugee.

European commission spokesman says, rong Ke already put forward this to offer to committee member, he will be in next week 3 offer overall proposal to European parliament.

Dimomansi and European committee delegate arrive Greek go, it is to be the same as Sa of prime[......]


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The shortest man becomes the world because auspicious is pneumonic die of illness height is only 54.6 centimeter (graph)

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring 上海千花网论坛city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief b上海千花网论坛oard, promotion provide for the aged is taken



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Demonstrate of Malaysia number person pounds picture of Chinese quarter spot or lift instead China tide

Login register Malaysia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to several people demonstrate pounds picture of Chinese quarter spot or be lifted instead China tide origin: ? ?2015-09-18 10:1 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel [summary] media says Malaysia home may be lifted again instead China tide, aggravate Malaysia is phyletic and contradictory.

Malaysia counts person demonstrate to pound picture of Chinese quarter spot, media says Malaysia home may 上海千花网论坛be lifted again instead China tide, aggravate Malaysia is phyletic and contradictory.

On September 16, malaysia capital kuala lumpur holds parade today, about 30000 Malays support the premier Najibu that suffers worry of scandal of embezzle public money in downtown, the Ji Bu that oppose offer is started by the month on political party of condemnation foreign citizen of Chinese origin large put on a show of force. Malaysia is in-house politics contend for expand to social masses, media says Malaysia home may be lifted again instead China tide, aggravate Malaysia is phyletic and contradictory.

Police and demonstrate person confront each other

There is a report to say before this, najibu opens personal account to put below Malaysia dominion fund have a huge sum of money of 700 million dollars, the outside oppugns Najibu to have the suspicion of embezzle public money. Saying to argue of cloth o[......]


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Japan rolls out new service to let male technician be client mop tear for duty field female

China Daily net report is comprehensive on September 21 outside intermediary reports 21 days, look up as female consciousness, more and more females devote into duty field, but the Japanese female that enters take office field often faces huge pressure however, there is a new service to roll out in Japan to this, let a handsome young man warm male cure division breaks down in these females namely after crying greatly, wipe tear for them.


Name of this new service is a handsome young man curtilage sob (curtilage sob) it is what by the temple Jing Anshu founds, the male employee inside the company has many people is to have cry the male cure division of therapeutics charter, can let a client pass through the way that watchs movie, cry out comes the pressure in express heart. The client still can select the remedial division kind that he likes, let the tear that he gets on with face of handkerchief tenderness wipe.

Temple Jing Anshu expresses, female body is hit in the duty field at male dominant go all out, like needing to resemble a working maniac, very tired, he says, we hope these are faced with the female of enormous pressure, can feel after crying greatly the mood a上海千花网论坛meliorates.

(Original title: Handsome young man of Japanese new service curtilage sob lets a handsome young man replace mop tear)



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Uncover Mu Lun of person of door of secretary people new control: Trainee is hit go all out tens of year promote to a high office all the way

After false incident take the blame is being built to resign two days because of discharging in Wen Deen of CEO of masses automobile group, people group issues brand of the nimble when protecting to carry out Mu Lun of chairman of board of directors to replace Wen Deen to take up the post of CEO of masses automobile group by the banner surely at will be being knocked on September 25, at the same time the masses still announced his to brew quite long management framework adjusting, and subsequently and a series of high levels that come are brought into play. Occupy masses China additionally to release statement to show, the car of Tiguan of 1946 masses entrance that carried engine of experience matter diesel oil suffers the effect to this incident likely.

Acceptance wins a letter in reply to allow for the masses

Because masses derv engine is suspected of discharging,make a holiday, wen Deen of people group CEO will announce to assume all responsibility on September 23, resign one duty of CEO, people supervision board expressed to be able to announce new CEO person selected before Zhou Wu that day.

On September 25, people group releases statement to express, appoint the new CEO that protects Shi Jie to carry out Mu Lun of chairman of board of directors to be a group formally, and the nimble when he also is protected part-time at the same time carries out chairman of board of directors one duty, until find likely successor. Appoint to this, interim chairman of supervision boa[......]


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Car of British supersonic speed will challenge speed per hour record of 1600 kilometre world (graph)

Login register car of supersonic speed of England of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to will challenge speed per hour record of 1600 kilometre world (graph) origin: ? Be not 2015-09-29 08:4 of net of annulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] add up to numerous international company to will report on September 25 according to the United States, the British group of car of supersonic speed of a research and development showed a few days ago, they will be used horary 800 miles (add up to 1287.5 kilometre about) the world record that speed breaks through speed of car of existing supersonic speed, and the speed per hour that their ultimate goal is the supersonic speed car them promotes 1000 miles (add up to 1609 kilometre) about.

Supersonic speed c上海千花网论坛ar

By one class equation cycle racing and aviation expert comprise motorcade of this supersonic speed. The supersonic speed car that expert group announced their research and development formally in London recently used the system of mixture motivation transmission of 133151 horsepower, the Laosilaisi that includes to come from a jet aircraft among them EJ200 engine and engine of pressure boost of nimble leopard V8.

This group shows, supersonic speed car will reach 1000 miles speed per hour finally inside 55 seconds. But their plan is broke[......]


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The man is swept the floor to go out because of disaccord of husband and wife oneself a person of extraordinary powers curtilage before when hobo

The intermediary outside occupying reports, the United States gets上海千花网论坛 Kesasi city one 69 years old of men are on bad terms because of husband and wife, a person of extraordinary powers that is driven out of valence to be worth more than 1000000 dollars by the wife curtilage, half an year is become more hobo, can rely on keep the wolf from the door of neighbour give financial help to only.

According to the report, police station of the place that get a state expresses, between past half an year, police is received report a case to the security authorities and send a person to head for man bank favour (Sharafat Khan) and its wife Xia Na this (the domiciliary processing dispute of Shahnaz Khan) , accumulative total has 30 times about. Xianaci will divorce to forensic appeal this year in June, divorce lawsuit is tried by the court now in.

Because husband and wife is broken,close, brawl is ceaseless, xianaci of 61 years old will chase bank favour this year in March a door, total number of all door lock changes, ask police takes away him.

Police expresses, this is located in advanced uptown house, it is You Kanen's husband and wife registers hold jointly, if bank favour wants to stay in oneself dooryard, police stops without influence block.

The report says, xianaci still is in doorway paste announcement, requirement neighbour does not offer food to give bank grace. She writes: If you want to have a thing to him, take him to your home. You also can ask him to go to your home. Eve[......]


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Uncover orgnaization of secret Japan information: Seek information big country fosters emissary expert

Media of Japanese much home reports 11 days, a Japanese female of many years old 50 is suspected of be engaged in espial be arrested in Shanghai, in so far already 4 Japan emissary suspect suff上海千花网论坛ers this year, just arrest. Spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms before this, square concerned branch arrested two to be in lawfully in China the Japanese book suspect that pursues espial. Additionally two emissary suspects that mention to day intermediary, just have not affirm in.

Although Japan is ministerial,magisterial Jian Yiwei denies government-owned room publicly to send spy to China, japanese media also claims, similar case fact is belonged to infrequent, but actually, china is the key target of Japanese data gathering all the time. Come for years, japan becomes information big state for seek, work up a giant information orgnaization group, and premier An Beijin 3 pay attention to information to work more after appear on the stage, exert oneself fosters intelligence activity expert, promote thereby external intelligence capability.

4 people are arrested in succession

Go up lunar base, a few media of Japanese most expose to the sun first the information that gives two Japan emissary suspect to be arrested in China. Hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will say on routine press conference on September 30, square concerned branch arrests two to be in lawfully in China the Japanese book suspect that pursues espial, concerned circumstan[......]


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Incident of building of apartment of a private prang of American is brought about fear having 9 people death

Dispatch will occupy Chinese Taiwan net on November 11 the company reports in the center of Taiwan, ministry of American Chinese and Western Ohio Yakelang (Akron, stage intermediary is transliterated, similarly hereinafter) produce event of building of apartment of small-sized a上海千花网论坛nd private prang today, the word of everybody of plane of local media quote expresses, be afraid have 9 people death.

The message points out, if Luo Kewei thises, quote plane everybody says, 9 people are shared on the plane, include上海千花网论坛 two aircraft division. Before informing a family member, he won't reveal identity of the passenger on machine; I have the responsibility that informs them first.

Colombian Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) report of WOIO of local broadcasting station, decide two people die up to now. Network of news of American cable television (CNN) say, the personnel on machine is murdered entirely. And Ohio highway police expresses, the ground nobody get hurt or die.

Municipality statement, fireman is putting out the ablaze conflagration that causes because of crashing at once. Their complement says, the country carries safe committee to already launched investigation in the group of the spot. (Gao Xu of Chinese Taiwan net)

Original bid: A private prang of American fears having 9 people death



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2020 whole worlds decrease establish of the Fang Wang in time stopping since Parisian climate congress a new mechanism

Time stops since Parisian climate congress, local time on November 30 - will hold in French Paris on December 11

2020 whole worlds decrease Fang Wang establish in a new mechanism

Beijing business signs up for dispatch (rich of the Zi austral reporter Xiao Wei) congress of Parisian climate change will local time on November 30 - will hold in French Paris on December 11, national chairman Xi Jinping already went to Paris at flying yesterday and will elaborate the view that China administers to global climate and view now, this also is a station that diplomacy 上海千花网论坛of high level of the China inside year controls Guan Zhi to go likewise. Liu Zhenmin of undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs discloses external on the blowy meeting last week, china will hold to the green, low carbon, way that can develop continuously from beginning to end, support congress to reach the whole world to decrease a new agreement.

Conference of the Copenhagen 6 years ago fails to decrease an arrangement to reach an agreement that has legal sanction with respect to the whole world after 2012, and of the dimensions of congress of this Paris climate let the new to reaching whole world inside course of study decrease an agreement to express great expectations greatly. Law square data shows, at present already 195 countries and European Union expedite delegate ginseng to meet, this is from 1995 " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " conclude a treaty for the first time since square conference, the[......]


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Syrian army denies air attack of Russian opportunity for combat to send one market town to cause at least 40 civilian death

International is onlin上海千花网论坛e report: Syrian army says 29 days, russia opportunity for combat can use advanced technical measure to have spy before appraise carries out air attack, appraise army does not think air attack of Russian opportunity for combat can cause civilian death.

Personage of appraise army message tells a reporter, at present appraise Russia both sides is aimed at extreme organization to begin air attack to act, and the personnel that extreme organization dies his in air attack normally external described as is civilian.

Occupy peninsula TV station 29 days to report, de Libo of Yi of Syrian northwest ministry with a ha presses down a market 29 days in province dust some earlier moment is like air attack of Russian opportunity for combat by doubt, cause death of at least 40 people.

The town is located in Ailiha Yidelibo saves metropolis Yi Deli to predict city with south place of about 15 kilometers, it is appraise opposition armed alliance the control division of conquer army, alignment of support of branch of base organization Syria is one of this members with armed the most important alliance.

By this year September, requirement of Ying Xuzheng government office begins Russia to organize Mohammedan country to appraise churchyard extreme the target carries out air attack. This month 24 days, a when Turkey down Russia executes air attack mission in appraise revive - 24 opportunity for combat, opportunity for combat is in crash of a side of Syria of appraise la[......]


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Now international news

Oil of experience of Brazilian numerous president ransacks in home of corrupt corrupt case by the police (graph)

Will report on December 15 according to Argentine Infobae website, 15 days, police of Brazilian country federal rushs into Edward of Brazilian Boule prolocutor in Duokuniya's home, because suspect latter,be suspected of corruption case and undertake ransacking obtaining evidence. From a few months. . .

2015-12-16 15:44 origin: ? Does  try know well?
After Russian army submarine shoots 4 missile to hit IS, go back to the motherland wear Turkey channel

On December 13, russia navy is newest 636.3 model Ross of bank of the Don of B-237 of Chai Dianqian a light boat holds husband name in the palm to pass Turkey channel of Da Dani Er and Bosipulusi channel, enter the Black Sea, return those who be located in Saiwasituoboer base. . .

2015-12-16 15:42 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Does British man have 7 wives: at the same time? Excrement of  of silk ribbon betray cancels plan of   ? )

Xia Pu of 53 years old the point of view with a lot of controversy sexes is well-known, include all females to need to have the self-worth that there is devil, black in body of a husband, homosexual lower. . . .

2015-12-16 15:38 origin: ? Does discharge  ㄍ flee?
Male arms of U.S. Army submarine forms a delegation to pat female comrade-in-arms to bathe secretly commit the crime 10 months

The United States " naval times " will publish a problem to be on Dece[......]


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Victim of Han Weian Fu is malcontent " install times apology " it is by other era is read (graph)

Login register Hanwei of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to install Fu victim to resent " install times apology " be by other era is read (graph) origin: ?  of ǎ of the north that be not the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome is not Nao?2015-12-29 09:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

However, korea fall victim comforts consultation of countermeasure of issue of group of straighten one's back of group of the support that install Fu condemns Han day two countries 28 days to comfort however the problem that install Fu comes to an agreement is disappoint fall victim comfort the diplomatic collude that installs Fu and Korea people great expectations.

Data chart: Install times

Before building of office of department of trade of the transportation outside the Korea that held a talk in Han day minister of foreign affairs that day, the in an endless stream of Korea citizen group that comes round to protest demonstrate. Consultation of countermeasure of issue of group of straighten one's back publishs written statement to point out, although Japanese government expresses to install Fu problem to have responsibility to comforting, but the agreement did not include experience to comfort the crime that install Fu is the has constituent crime relevant content that commits by Japan上海千花网论坛ese government and army, pointing to bright Japan government is guilty main body, an Beijin should represent[......]


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Vietnam organization officer learns Xi Shahai battle history ever disastrous defeat at China

According to Vietnam " the youth signs up for " 19 days of reports, vietnam army organized officer collective to study the history of Xi Shahai battle and naval battle of reef of melon of Na Sha bare that day.

Connect a company to say more, ministry of Vietnam message medium jumps over Nanhai together alarm 3 divisions headquarters holds alleged Huang Sha and Changsha to 23 days of combination from 19 days (namely Sha Hena sanded complier notes China on the west) evidence of attributive Vietnam history and data of legal basis picture are exhibited. The report alleges, extend the many data that proof Vietnam revealed to have dominion to Huang Sha and Changsha archipelago on the meeting, file, in kind, include Chinese map among them.

Liu Feng of scholar of Chinese marine problem is accepted 19 days " round-the-world times " when the reporter is interviewed, e上海千花网论坛xpress, vietnam often gets this kind of petty action, the choice is held right now sand and Na Sha picture are exhibited on the west, organize military study, i上海千花网论坛t is with on January 19 echo of photograph of day of Xi Shahai battle, additional possible also with will hold in all more 12 concern greatly. Vietnam defeats Yu Huai of accomplishment be troubled to Xi Shahai battle all the time, this country is exhibited with the picture declaring dominion no more than is to produce effect of international public opinion external, build situation agglomeration internally so called marine and patriotic complex. But these petty ac[......]


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The beauty is the greatest circus wagon be pointed to to mistreat an animal to announce emeritus and all elephant (graph)

Login register beauty of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian the biggest circus wagon be pointed to to mistreat an animal to announce emeritus and all elephant (graph) origin: ? ?2016-01-12 09:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

In report occupied new network on January 12 American media coverage, famous American Ling Ling is circus wagon (Ringling Bros. , barnum Bailey Circus) announces, the elephant that lets all make one's rounds act will carry leave early to rest in May this year, earlier than booking time one year half.

Data chart: Asian elephant.

The Asian elephant that the parent company Feld Entertainment with Ling circus wagon Ling owns is amount of the North American is maximum. A lot of moving protect an organization to accuse all the time circus wagon mistreat elephant. Ling Ling is circus wagon express, this not only it is to cast off the accusation that mistreats elephant at an early date, because Ling Ling discovery makes elephant emeritus,also be faster than what anticipate.

Feld Entertainment says, circus wagon li of famous 11 head elephant can retire be located in the elephant with Florida mid city to protect a center to this company. The elephant that Feld Entertainment ever announced to will make it all perform before 2018 last year is emeritus.

Compose saves the author Carol Bradley of novel of circus wagon elephant to say, the decisi[......]


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The United States nots Lin Te fountainhead pollutes Aobama to announce to take urgent position by lead

Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to not does Lin Te fountainhead pollute Aobama to announce to enter: of critical condition source by lead? ?2016-01-17 16:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel [summary] report of the intermediary outside occupying, the United States rests closely root state city nots Lin Te fountainhead is polluted by lead, the circumstance did not see improve.

In rep上海千花网论坛ort occupied new network on January 17 outside intermediary report, the United States rests closely root state city nots Lin Te fountainhead is polluted by lead, the circumstance did not see improve, american president Aobama announces place enters urgent state.

The report points out, flint changes from 2014 after water supplier, with respect to problem of occurrence water pollution, the plumbic infiltration water of old hose supplies a system in, the water that causes place is polluted badly by.

American city the dweller needs Flint clean drinking water, filter establishment.

After Aobama announces to enter urgent state, place can be obtained allocate funds federally processing of lash-up of funds of 5 million dollars. Earlier before, bey requests Mixiegen to offer 31 million dollar to assist federally. He says, the demand of 100 thousand people of whole town already exceeded Flint the ability of state government, because this is sought,annou[......]


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Now international news

Somalia plane explosion is forced to return to base or be " young party " set bomb

On Feburary 2, a plane that flies to Djibouti from Somalia surely formerly produces explosion in flight route, cause 1 person death, 2 people are injured, the plane is forced to return Somalia capital Majiadisha tightens urgent crash. According to England " independent newspaper " will report on Feburary 3. . .

2016-02-04 11:18 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Somalia passenger of damaged of a plane by epispastic hind object die (graph)

Splicing: ? Does  whetstone attack: of origin of Zhen? picture? After a plane takes off 2 days, before long doubt is like Somalia of lazy? of salary  ⒚ experience explodes, occurrence hole of a side airframe, bring about a passenger by drop after epispastic engine room die. What what I hope is, plane subsequently urgent. . .

2016-02-04 11:16 origin: ? Salary   ?
TPP agreement signs latest news formally: Cause protest of all circles of New Zealand people

[round-the-world net reports] according to Singapore " associated morning paper " on Feburary 4 message, cross agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate (TPP)12 member country in New Zealand Oakland 4 days city signs an agreement formally, this agreement causes protest of New Zealand all circles. According to the report. . .

2016-02-04 10:37 origin: ? Be not net of annulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome
TPP agreement has agreement of what influence TPP to China th[......]


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Indonesian give orders to prohibit the actor plays the part of female person to affect youth viewpoint of value

According to Hong Kong " Oriental daily " will report on Feburary 25, indonesian broadcast committee announces, because receive the people to complain,express, they appear in afraid TV program change the person that install or metamorphic person part make young audience thinks such behavior is normal, the decision prohibits each TV station lets male actor play the part of a female on the program, the person that violate be punished.

According to concerning announcement, the male compere in the TV program or actor, must observe each code of conduct, include to cannot dress up female or it is to make up; is not due Nancy limbs movement, if female stage appearance, sitting position reachs gesticulation,wait. Additional, male compere or actor also are banned to use Nancy talking means, cannot incite other man to play the part of a woman, prohibit using Irene word name the language that taboo 上海千花网论坛of other man, male actor makes a person associate to the female or expression.

Committee expresses, concerned criterion already was put early in 2012, they can be strengthened control content of all TV program, can punish the industry of deregulation.

According to the report, indonesian humorous star overcomes Boer Ceng Zaibing on act male play the pa上海千花网论坛rt of female outfit and punish by committee, make him more act art career ends.



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Outside intermediary: Marriage of Chinese country nether world sends female cadaver to be climbed to rise by price of body of cadaver of steel black market

England " daily telecommunications signs up for " on Feburary 27 article, primary problem: Marriage matching shade brings about many female cadaver by pilfer, chinese village is astonished accordingly in Chinese country, ghoul people the new requirement that pilfer female cadaver matchs shade marriage with satisfying. This is a kind of ancient custom, meaning in find bride adding up to bury for gone maiden man. Although this is planted cruel and consuetudinary be labelled by new China already tortious, but nowadays as firm rich the rural resident that rise is willing to spend 10 thousand pound for this, this kind consuetudinary resurgence.

Came 3 years in the past, shanxi saves Dong Bao village to already had 15 female dead body by pilfer. This area is other village by the female cadaver gross of pilfer also this not less than number. Who knows where they steal my mother? Li Fucai of 53 years old (sound) before standing in the graveyard that burying father only nowadays, say, she had become the brushstroke ill-gotten wealth of bandits now.

Be in China, allegedly shade marriage custom but date from comes BC 17 centuries. Since half many century, the government that the Communist Party heads is put an end to in effort all the time this kind is abusive, but behavior of this kind of superstition still is in continuance. As Chinese economy prosperity already made rural rich other people can spend big money to satisfy its the demand of gone family member, rise according to beli[......]


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