Baseball Hall of Fame 2020: SN's Ryan Fagan explains his ballot

Baseball Many things in life, as you know, become easier with repetition. Filling out a Hall of Fame ballot is not one of those things, I have discovered. This is the fourth year I’ve had the honor and responsibility of voting for the Hall of Fame, and the decision-making process was as excruciating as ever. This is the first year I’ve not used all 10 votes available, and I’ve tried to use this very lengthy column to explain my reasoning, both for the players I did and did not vote for.  Quickly, here are the nine players with boxes marked on my ballot: Derek Jeter, Larry Walker, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Curt Schilling, Scott Rolen, Bobby Abreu, Gary Sheffield.RIVERA: Five way-too-early predictions for 2020 First, as always, three quick thank-you notes: First, to FanGraphs' Jay Jaffe for creating his JAWS system, which provides statistical context for this Hall of Fame discussion, and all the work he has done breaking down the candidates on the ballot. Invaluable resources. Second, to, which is eternally awesome and essential (subscribe to the Play Index!). And, finally, to Ryan Thibodaux and his crew for their indispensable Hall of Fame vote tracker (referenced often in this column as "The Tracker"). And now, my thoughts on this year’s ballot. If you're curious, here are my previous ballot explanation columns: for the class of 2019, for the class of 2018 and for the clas[......]


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