Civil aviation bur上海贵族宝贝论坛eau: Built aerostat to track monitoring system to have own intellectu一品楼浙江信息al property 2025

End of CCTV news client will report on August 16, the civil aviation bureau was released a few days ago " aerostat of Chinese civil aviaton tracks monitoring system to build executive route chart " , arrive clearly by 2025 before, perfect civil aviaton runs information monitoring network, whole world of aerostat of boat of the countryman in comprehensive promotion tracks monitoring capability, build the新上海龙凤魔都新茶论坛 aerostat of Chinese civil aviaton that has own intellectual property to track monitoring system.

Aerostat of Chinese civil aviaton tracks monitoring system construction to be cent 3 phase to carry out. Current, chinese civil aviaton has run an airliner to track outside the condition that implementation is based on existing technology, with 15 minutes or shorter time-interval, every aerostat in facing a flight has a record and replace aerostat position news. To the end of 2020 before, the airliner whole world that Chinese civil aviaton is based on implementation 2 times technology of a variety of burgeoning 聚凤阁全国surveillance such as communication of aviation of radar, broadband and communication is not had seam track. To the end of 2025 befo全国凤凰楼信息网站re, civil aviaton will build basically include " north to fight system of " system, own satellite communications and own intellectual property the production of airborne equipment, test and comfortable boat are authorized wait for the aerostat whole world that is based on own intellectual property to track a system.



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Envir宁波千花网onmental 上海千花网论坛protection ministry: Raise foreign to smuggling rubbish to punish a standard to order stop business in time

In report will occupy new network on August 23 message of website of environmental protection ministry, li Ganjie of minister of environmental protection ministry expresses 23 days, the condemnatory level that should raise the behavior such as trash of solid of foreign to smuggling rubbish, illegal entrance, to be being instructed what the refus after stop production punish is produced ceaselessly or do sth without authorization restores to produce, and after stop production punish decides to remove, carry out same illegal act again, seasonable newspaper orders stop business please, 上海千花网论坛shut.

Li Ganjie. Picture origin: Website of environmental protection ministry

Environmental protection ministry will hold an informal discussion in Beijing on August 22, carry out fulfil " about prohibiting silvering coin rubbish enters a country advance solid trash to import administrative system to reform executive scheme " .

Li Ganjie introduces, " plan " to prohibiting silvering coin rubbish enters a country, advance solid trash to import administrative system reform to make comprehensive deploy. Perfect stem the superintendency system that foreign rubbish imports, timely adjust " entrance trash runs list " , edit standard of control of perfect and relevant environmental protection and regulation 上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛of environmental protection government; Aggrandizement foreign rubbish enters a country illegally the canal accuses, from solid trash the entrance is examined and approve, quarantine exam[......]


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Z上海龙凤后花园hang Wei holds the post of vice secretary of Chinese petroleum director, general manager, leading Par上海品茶论坛ty group

On December 29, 2018 morning, limited company of group of Chinese oil natural gas holds leading group enlarged meeting. Leader of department of the group in sufferring is entrusted, group ministry wa上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛s in charge of a comrade announcing the central decision that holds a post about vice secretary of trustee of limited company of group of Chinese oil natural gas, genera上海后花园419l manager, leading Party gro魔都新茶论坛up about cadre bureau in: C上海千花网论坛omrade Zhang Wei holds the post of vice secretary of trustee of limited company of group of Chinese oil natural gas, general manager, leading Party group,上海龙凤后花园 job of vice secretary of trustee of group limited company, general manager, leading Party group is changed in discharging its China. Wu appoints and dismisses afore-mentioned duty to be dealt with by concerned law and constitution.

Original title: Zhang Wei holds the pos上海花千坊419t of responsibility of上海千花网论坛 vice secretary of Chinese petroleum director, general manager, leading Party group to edit: Zheng Lili[......]


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Ka Zafei goes staying not allow to negotiate

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to block Za Fei to stay not allow to negotiate origin: ? ?2011-04-07 04:4 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border0 Http://

Turn over governmental army to be in cautionary

N China Daily stalks of grain especially integrated

Report from our correspondent occupies western media coverage, the war that starts as western country hits action continuity, interior of Libyan regnant group had appeared to break up badly it seems that, in many senior official " flee " later, in 8 children that Libyan leader blocks Za Fei somebody is considering to make Kazafei nonofficeholding and promote Libyan strike democracy as it is said. Meanwhile, british government announces, if Libyan curule support Kazafei no longer, they or will avoid at international punish. Musayibolaxin of Libyan government spokesman says 4 days late, governmental preparation and opposition and western country develop a negotiation with respect to reform, but leader blocks those who plunge into phenanthrene to stay not allow to negotiate.

Two sons desire " abandon father " ?

Ka Zafei second child Saiyifu and 3 child when cater-cousin of Saadi was accepting American media to interview a few days ago, express, their two people hope is eliminating the situation that Kazafei affects to fall, drive Libyan to " democratic system of government " transfer. This message personage still discloses say, there is one person to hope he[......]


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Dust rich pulls Italian research and development to detect quickly equipment sample book of the check inside 75 minutes

Institute of Italian nation epidemic made a statement a few days上海千花网论坛 ago say, already research and development goes out to detect quickly the portable apparatus that dust rich pulls virus, can detect inside 75 minutes whether does dust rich exist to pull virus in haemorrhage fluid example.

This kind of equipment cooperates by limited company of semiconductor of law of intention of company of t of n i of this institute and o of l of C of company of Italian biology tec上海千花网论坛hnology, France research and development, use molecular biology technology instant and aggregate enzymatic chain reaction. Sensitivity of this kind of equipment is extremely tall, the human blood that even if is minim passes dilute for many times to also can detect give place to contain virus, and can inchoate discriminate virus, decrease significantly infect a risk.

Next research direction that are aimed at this kind of equipment are to reduce an operation to detect further the contagion in the process risk, lower equipment price at the same time.

Statement says, the successful research and development of this kind of equipment to detect quickly virus opens a channel, outside pulling virus except dust rich, still can use at detecting later other virus. (reporter Ge Chen)



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Check on a list of names posted up of Wang Jianlin of picture of data of asset of 10 big the richest husband and wife's couple famous

Login register check of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian on a list of names posted up of Wang Jianlin of picture of data of asset of 10 big the richest husband and wife's couple famous origin: ? Pay Wang?2015-07-24 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

Comparing when spelling financial capacity and actual strength, two people always have an advantage more than a person a few. Technical research and the company that evaluate the individual asset of public figure of high capital fund offerred the list of the archives of 10 pairs of husband and wife with a piece of the richest whole world for us, have the millions upon millions rich and powerful person that build up from nothing already among them, also have accede through belongings the husband and wife that obtains money of a huge sum. The person that there is innovation inside these people, member that develop, fashionable magnate, CEO and philanthropist.

The first: Biergaici and plum beautiful jade amount to Gai Cifu Fu (Bill And Melinda Gates)

The first: Biergaici and plum beautiful jade amount to Gai Cifu Fu (Bill And Melinda Gates)

Net assets total: 85.7 billion dollar

The Microsoft that although build the major asset of Ci to originate,he established 1975, but he has put main energy in Bill and Mei Lin to amount to Gaicijijinhui now above. Mei Lin is amounted to begin to work for Microsoft from 1987, two people married 1994. Two people Yo[......]


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Group of round mountain pass loses Japanese force in containing venom body rubbish to send 14 people poison

According to Japan " produce classics news " will report on August 25, japanese Kobe city east litter of industry of one civilian battalion handles beach area establishment produces toxic accident one case at 3 days, because 14 staff members are inspiratory the gas that the aerification of one inside plastic bucket poisonous liquid hydrofluoric acid in rubbish produces and slight and toxic. Personnel ransacks to depend on 25 days accepting related this one information leaked when interviewing.

According to the report, discard this are plastic of the bucket is to be located in Kobe city east the Japan of beach area appoints headquarters of group of violent round mountain pass. Police of arms library co上海千花网论坛unty is disobeyed with be suspected of afternoon at 3 days " litter handles a way " and undertook ransacking to headquarters of mountain pass group, investigated these liquid use.

According to ransacking the personage expresses, of poisonous liquid plastic bucket is Kobe city east the industrial litter of beach area reclaims practitioner of course of study reclaims from headquarters of mountain pass group, be suspected of disobeying practitioner to handle the regulation such as formalities in this process.

It is reported, hydrofluoric acid is used extensively in industry, be by " virulent content administers a law " administrative volatile liquid, contact this liquid to be able to bring about human body skin to be destroyed, only inspiratory the case with the severe gas that[......]


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Now international news

Flower 64 years old of preceptress are exposed to the sun to produce sexual relationship more than times 100 with 13 years old of teenagers (grap上海千花网论坛h)

[flower 64 years old of preceptress are exposed to the sun to produce sexual relationship more than times 100 with 13 years old of teenagers] according to England " daily Post " will report on September 7, british Oxfordshire woman of 64 years old Kaluolinjilin (Carolyn Keeling) is exposed to the sun to came 1993 19. . .

2015-09-09 09:09 origin: ? Be not net of annulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome
Wu Kelan opens tank to send a son to go to school man data knows new friend to aid its

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] a lot of parents for filial safety consider, can drive send its to go to school, wu Kelan the eastpart part male child arrived a few days ago at the beginning of a new school when the report, his father individualizes to others to make a son. . .

2015-09-09 09:06 origin: ? ネ of discharge  Cui?
Submit a written statement to a higher authority of 70 thousand person objects Spanish capital Wang Jianlin is demolished rebuild Spanish edifice

[round-the-world times reports integratedly] from 10 thousand amount to group president Wang Jianlin denounce is gigantic endowment after buying Madrid ground mark to build Spanish mansion, rebuild with Madrid government all the time refuse to budge does not fall. Occupy 4 channel of Spanish TV station 8 days to report, more[......]


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Accident of one aeroboat crash sends Alaska 3 people die 7 people are injured

In report will occupy new network on September 16 outside intermediary report, local time 15 d上海千花网论坛ays, an aeroboat that holds 10 people is southeast Alaska ministry crash, cause 3 passengers to die, 7 people are injured.

According to the report, spokesman of total office of American confederative aviation expresses, the east wind lake t上海千花网论坛hat this plane makes an appointment with 1.6 kilometers in north of accept of Yi Liya Mu (the crash when Eastwind Lake) takes off.

Spokesman of communal and safe department says Alaska, the victim is not Alaska dweller.

This spokesman expresses, the person that hurt has 5 people to send toward hospital cure, 2 people accept treatment in the spot.

(Original title: One aeroboat crash causes Alaska 3 people die 7 people are injured)



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Now international news

Dispatch: 8.3 class earthquake affects Chile billow of partial coast seismic sea wave tall or exceed 3 meters

[dispatch] - committee of U.N. Educational oceanography: The wave that seismic sea wave of Chile part coast causes tall or more than 3 meters; Mexico, Japan, Russia and wave of seismic sea wave of Hawaiian part coast or prep above tide 0.3-1 rice. Outspread read:

2015-09-17 10:21 origin: ? Is form of ㄖ of felt of   order able to bear or endure?
American woman takes street corner of 2 years old of daughters nude the upper part of the body and person take a picture earn fee

According to England " daily Post " will report on September 16, recently, the United States is called Maliyadiyaci (the woman of MariaDia) is patted the daughter that taking two years old passes the means that takes a picture with the tourist to earn fee in square of Newyork city times.

2015-09-17 10:20 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Process of burst of focus of 8.3 class earthquake will perform Chile instead on September 17 result Gif trends pursues

Group of task of academician of Chen Yuntai of place of the earth after shake of # of trends of job of lash-up of place of earth of ## of # Chile earthquake / Beijing University Zhang Yong's researcher yields focus burst process performs a result instead.
Chile gives birth to 8.3 class earthquake to already sent at least 2 people to die 10 people are injured (graph)

Direct seeding Chile what is actually happening of latest news of 8.3 class earthquak[......]


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Yemen air man drives change one's costume or dress agricultural plane investment fights (graph)

Login register air man of Yemen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to drive change one's costume or dress agricultural does plane investment fight (graph) origin: ? ?2015-10-30 18:5 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

England " weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name " website report, air force of A couplet chief of a tribe announces, yemen air man drives light attack plane of IOMAX company AT-802U throws actual combat, attend what install to Hu Saiwu to fight. Series of the tractor in the sky that AT-802 plane is production of company of the tractor in American sky is agricultural the light attack plane that develops on plane foundation, this machine installation has engine of a 1350 horsepower, portable 3.6 tons of load, time of leave a blank 10 hours. Aircraft of series of the tractor in sky ever was regarded as Disney company " plane general mobilization " the prototype of cartoon leading role. Air force of A couplet chief of a tribe bought attack plane of the tractor in 24 built on stilts in all, among them 6 contributory give Jordan, the others plane will retire in succession, the likelihood is all and contributory give Yemen, a couplet chief of a tribe will buy 24 new-style Tartarean angel again from the United States light attack plane.

Air force of A couplet chief of a tribe assembles the AT-802U attack plane[......]


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CEO weighs Dishini should write acknowledgment to believe to China: Delivered the child to us

On October 30, dishini CEO Rob is special Ai Ge is attended in Shanghai south express when conference of California university whole world, china unlocks 2 embryoes policy, it is major interest to Dishini good.

Want to write acknowledgment letter to Chinese leader

Ai Ge expresses, this is a chance, the child became much it is a favour to Disney. Ai Ge says for fun, want to write acknowledgment letter to Chinese leader, thanked you to deliver the child to us. Ai Ge expresses, shanghai Dishini and other Dishini are different, attraction acting border strength may exceed other place, other Dishinile is parents is bringing a child field, but Dishinike can meet Shanghai 3 acting people swim together, dishinihui satisfies Shanghai 3 acting people, we are to attract a child not just, draw each generation person even.

Opened the Shanghai that build in April 2011 enlighten person Buddhist nun Eden, first phase area 3.9 square kilometer, include the thematic Eden of 1.6 square kilometer, predict will at practice of next year spring.

Shanghai Chinese flavour of Dishini

Ai Ge still introduced on the meeting be about to the Shanghai of practi上海千花网论坛ce Dishini. Ai Ge says, dishinile will hold Shangh上海千花网论坛ai concurrently field a Chinese gust color of nit of He Di person, shanghai Dishinile the meal of garden 70% it is Chinese meal, I participated in the choice of menu and dish type personally.

Ai Ge says, china is the place with global most population, also have the economy that provides energy mos[......]


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Brazil 1 year old young child regard serpent as toy while still alive is bitten dead (graph)

Login register Brazil of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 1 year old young child regard serpent as is toy while still alive bitten dead (graph) origin: ? Salary  ?2015-11-03 17:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

When only 1 year old of 5 0 months young child encounter a serpent, what situation can you produce? The answer is not people to imagine normally in that way, t上海千花网论坛he result is actually young child bite serpent dead.


Young child the group photo that reachs family and doctor. Bosom young child is maternal Yayineifeileila.

The serpent that is bitten dead

According to Brazilian media coverage, on November 1 afternoon, tower of city Mo Si amounts to the Liaogelande austral Brazil this a hospital of city comes hurriedly a pair of mothers child. According to maternal introduction, son Luolunsuo is when oneself court amuse oneself, produced a contact with a snake, she fears the child is bitten, go to a doctor comes before bringing the child then.

However, after the doctor is undertaking checking to the child, did not discover any cut on its body, also did not appear toxic evidence. The mother of as if relieved of a heavy load just says at this moment, when she sees her son, the deathtrap is dying to biting a snake in child mouth, the snake still is struggling and try to escape.

According to Xin Huaguo border client carries understanding, according to the photograph of dead snake, releva[......]


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Now international news

This lustre horse extortionate case is arrested or be sentenced 5 years to imprison because of kinescope of experience sexual love (graph)

Beijing time on November 4 afternoon, according to Afp report, benzema regards emperor horse forward as sexual video tape the experience case personnel of extortionate case is detained by police. Go up 13 days month, on the west the 4 people such as a place of strategic importance are suspected of using sexual video tape with respect to Ceng Yin extortionate. . .

2015-11-05 08:35 origin: ? Does food container instruct?
Maldives enters 30 days of critical condition to go vacationing passenger of short duration is insusceptible

Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces 4 days: Because national security is browbeaten, the whole nation enters urgent state 30 days. After incident happening, home carries Cheng in enterprise of line travel bibcock understood local travel to get influence case for a short while: Current and critical condition only. . .

2015-11-05 08:25 origin: ? Muching huge rock?
Tower of Romanian premier bitter fleabane announces resignation 4 days

Xinhua net dispatch: Tower of Romanian premier bitter fleabane announces resignation 4 days. (original title: Tower of Romanian premier bitter fleabane announces resignation 4 days)

2015-11-05 08:24 origin: ? Salary  ?
Maldives state security suffers minatory whole nation to enter urgent state

Maldives president inferior bright taken motor boat produces explosive @ in[......]


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Parents of the accused of case of kidnap of student studying abroad is saved child the heart is cut lose a family fortune engage in a lawsuit

Login register student studying abroad of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to kidnap parents of case the accused is saved child is the heart cut lose a family fortune engage in a lawsuit origin: ? ?2015-11-08 13:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on November 8 the United States " live abroad signs up for " report, the student studying abroad kidnaps the father of Zhang Xinlei of case the accused accepts the interviewing of media 28 days eventually, spat the bitter water of own skinful, the lawsuit that says a son has let him lose a family fortune, to scoop up the son at an early date from inside jail, old two house property that had sold China, will pay the retaining fee of 200 thousa上海千花网论坛nd dollar.

Because of taking a shears be accused the Zhang Xinlei of cruel torture blame feels to subdue, insist to want to hit lawsuit after all so. (the United States " live abroad signs up for " / Gao Rui is photographed)

Zhang Xinlei's parents although from March open a court session arrives every time up to now front courtyard audit, but husband and wife two to evasive media. 28 day often breaks rules twice to greet sb actively outside the court with media first. Zhang Fu heaves a sigh, the son's lawsuit has let them lose a family fortune, old two had sold the house property of Chinese Shenzhen to help a son, in order to pay the retaini[......]


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Indian rainstorm sends hundreds person to die: Much ground dip is opened afresh in the airport in water (graph)

Login register rainstorm of India of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to send hundreds person to die: Is much ground dip opened afresh in the airport in water (graph) origin: ? ?2015-12-07 09:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on December 7 outside intermediary reports 7 days, the flood circumstance of state of heart of accept of Er of rice of Indian south peaceful alleviates somewhat, the civil aviaton that interrupts since Zhou San serves a part to restore, nevertheless, area of above of half the number of metropolis true Nai still dip is in water.

Local time on December 2, indian gold Nai makes a surprise attack by the flood, the car is immersed by the flood. Since state of heart of accept of Er of rice of Indian south peaceful confronts a century the strongest rainfall, cause large-scale big waterlogged, thousands of people is forced to leave home. The factory is shut, the airport is in break down condition.

State of heart of accept of peaceful rice Er (Tamil Nadu) this tens of year 上海千花网论坛come the most serious flood already brought about 320 much people die. Indian government official says 4 days, the flood flooded the Taimiernade that has 400 much population state metropolis true Nai (Chennai) is major area, electric power and communication network also are destroyed. Suspend class of shutdown of a lot of district power[......]


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Official of Japanese female cabinet does obeisance to a god to see a doctor " beautiful public money " your cabinet faces pressure

Corrupt, it is corrupt! Latter, corrupt problem is like cuss of a demon, as ministerial as Japan from beginning to end very closely associated with each other, cause domino effect for many times. Recently, japanese media discloses the corrupt problem of important official of two females in installing times cabinet again.

8 days of reports say Japanese media, be censured to extend the Okinawa north that contains him photograph calendar takes on chancellery island Kao installs Yi Zi, appear again disobey the general suspicion that pick a way. Insular Kao capital manages transaction of team income and expenses to show, mixed 2011 2012 on January 1, insular Kao with name of at public expense, paid 20 thousand yen to organized body of a mind inside the electorate (add up to a RMB about 1000 yuan) burning incense money. Additional, insular Kao holds the position of a delegate from area of election of senator of county of civilian party Okinawa the transaction of income and expenses of the 2nd branch also shows, there was pay on January 1, 2013.

The report still is disclosed, insular Kao installs Yi Zi to having deep black person arteries and veins, play turn black and white two. Local newspaper reporter confirms the hearsay says: Insular Kao minister is elected at first for Naha aldermanic it is to was controlled 2004, hold the position of violent group at that time east the subordinate that sound meets organizes those who lead A to love. A of many years old 60 is raising money[......]


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Abstruse Bama acceptance aids a law to arrest fear raiding Beijing of prime criminal general to emphasize be being answered in coordination

China News Service installs Daliya on November 15 report (reporter Shen Chen) 20 countries group (G20) peak is met in Turkey seaside small town Andaliya will pull open heavy curtain on November 15, because suffer horror of series of 13 days of Paris to assault the influence of incident, blow is terroristic the popular topic that becomes this peak to meet, aobama and general Beijing talked about respective view with respect to this one topic early or late.

Aobama expresses, the United States will unite together with French people, help France arrests this series horror to assault the prime criminal of incident, their try sb.

Aobama is do after meeting with Turkey president Aierduoan afore-mentioned denotive, he is special still the horrible explosion event that before mentioning Turkey, produces before long. Aobama says: Those who use a kind of twist is ideological, undertake massacre to innocent life. This is the assault to France not merely, just do not make a surprise attack to Osmanli, it is the assault of pair of whole and civilized worlds.

Aobama expresses, the United States will increase Mohammedan to extreme organization country (the blow strength of IS) , do one's best solves Syrian problem as early as possible, eradicate create extremely terroristic soil.

Aobama points out, turkey is American blow organizes Mohammedan country e上海千花网论坛xtremely (the powerful associate of IS) . He says: The communication between I and Aierduoan's president special conduce to us the coope[......]


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The United States drafts revoke not to hand in duty citizen passport 10 years to be able to add about 400 million dollar

Dispatch will occupy people net on November 11 the United States " live abroad signs up for " cite " wall street daily " report, united States Congress is preparing to pass legislation, allow federally the passport of the citizen that revoke owes tax badly. The basis is congress ginseng, numerous a bill that two courtyards pass, the State Council will have authority to prevent those citizens that default imposition badly to obtain new passport, have the passport that this kind of person has authority revoke.

According to " wall street daily " report, country tax bureau (IRS) general in order to default federal tax 50 thousand dollar (include amerce and interest, adjust according 上海千花网论坛to inflationary index) for the standard, work out list of this kind of taxpayer. Senate and Boule already passed the bill of congener version. It is H.R of highway bill allocating funds. 22 medium one part, already gave at present conference committee coordinates its content, predict to will be at the beginning of December obtain through.

Below most circu上海千花网论坛mstance, if a taxpayer belongs to a country tax bureau distrain or the object that collect belongings, revoke passport clause just is met applicable. The copartner of travel RSM takes an examination of Washington accountant special (David Kautter) points out, if taxpayer has entered the order that with the country tax bureau solves the problem that owe tax, pay to owe tax or concern levy to service or judicial counterplea in installment for instanc[......]


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Flower world of scientist research and development is the most expensive material or end mobile phone charge times (graph)

Login register news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is world of research and development of text flower scientist the most expensive do material or end mobile phone charge times (graph) origin: ? Comfort?2015-12-08 10:1 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

The intermediary outside the report will weigh reference news net on December 8, oxford lab is making the costliest material on the world, the price of every 1 gram is 100 million pound (make an appointment with a RMB 965 million) .

According to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " the website will report on December 5, the company of design of material with carbon element that Oxford built last year is embedded inside production rich strap Xi. Embed inside rich strapping Xi is a kind of basket shape structure that forms by carbolic atom, basket inside of azotic atom.

The report says, this kind of material will be used to produce clock of small-sized portable atom, make nobody drive the GPS navigation system of the car arrives accurately 1 millimeter. Atomic clock is the most accurate timing system on eye preexistence bound.

The report says, scientist of material of author of firm of design of material with carbon element, accept rice Jiliyakesiboerfeilaji Si Bo person devotes oneself to production to give this all the time since 2001.

He says: The imagination can carry the miniature atom bell in the smartphone. This is revolut[......]


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The Christmas in Ma Bu will obtain Chinese green card to become that day obtain always rank famous person of foreign country of authority first place

Login register the Christmas in Ma Bu of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to will obtain Chinese green card to become that day obtain always reside: of origin of celebrity of foreign country of authority first place? Be not Nao?2015-12-25 09:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

Basketball legend character looks in cloth of Si Difen horse Chinese green card should be obtained that day in christmas. League matches of basketball of profession of United States of this NBA(before the name) super star has been one of China's most welcome now athletes, the outside also believes he is the first foreign country personality that acquires permanent and resident right in China.

BBC (25 days of reports say BBC)12 month, mabuli is in earlier this month before the government in oneself announced this one news on small gain account. The foreign basketball athlete that initiates historical ground to become the first to obtain green card in China is meant a lot of, he is written in small gain, obtain Chinese green card to let me feel very blessed, be very obliged. I feel I am getting identical get one's own back to Chinese love.

Green card hard-earned

China began to implement green card policy 2004, but have firm demand to resident authority. Nevertheless some earlier this year moment, chinese media coverage says, to attract foreign investment, the government had relaxed to file regulation and order. Applicant[......]


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Australian premier announces to reorganization cabinet increases female and young member

Can of Xinhua News Agency is earthed up pull on Feburary 13 report Australian premier Maerkemuteen is Boer announce new ministerial list 13 days, increased female and young member.

This new ministerial member increases 22 by 21 original, among them 8 people are new appointment minister. 11 days just become new party of Australian country party the Banabiqiaoyisi of first will take up the post of Australian Vice Prime Minister to hold agricultural minister concurrently.

In new cabinet, the female is 6 people, add 1 person than previous term or session. New ministerial member will make a pledge to assume office to Australian governor at 18 days.

Special favour is Boer express on the press conference, new cabinet is a red-blooded group, this group is comprised by promising young person, seasoned elder and the fellow worker that have innovation enterprise, the future of dedicated Australia, encourage innovation and enterprising spirit.

Recently, australian commerce and Lu Luobu of heart of investment department Chang'an and W上海千花网论坛oluntelasi of Vice Prime Minister announce to exit vote of a confederative parliament in succession, resi上海千花网论坛gn relevant post. For this, special favour is Boer announce to change inter block cabinet, prepare for the confederative parliament election that will hold this year in September.

Australia holds confederative parliament election 3 every years, the political party that wins Boule majority seat or political alliance will be obtained hold political pow[......]


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Another blow comes! Qatar peninsula TV station is pushed special account is sealed

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian another blow comes! Is Qatar peninsula TV station pushed special is account sealed origin: ? Brigade of salary  Lei teachs quicklying ㄏ ?2017-06-18 14:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

Qatar peninsula TV station station sign. (new China / beautiful couplet)

TV station of electric Qatar peninsula will say Beijing of Xinhua News Agency 17 days on June 18, the main government of channel of the Arabic below the banner is pushed special Zhang date that day by temporary out of service, at present already returned to normal.

A spokesman of peninsula TV station says, cause push serving discontinuous cause especially may be " technical issue " . Nevertheless, subject the sign of Zhang of other and gregarious media of this TV station is some earlier that day moment points out, this is probably " the action that has an organization " .

At present, the disturbance that Qatar breaks off a friendship by many neighbour collective still is in continuously, france and American respect try 16 days to be this disturbance " put out a fire " , the appeal lets a got-up affair " demote " .

Push meet with especially out of service

Press the view of heart new company, 17 days, a few try to browse channel of Arabic of Qatar peninsula TV station to push special the user of Zhang date gets hint, say " date of be in debt already by out of service " .

Channel of Arabic o[......]


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Vote of French countryman parliament begins the 2nd round to poll

Paris of Xinhua News Agency on June 18 vote of parliament of electric France countryman the 2nd round voting spread out 18 days in the round in French mainland. Many 1100 candidate that comes from many political parties contend 573 chairs in 577 national parliament chairs. The first-run election that holds in 11 days before this already gave additionally 4 seat in a legislature definitely.

Epicycle is voting local time上海千花网论坛 in the morning 8 when begin, the major polling booth in 60 thousand many polling booth will that day 18 when shut, and the polling booth of the big city such as Paris criterion will that day 20 when shut. French whole nation registers voter about 47 million. French part sea is abroad and provincial, feudal already polled ahead of schedule with the French that reside abroad.

To make sure this the election is held smoothly, french government assembled about 50 thousand polices, military police and soldier undertake security works.

Be in first-run and voting in, the associated a group of people of same interest that the republican advancement party that dragon of French president mark is in and movement of democracy of France of middle-of-the-roader political party comprise is obtained get the better of greatly. Data of French Home Office shows, the associated a group of people of same interest that mark dragon is in is in first-run and voting so medium that bill rate is as high as 32.32% , far tower above is other and clannish.

Orgnaization of many civilian[......]


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Tokyo street collects investigation: Japan " small appetite society " return a responsibility how?

Xinhua net Beijing grinds before home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of electric Japan famous canal is large on July 16 be written " small appetite society " cause heat to discuss recently.

In the book that is the times that have no ambition at all in this subhead, he plaints: Japanese youth does not have a desire, did not dream, without enthusiasm, japan already was immersed in small appetite society!

If it is so? View investigation please:

[not marriage a group of things with common features hires room clique to soar]

Be in big before in grinding, small appetite society points to: No matter how is prices reduced, consumption cannot get stimulating; Economy did not grow apparently, bank credit interest rate is moved again and again low, and room number is bought 30 years old ago still year after year drops; Youth funeral lost property is about to mix success desire, to car and luxury sniff; Curtilage culture be current, a day of 3 eat make things done with whatever is avaible.

Do not buy a house, do not marry, do not bear, do not go out even, the day theatrical work with latter higher viewing rate " Tokyo fantasy female " " I was not not to marry, just do not think " and " familial form " the appearance that medium character reflection gives current Japan youth.

A report that state-maintaineding social security of subordinate of province of deep unripe work and population problem institute will issue Japan in April shows, 2[......]


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Day Han Min moves: Korean improve Japanese to worsen to Korea feeling to day feeling

Civilian blame of Japan seeks profits the concerned day Han that academy of wisdom library East Asia announced NPO of constituent expression of one's political views and Korea 21 days to be carried out every year since 2013 concerns the findings of associated public opinion that wait. The result shows, hold negative impressional to suffer the person that visit to increase in Japan to country of the other side achieve 48.6% , relatively exasperate last year; is improved s上海千花网论坛omewhat in Korea, for 56.1% .

According to Japan joint company will report on July 21, the delegate of NPO of opinion on public affairs that attends a press conference is versed in cany peaceful annals points out, because be criticized on historical problem,Japanese aggravation is. At the same time the analysis shows, the improvement of Korea is to be increased by the tourist that visit day, communicate distensible influence directly.

Nevertheless, the answer that thinks present day Han relation is bad is occupied in Japan 57.7% , it is in Korea 65.6% , relatively increased somewhat last year. On the other hand, anxious countryman feeling is exasperate and bad, be a problem suffer the person that visit to exceed 6 to become in two national capital, prep above last year.

Right day Han was concerned 2015 comfort the answer that the consensus that the problem that install Fu reachs gives affirmation is in day Han two countries decreases, think to comfort through consensus the answer that the problem that inst[......]


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Japanese government plans to revise TPP outline to will make countermeasure of day Europe EPA in November


In report will occupy new network on July 21 day intermediary report, japanese government this month 20 days with respect to Japan and European Union (agreement of concern of associate of the economy between EU) (the domestic the way to deal with a situation of EPA) puts forward, agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate will be crossed in what made 2015 with will be a target to be opposite in November (when policy outline undertakes modification related TPP) , write.

According to the report, japanese economy second birth takes on photograph stone extends formerly shake to say on the meeting: "On be related of modification policy outline, will mature the opinion from civilian party, by government and hold political make concerted effort is made jointly. By government and hold political make concerted effort is made jointly..

Japanese government already was knocked now decided write the basic policy that has the content such as domestic agriculture countermeasure, the influence that will be a foundation to be caused to every kinds of produce with respect to day Europe EPA with this henceforth undertakes an analysis, revise policy outline.

The somebody in the Japanese assemblyman that attends the meeting thinks, low to the setting custom duty imports the treatment such as the cheese of frame to use milch generator, should augment allowance, in addition grow from headquarters of civilian party countermeasure, before farming phot上海千花网论坛ograph Xi Chuan is fair also think to be[......]


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U.N. secretary-general sighs alleviate cling to will hold urgent meeting with condition Security Council

Login register secretary-general of U.N. of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to sigh alleviate cling to will hold: of urgent meeting source with condition Security Council? ?2017-07-23 17:5 of huge rock of discharge  contraction7 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 23 outside intermediary report, local time 21 days erupt Palestinian and conflict of Israel soldiers and police, cause at least 3 cling to after the person dies, jerusalem old city produces new strife 22 days again. Guteleisi 上海千花网论坛condemns U.N. secretary-general newest assault incident, security Council will hold urgent meeting at 24 days.

Say according to Ministry of Public Health of Afp cite Palestine, a Palestine youth of 17 years old, 22 days are in with Israel soldiers and police in confronting each other, get shot, do not treat subsequently die.

Palestinian and Israel soldiers and police erupt conflict. (picture origin: Reuter)

3 Palestinians die 21 days in the conflict with Israel soldiers and police. And same day, a Palestinian enters Jordan the bank breaths out rummy assorted on the w上海千花网论坛est (Halamish) an other people, with Dao Meng thorn is in domestic member, cause 3 people death, 1 person is injured.

Israel is legionary 21 days nightly the Palestinian abode that makes a surprise attack to initiating to 22 days of early morning launchs air attack, israel army spokesman says, the brother of this Palestinian is arrested, the weapon is capture[......]


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Civilian attune: ? Discharge  is strong? of Pao of  awl whetstone becomes heart of 60% Russia citizen in the most friendly country

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian civilian attune: ? Is discharge  strong does? of Pao of  awl whetstone become heart of 60% Russia citizen in: of source of the most friendly country? M food?2017-07-26 20:21 Http://

Report will occupy abroad net on July 26 Russia satellite news service on July 25 message, civilian attune shows foundation of Russian society public opinion as a result, to Russia citizen character, china has become the most friendly state. Russian dweller thinks, having with Russia the most friendly in be being ranked with the country of close relationship, china exceeds White Russia to rank first the first.

Before this, according to network of Russia satellite news the repo上海千花网论坛rt said on April 10, 2016, according to message of foundation of social public opinion, thought most friendly country is White Russia in Russian heart 2016 (68%) , China (56%) and Kazakstan Si Tan (50%) , since April 2014, the Russian holds this one point of view all the time.

Replying 2014 " you think, with what does Russia steward is the relation the closest and friendly? " when the problem, 54% sufferred the person that visit to choose China. Relevant index has risen to 62% before 2017. The citizen rate that thinks White Russia is the mainest friend at the same time from 2014 66% decrease 60% 2017. Russia citizen thinks, rank tertiary is the most friendly the country is Kazakstan Si Tan, of 47% sufferring the person[......]


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Boule of beautiful senatorial prep close behind passes files of pair of Russian punish act to refer Telangpu

The report will say Afp on July 28, american senatorial Zhou Si (local time 27 days) two parties were passed to be opposite上海千花网论坛 after Boule the punish act of Russia, Iran and Korea, submit the document American president Donald Telangpu to sign. Afp says, telangpu's president is faced with now is the tough attitude that accepts pair of Moscow, still overrule the choice of this measure.

What American Boule passes pair of Russia, Iran and Korea 25 days to上海千花网论坛 implement new sanction with overwhelming majority is second reading. How does Boule prolocutor luck express after voting end, classics count week negotiates, punish plan is passed to 3 tickets with 419 tickets, "Will screw to our most dangerous adversary screw, in order to ensure the safety of American " . Russia is severe of assail Washington " the farce that turn over Russia " , criticise this kind of practice is buried to two countries relation below " dangerous landmine " .



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Do sth without authorization of naval vessel of U.S. Army of response of Ministry of Foreign Affairs enters Chinese The Nansha Islands to concern maritime space of insular reef vicinity

Geng Shuang of spokesman of electric Ministry of Foreign Affairs will say Beijing of Xinhua News Agency 10 days on August 10, destroyer of missile of date of favour of U.S. Army Maikai allows without Chinese government that day, do sth without authorization enters Chinese The Nansha Islands to concern maritime space of insular reef vicinity. Just be opposite in this resents strongly, put forward Xiang Meifang solemn and just bargaining. 上海千花网论坛

The reporter asks: Disclose according to American official, destroyer of missile of triumphant favour date is in U.S. Army wheat maritime space of vicinity of reef of beautiful aid of The Nansha Islands undertook sailing loose-jointed. Ask Zhongfangzhengshi, and excuse me in just to this He Ping is talked?

Geng Shuang says, on August 10, destroyer of missile of date of favour of U.S. Army Maikai allows without Chinese government, do sth without authorization enters Chinese The Nansha Islands to concern maritime space of insular reef vicinity, undertake alleged voyage loose-jointed. Chinese legionary immediately expedites a warship to carry out check identifying to beautiful naval vessel lawfully, give admonitory drive leaves.

He says, china reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion to The Nansha Islands. Beautiful naval vessel disobeys Chinese law and law of nations about behavior, harm Chinese dominion and security badly, endanger security of life of personnel of bilateral a gleam of badly. Just be opposite in[......]


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Guard of Zambia frontier defence arrests 3 Chinese, show its are suspected of smuggle rhinoceros horn

Zambia country Broadcasting Corporation (30 days of reports say ZNBC)7 month, because 3 Chinese and 2 local are discovered to be suspected of smuggle rhinoceros ox horn, be seized to the frontier defence guard of Mozambique in join Zambia.

The report says, this country national park, wild animal and tax authority branch cooperate, arrested 3 Chinese and 2 Zambia people. 5 people are carried illegally by discovery 25 rhinoceros 上海千花网论坛horn, weigh 32.2 kilograms in all.

Zambia travel and Sakabilo Kalembwe of official of ministry of artistic and public concern confirmed this matter in a statement. Kalembwe expresses, guilty suspect arrives in join Zambia the guard of Chanida fro上海千花网论坛ntier defence of Mozambique is seized. The suspect can appear in court very quickly.

The report still says, before this, south Africa police is making an appointment with International Airport of the Si Bao inside writing to arrest woman of a China, be discovered 11 come from the rhinoceros ox horn of Zambia in her baggage. Is this woman occupied is saying from Lusakaken the Buddhist nun is thought of? Kawengda goes to Hong Kong before the International Airport, writing brush be arrested when Neisibao about in by way of, appear in the court of south Africa.

(primary problem is " Zambia arrests 3 Chinese, show its are suspected of smuggle rhinoceros horn " )



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What level gives Lennart magic team throws battle 33 minutes 37 minutes 9 skill 7 hit the target

[what level gives Lennart magic team throws battle 33 minutes 37 minutes 9 skill 7 hit the target] Beijing time on April 17, team of Toronto fierce dragon advocate meet Orlando head-on magic team. This field match, lennart of star of husband of fierce dragon team gives fight 33 minutes, 22 cast 15 in, chop 4 times below 37 minutes secondary attack robs 4 bank 2 times, he of this field losing a value to be as high as + 37, for full-court highest. Fierce dragon is gotten the better of finally greatly with 111-82 magic.

Surpass in series first in engage in a battle, fierce dragon team unexpectedly with 101-104 not enemy magic team. To fierce dragon, series surpasses World War II to not allow to have break, they win ball ability to break even only score.

Desire of strive for victory is very strong, one begin with respect to firepower a standard-sized sheet. He is to face Wuqieweiji to defend first stop urgently in middle distance jump cast hit the target, grab again subsequently strike back jump cast procurable. Lennart guided fierce dragon team to call the offensive of a 11-0, among them his individual chops 8 minutes alone.

Second section match still remains 4 minutes of 47 seconds, benchangdi writes down the individual in be being cast as Lennart 3 minutes ball, fierce dragon built 13 minutes of lead dominant positions. Half of a game or contest of heart of human relations accept moves 9 times to hit the target 7 balls, chop 17 minutes alone.

The second half come back, ma[......]


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Chinese male basket builds couplet easily to Angola victory to reappear planted agent advantage is clear

Chinese male basket builds couplet easily to Angola victory to reappear p上海千花网论坛lanted agent advantage is clear

Today is 2019 basketball world cup times 21 days, the first adversary Angola that Chinese male basket greets Shikoku to surpass in hill of Jiangsu elder brother team. Depend on Zhou Qi, Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin the strong performance of core of 3 planted agent, chinese male basket with 73 than 62 take a victory.

According to China the integral leg of male basket is arranged, before the world cup kicks off, team returns remnant contest of Shikoku of elder brother hill and in cling to two warm up surpass dual m上海千花网论坛eet, warm up showing number only remnant 5. A few days ago, hu Jinqiu, Wu Qian, old Lin Jian 3 people drop out, hold the post of fine horse flying rejoin, in battle array of assemble for training only remnant 14 people, drill team hopes through amount to not much warm up contest adjusts existing battle array, inspect team member condition.

Angola male basket is one of African tradition powerful force, obtain a world cup successfully this year to take part in the match qualification, although not be,with China male basket is in same group, but competition ground of alive bound contest, two teams have source quite. World bright and beautiful was surpassed 1990, 1992 the Olympic Games, world bright and beautiful was surpassed 2002, chinese male basket all big score is lost at adversary; And 1996 the Olympic Games, 2008 on the Olympic Games, two teams ever also surpasse[......]


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Full-court of champion of Liverpudlian super cup is answered put advocate handsome Keluopu goes straight towards half of a game or contest madly to celebrate

Full-court of champion of Liverpudlian super cup is answered put advocate handsome Keluopu goes straight towards half of a game or contest madly to celebrate

Beijing time on August 15 before dawn 3 when, europe is super 2019 cup, liverpudlian inside 120 minutes 2-2 battle makes the same score Qieerxi, triumph of 5-4 of dot ball big fight is held in both hands successfully cup. Liverpudlian team depends on two goals inside the horse and champion of Ou Luoba league matches Qieerxi the team becomes in 120 minutes of civil war 2: 2 smooth, through nodding ball big fight with 7: The total score get victory of 6. This is Liverpudlian team carries off the 4th times European super cup.

This field match is Liverpudlian door of group main force is short of Alisong because of the injury blast, give fight for you by Adelian. First half match Qieerxi the team is opposite more active, in in have more powerful control force. The 36th minute, after player of the field in the team pits to break a ball especially, Qieerxi organizes aggression, pass the ball to Pulixiji, latter belt ball attracts each other 4 people's air defense are defended, send note a place of strategic importance of collimation of the essence like scalpel, forward Ji Lu hurries to Liverpudlian team immediately from Zun Lu push near small penalty area shoot door of far lays bare, first record. Qieerxi team 1: First half of 0 banner ends.

Full-court of champion of Liverpudlian super cup answers put: Click watch

The second[......]


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