3300 many projects are brought into water pollution prevented and c千花网论坛约会归来ure 2017 central project storage facility for上海贵族宝贝论坛 reserve purpose

In report will occupy new network on July 14 message of website of environmental protection ministry, recently, print and distribute of environmental protection ministry " in the center of prevention and cure of 2017 year water pollution detailed list of project of project storage facility for reserve purpose " , the prevention and cure of water pollution of 228 ground city such as city of city of Lanzhou of the Gansu Province, Liuzhou of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is overall executive plan brings into water pollution to prevent and cure central project storage facility for reserve purpose (in the center of the following abbreviation) of storag上海千花网论坛e facility for reserve purpose, involve specific project project 3300 many,

It is reported, to push a country the program is major related ministry of 935 environmental protection the project is carried out, 2016, environmental protection ministry, Ministry of finance started construction of storage facility for reserve purpose of water pollution prevention and cure. Since 2017, to improve quality of project of the storage facility for reserve purpose central further, accelerate a project to build plan to wait, environmental protection ministry puts forward to delimit according to authority of project maturity, responsibility classify has classified government to the project, organize begin project of central storage facility for reserve purpose to adjust newer. To 2016 year project of 118 of first put in storage overall program[......]


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Be addicted to bets Ceng Wensh贵族宝贝花千坊eng of dean of courtyard of traditional Chinese m新上海后花园edical science of Home Zhang group by nature by " double " (detail)

Discipline of city of bound of Hunan Province Zhang Jia appoint disclosed a few days ago, because Ceng Wensheng of vice secretary of former Party committee of courtyard of this city traditional Chinese medical science, dean is serious disobey clean-fingered discipline by government service of discharge party membership, discharge, its are suspected of guilty issue and clew already moving send a judiciary to be handled lawfully.

By last year December, after receiving the clew of Ceng Wensheng problem that perambulatory group turns over provincial Party committee, discipline of city of Zhang Jia bound appoint censorial room of be careful in one's conduct of the 3rd record establishs the group that check to start the nucleus at the beginning of problem clew to work. Ceng Wensheng is received " city discipline appoint ask of case of censorial bureau talk is expressed " hind, referred inside 7 days " about city discipline appoint the specification of circumstance of ask of case of censorial bureau talk " , but all did not explain according to the facts to oneself problem.

In solid begin the premise that the nucleus works first and masters authentic evidence to fall, city discipline appoint decisive hold water examine group, undertake to Ceng Wensheng put on record is examined. Before the fact, ceng Wensheng shed the tear of compunction eventually: The main reason that I violate discipline badly to be suspected of violating crime was to forget first heart, take credit to oneself[......]


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Natio上海花千坊419nal hair changes appoint big damage caused by water新上海龙凤logging kills rainstorm of province of Jilin of urgent make known to lower levels budgetary invests in the center of lash-up allowance providing disaster relief

The country develops innovation appoint Jilin of urgent make known to lower levels is saved big damage caused by waterlogging killed rainstorm 2017 budgetary invests in the center of lash-up allowance providing disaster relief

Since enteri上海千花网论坛ng high water this year, our country appears more process of strong rainfall weather, july since the middle ten days of a mont上海贵人千花网h, jilin province produces s上海千花网论坛erious torrential rain big damag上海千花网约会归来e caused by waterlogging is killed. It is those who support disaster area to fight calamity work providing disaster relief, the country develops innovation appoint arrangement Jilin saved lash-上海千花网论坛up to provide disaster relief recently budgetary invests 320 million yuan in the center of allowance, the refreshment that is used at disaster area infrastructure and commonweal sex establishment is buil上海花千坊爱上海t.

Responsibility上海419验证归来 edits: Zhu Huie[......]


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Online raise the wind exceeds platform of raise donations of In上海花千坊419ternet of charitable first half of the year organization 750 mil上海花千坊爱上海lion yuan

In report will occupy new network on August 18 message of website of civil administration ministry, 13 appoint platform to be organization of charity of more than 200 fair collect of countrywide and its Cooperation Agency to release raise donations information to exceed 10 thousand in all first half of the year this year, amount of online raise the wind exceeds 750 million yuan, mutual 465 million netizen is online donate, donate principal part by 80 hin上海千花女生自荐d, 90 hind form, donate the forehead to spend reach a few yuan in a few yuan more between, appear in a popular style, young change, small turn a tide.

The near future, basis " charitable organization Internet makes public platform of raise donations information to administer a standard basically " , " charitable organization Internet publishs platform of raise donations information basic technology standard " concerned regulation, platform of information of public raise donations handed over the charitable organization Internet that civil administration ministry appoints operation reported first half of the year 2017.

According to statistic, 1-6 month, 13 appoint platform to be organization of charity of more than 200 fair collect of countrywide and its Cooperation Agency to release raise donations information 北京爱约派论坛to exceed 10 thousand in all. Releasing raise donations information while, platform opens function of online raise the wind for charitable organization, half an year comes forehead of total raise the wi[......]


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爱上海千花网论坛Now domestic千花坊约会归来 news

Zhuhai releases typhonic red early-warning: Average wind-force can amount to 12 class above inside 6 hours

Zhuhai city observatory at 26 days 23 when issue signal of early-warning of red of Zhuhai city typhoon 30 minutes. Signal of typhonic red early-warning is signal of 12 class hurricane, express 6 hours inside the likelihood perhaps has been affected by the typhoon, average wind-force can amount to 12 class or above. . .

2017-08-27 08:54 origin: ? Does Long have contraction to bend over dash forward Ф ?
Handkerchief of the 14th typhoon blocks real time method to pursue: Will land Guangdong Guangdong weather forecast

 The 14th typhoon is in Shenzhen to be landed littoral to luxuriant name by day today, atmosphere branch predicts Guangzhou today bright two days will have arrive greatly rainstorm on August 26 towards evening, suffer typhonic handkerchief to block an effect, guangzhou urban district in the sky abrupt shade. . .

2017-08-27 08:37 origin: ? Asinine hub?
27-29 day will not come 2017 Guangdong 3 days in August weather forecast: Typhonic handkerchief card affects latest news

Handkerchief card will land Shenzhen to arrive 27 days day luxuriant name is coastal one, the typhoon is dynamic 25 days 21 when 15 minutes of around, handkerchief of the 14th typhoon gets stuck this year (tropical storm class) in Philippine Luzon the eastpart part. . .

2017-08-26 21:54 origin: ? Is  of  of discharge  soot stupefied  ?
Typhonic method releases a system in re[......]


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Indonesian mosque assaults half the number of casualty of 30 much people by the suicide is a police

Media of integrated foreign country reports, java saves Indonesia on the west a mosque inside courtyard of police station of county of the short of Wenshui River in the well produces suicidal type explosion to make a surprise attack on April 15 midday local time, cause death of at least 1 person, additionally 30 much people get hurt.

Java saves Agusi of constabulary department spokesman on the west - Liyatuo says, explosion happens local time 15 days midday 12 when 15 minutes or so, start charger to sit at that time joining prayer crowd in, he himself by on上海千花网论坛 the spot scamper is dead, additionally 30 much people get hurt, include county of the short of Wenshui River in the well among them Lu Kaoke of police chief sea. Current, the person that get hurt already was sent toward around hospital to accept treatment. The courtyard just expresses, there is an in part about in the person that hurt is a police, the leg ministry of a lot of people is hurt by scamper with arm, the condition of an injury of at least 5 people is serious.

Although the armed element of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan often regards assault target as mosque, but this kind of circumstance is in Indonesian still appear for the first time. Is Ma Erdi of personnel of Indonesian information analysis ancient? Pulasangdiao points out: "This is disturb really, it shows Indonesian armed element is becoming more and more 上海千花网论坛radical. It shows Indonesian armed element is becoming more and more radical..

Indonesian have pop[......]


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China " double top-ranking " construction college and subject ar杭州贵族宝贝论坛419e 上海千花网论坛Powered By 上海龙凤1314whole list (press sort of each college code)

Service of provide for the 上海千花网论坛aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austr上海龙凤419论坛al Fujian rolls out specia爱上海龙凤419论坛l subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, sh上海千花网论坛上海外菜会所ow fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged 上海龙凤419论坛is br上海千花网论坛ief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken



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China is published " record of American human rights "

[Summary] office of news of Chinese the State Council is published 10 days " 2010 human rights record of the United States " , in order to respond to what American the State Council publishs 8 days " the country fastened human rights to re上海千花网论坛port 2010 " to Chinese authority state censure.

Offi上海千花网论坛ce of news of the State Council of China of report from our correspondent is published 10 days " 2010 human rights record of the United States " , in order to respond to what American the State Council publishs 8 days " the country fastened human rights to report 2010 " to Chinese authority state censure.

This is the human rights record that office of news of the State Council is aimed at the United States' annual country to fasten human rights report to publish the United States the 12nd year continuously, the purpose depends on " the human rights issue that presses the United States to face up to oneself " .

Human rights record says, the fact explains, the human rights record of American oneself is very bad, pretend to be the world without the qualification " human rights judge " , however year answer one year the ground publishs a country to fasten human rights to report the human rights state of pair of other countries and area undertakes judge is mixed accusing. The issue of serious human rights that the United States ignores oneself to exist, be fond of however carry out alleged " human rights diplomacy " , serve as human rights defame exotic nation figure and him seek the politi[......]


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Industry of ammunition of American much home by black

According to report of Xinhua News Agency, losk Heed of American ammunition tycoon - Martin company says 28 days, frustrat上海千花网论坛e one case before this company a week " great with bigotry " the network makes a surprise attack. With Losk Heed - the American department of defense with Martin company close cooperation says that evening, deciding this removes a hacker to assault be caused by to endanger. The message personage that understands event says, meet with " black " return company of war industry of United States of home of know exactly about sth.

By black

Say information did not incur a loss

Losk Heed - Martin company affirmed that day, information system encounters the hacker makes a surprise attack 21 days this month. Company spokesman Hui Teluo says in statement of a mail, because adopt " almost instantly " client of s上海千花网论坛afeguard United States, project or the individual information of employee did not encounter damage.

Hui Teluo says, losk Heed - below the premise that Martin company is maintaining highest and safe level, restore company employee to log onto the limits of authority that gets attack network. The information content that have things stolen perhaps damages did not allude in statement, also assault origin without the specification. This spokesman says, the company is offerring close key and password afresh to restrain 100 thousand employee now, and ability of time of week of number of this job need is finished. The personage inside course of study discloses, set c[......]


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First home most transformer of canis上海贵族宝贝龙凤ter of windwa上海后花园论坛rd report tower delivers high capacity of great capacity use is successful

Technology of core of maritime wind report and application obtain new progress. On December 31, 2021, reporter from become electrical engineering especially limited company of Heng Yang transformer (the following abbreviation judge change) know, first country that its develop independently most high capacity 10 million made of baked clay sea is windward transformer of electric tower canister, spot of project of cable of happy maritime wind grew to cast carry to succeed in Fujian of 3 gorge the sources of energy a few days ago. It is reported, this is our country head what the stage comes true and the net moves is homebred turn 10 sign transformer of canister of tower of report of made of baked clay maritime wind, its cast carry to break abroad successfully to go up in high-power sea the forestall of fan market, also mean report of our country maritime wind to stride par online times.

Inside canister of tower of machine of Yu Feng of installation of transformer of canister of tower of maritime wind report, tower canister space is limited, medicinal powder hot difference. In the meantime, maritime tall corrosion environment plays tall salt, large fan runs bear to change often, to transformer miniaturization, medicinal powder hot, anticorrosive reach on the safe side the demand such as the gender is higher.

In recent years, change to promote ma爱上海ritime wind report to be defeated electric equipment is homebred change, influence ability independently, judge become comprehensiv[......]


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Day builds the bird reef that rushs in Sino-Japanese controversy islands the Fang Kang in dock to discuss

Occupy what will publish on May 28 " round-the-world times " report, cadre of policy of Japanese integrated ocean 27 days of to sit a meeting, decide the strong bird reef in controversy of Sino-Japanese two countries (the bird island that Japan weighs to rush) the road that side builds dock and join periphery on the west, construction begins inside year. " produce classics news " 27 days of analysises say, this action is to be diversionary " firm the bird that says to rush is not islands however reef " China. Magisterial branch wild Xing Nan is in Japanese official room departmental door of Japan of the appeal on the meeting " bounds of casing of not constrained Yu Bian, develop marine resource energetically jointly. Develop marine resource energetically jointly..

The report says, japan " cadre of integrated and marine policy " by Japanese premier Jian Zhi's person takes the lead, to protect the resource of Japanese exclusive economic zone, will " strong bird island " it is surely " appoint from the island " , the plan increases development strength. " read sell news " 27 days say, "Strong b上海千花网论坛ird island " the likelihood is appointed to be a country to be in charge of directly administer.

Strong bird reef is the one place atoll of maritime space of Japanese south Pacific Ocean, distance Tokyo south by west makes an appointment with 1730 kilometers. Japan go up oneself 80 time begin the century surround reef to build an island, build a concrete wall to wait, try to should do st[......]


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Japan is pointed to to be opposite from report of fairness of media of requirement of civilian party outgoing message freedom of information is applied pressure

In report will occupy new network on November 28 report of Japanese joint company, personage of know the inside story discloses 27 days, japan disbands in numerous courtyard from civilian party before today (on November 20) each TV station issues Ceng Xiangdong capital file, ask its ensure in the report during the election fair sex, appropriate arranges relevant program content. The analysis says, what can consider as pair of freedom of information from civilian party this action is undeserved intervene and apply pressure.

To this, accepting from headquarters of civilian party public relations when interviewing, state 上海千花网论坛esteem reports freedom this do not have any change. Of course the report that we think each media can have justice.

It is reported, date of this file inscribe is 20 days, addressee is Tokyo of each TV station write director and reportorial director. Send a person to be from civilian party long Qu of presiding deputy a secretary in charge of sth gives birth to Tianguangyi and well of reportorial director blessing to illuminate.

The file says, because numerous courtyard上海千花网论坛 election will be in,think from civilian party short-term inside hold, reportorial content may cause major effect to the election, ever some TV station reported to instigate political power alternate begins deflection sex in the past, become major social problem.

The file asks each TV station is in those who join honored guest of the speech time that performs personnel and time, program to c[......]


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Railway station of Indian female undergraduate annoys unmanned photograph to save rise backstroke brave captures Lothario

Login register railway station of female undergraduate of India of text of news of i上海千花网论坛nternational of center of news of the network austral Fujian to annoy unmanned photograph to save rise backstroke brave captures Lothario origin: ? ?2015-03-22 19:1 of contraction cowardly collateEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Indian female undergraduate encounters in the railway station act indecently towards male annoy, unmanned photograph is saved, its rise strike back sheet carries rapist success.

The intermediary outside occupying will report on March 20, ni Yaman is in Pu Lade of Indian female undergraduate under Da Lei the light of day railway station experience is act indecently towards male annoy, but on platform 50 people unexpectedly neither one moves to be saved. Graceful Da Lei has no alternative, sheet carries rapist success, pull its police station.

Indian female undergraduate graceful Da Lei

According to Xin Deli the TV station reports, graceful Da Lei is 20 years old, be major of a news is big 3 students, read in Bombay. On March 18, graceful Da Lei ends curricular road coming home is medium that day, waited for a car in the railway station 2:30 afternoon about when, before a drunkard walks up, come, stretch one's hand act indecently towards.

Graceful Da Lei says: I上海千花网论坛 try to keep away from he when, he captured me. I very astonish, was stupefied a few seconds, begin to hit him with the bag then. Graceful Da Lei expresses, win[......]


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2 people combine Australian charmer field of field of naked and magic performance explodes full

Login register charmer of Australia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian do 2 people combine field of field of naked and magic performance to explode full origin: ? Be not?2015-05-05 10:4 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

According to Australia " daily telecommunications signs up for " will report on April 30, australia a pair of naked charmer are performed from what begin to engineer them before 14 months, had achieved a performance 103 times up to now, several audiences witnessed their special exhibition form below the stage.

Nevertheless, among them the most difficult depend on 2 people mutual disrobe before each other. The Mai Ketai in 2 people group is strapped (Mike Tyler) says, he films to placard at that time material, a bit awkward.

Charmer of the another person in 2 people group, journey overcomes Lisiduofuweien (Christopher Wayne) says two people to be not hobby nude, just travel together. Wei En is being performed at that time, and Taylor is charmer of a profession, saw this show with the guest's identity. After had watched a show, two people chatted to rise, became a good friend at this point. Two people coact this drop was 2014 the beginning of the year just forms.

Wayne says, the charmer of come to an agreement or understanding does not need someone wear arm, a lot of people know this kind of view, then they fe[......]


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Student of Kenya university survival hides chest 2 days to drink body milk filling water

Login register student of survival of university of Kenya of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to hide chest 2 days to drink: of source of body milk filling water? ?2015-04-05 20:0 of ㄍ of discharge  feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Kailuoyidiji absolutely still, dare not drink water, through drinkable body latex compensatory water is divided.

What hear above all is report of a gun, it is footstep next, the Luo Yidi of Xi Yakai of survival student laborious that Kenya university raids incident is strange (Cynthia上海千花网论坛 Cheroitich) overcame fear eventually, outward on April 4 bound told about the scene when the accident.

Occupy network of news of American cable television to report, just returned a dormitory in Kailuoyidiji, somalia religion extreme organized young party to also come in subsequently. Kailuoyidiji uses dress him general cover in, tibet entered chest, and her roommate Tibet is below the bed, gunman people discovered a roommate and call them to come out. If you cannot use Mohammedan language to read aloud them, so anyhow you are about dead. If you read aloud,came out, arrive with respect to the station additional at the same time, memory says Kailuoyidiji.

Ground of Luo Yidi strange absolutely still hides the Xi Yakai of survival student laborious that Kenya university raids incident inside chest two days, so that the police came,also do not believe them.



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The 56th times the election holds British congress lower house today " spell wife battle "

Login register commons of congress of England of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian the 56th times is the election held today " spell wife battle " origin: ? Salary  ?2015-05-07 09:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] this will be England tens of year will be concerned about the biggest vote, election outcome will decide British future

4 days, british Ba Si, cameron and wife Samantha are aided to a girl's school anthology. Eve of British general election, the cacique of main political party people send a wife to draw vote in succession.

7 days, british congress commons will hold an election the 56th times, this will be England tens of year will be concerned about the biggest vote, election outcome will decide British future.

Cameron and wife Samantha are aided to a girl's school anthology.

Samantha of premier Gu Siting of wife of heart of class of benefit of rice of cacique of the Labour Party, Mrs. Cameron and from civilian party party Du Lan of madam of Shou Kelai case)

Most Englishman wishs to stay in the European Union

England this general election general local time 7 days 7 when to 22 when hold, major voting outcome on May 8 3 when to 5 when give heat. The voter that has voting qualification is 48 million person about, beforehand appraise is voting lead 65% to 70% .

Although electioneering already undertook exceeding 5 weeks, but no matter be the Conservative Party that currently[......]


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Mu Erxi of the president before Egypt is sentenced because of escape from prison capital punishment

Muerxi of the president before Egypt Caire criminal court is oppos上海千花网论坛ite 16 days makes death sentence, the reason is its were participated in happen in the incident of an escape from prison at the beginning of 2011. Was sentenced together that day of capital punishment still include many Moslem frat (solemn elder brother is met) leader, they are accused in January 2011 Egypt erupts to escape from prison is carried out when mass protest activity and be raided alarm.

The Muerxi that comes from solemn elder brother to meet was elected 2012 for Egypt chief civilian elects a president, after be in office one 上海千花网论坛year, protest to remove in demonstrate by the army in large-scale people post, subsequently Mu Erxi is arrested because of be suspected of incendiary force waiting, face multinomial judicatory accusation.



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FIFA confirms or cancel Russia Qatar world cup to sponsor authority (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to FIFA confirms or cancel Russia Qatar world cup to sponsor authority (graph) origin: ? Discharge  ?2015-06-08 09:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Beijing time on June 8 message, according to ESPN report, sikala of chairman of committee of election of international sufficient couplet expresses, if confirm bribery, the world cup of Russia and Qatar sponsors authority to be cancelled likely.

ESPN cut pursues

In May 2015, several international sufficient couplet is advanced the official is arrested, they are accused by corruption, about international the corrupt scandal of sufficient couplet is placed to appear on the stage at this point face, ferment ceaselessly. As investigation personnel tries what case place involves to contact corruption of international sufficient couplet reach thousands of official, and comb number with 1 million plan file data, final final judgement still may need this event time. But, the issue that this incident drag in reachs is very much.

Without giving thought 上海千花网论坛to how, international sufficient couplet was immersed in severe trustful crisis in, most those who get outside attention is the world cup sponsors a country the behavior of practice bribery at an election when the election, besides before already name of know exactly about sth the official is arrested, chairman Bulate is finish class before long after be reapp[......]


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Doubt of discovery of Swedish coastal waters is like Russia sunken submarine is about 20 meters long 3.5 meters wide

Login register coastal waters of Sweden of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discover doubt is like Russia is sunken submarine about 20 meters long 3.5 meters wide origin: ? Comfort?2015-07-29 09:3 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Data chart: Swedish military launchs urgent investigation with respect to unidentified underwater activity.

The media outside the condition says, submarine of a foreign country is discovered in the sea floor near bank of Swedish the East China Sea. Detector belongs to the expedition of marine searcher company that searchs heavy ship technically. They appear in the newspaper in the website, submarine is about 20 meters long, 3.5 meters wide, there is Cyril on body of a light boat letter.

Will report on July 27 according to website of German N-TV TV station, detector says, do not look to give submarine to have exterior loss, all port all are shut. The member that so we worry about a light boat when submarine heavy bottom fails to save oneself. Sitefanhuogeboen says diver.

The report says, expedition of marine searcher company did not announce the detailed position of submarine. Sweden " wall bulletin " report, submarine is located in bank of distance Sweden the East China Sea to make an appointment with the sea floor of 2.8 kilometers. This newspaper still says, swedish army confirms after analysing video data, this is submarine of a foreign country,[......]


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Canada is grabbed early roll out 5 monkey age to read aloud money inspiration to come from on the west travel notes (graph)

Login register Canada of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to grab early roll out 5 monkey age to read aloud money inspiration to come from on the west travel notes (graph) origin: ? ?2015-08-06 16:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

According to Canada " astral island daily " report, monkey of distance the traditional Chinese calendar year still have half an year much, factory of Canadian royal coin already took the lead in rolling out 5 monkey year the any of the twelve animals marks money, the monkey displays the design inspiration of peach design in the center, it is to come from more " on the west travel notes " story.

Monkey year money of a kilogram of bullion. (Canada " astral island daily " / picture of plant of Canadian royal coin) monkey year a kilogram of pure silver. (Canada " astral island daily " / picture of plant of Canadian royal coin)

Factory of Canadian royal coin is announced 4 days in the website will roll out monkey of 5 the traditional Chinese calendar year the any of the twelve animals marks money, include two gold coin and 3 silver, in the center most fix eyes u上海千花网论坛pon, still be to weigh a kilogram, global circulation 10 99.99% bullion money.

Diameter of this gold coin 120 millimeter, par value 2500 add yuan, money back is a monkey design of the overlook that climb a pine, by design of Three Degrees Creative Group, and casting has Chi[......]


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Japan revives tall Mu Yi is suspected of disobeying fair pick a way or will be dismissed

Japan " daily newspaper is contemporary " the report will say the magazine on November 3, the Japan that is exposed to the sun to ever had stolen female briefs revives tall Mu Yi, still had red card finally. According to installing times political power to answer aid group is reached " read sell news " latest news says, by revive the Japan that tall wood takes up the post of a delegate from civilian Party branch and fund management group are suspected of disobeying fair a series of defray that pick a way, go up in transaction of political fund income and expenses by one by one enumerate. Personage of Japanese political circles expresses in succession: Gao Mu should be finished.

According to the report, the free the Democratic Party that capital recorded politics to hold the position of a delegate by Gao Mu in transaction of income and expenses branch of area of the 3rd election is in blessing well county 8 2012 people that wait for election area to city of congratulate of this county honest to 2013 pay sweet establish to expend 160 thousand yen (about. Additional, the seminar of 21 centuries polic上海千花网论坛y of fund management group also at 2011 pillow expenditure pays to wait in this city to 2012 aggregate 20 thousand 4000 yen (make an appointment with a RMB 1200 yuan of) .

Japan is fair in picking a way, make clear prohibit organization of political branch, politics, assemblyman sweet establish attends inside election area, wait for an activity for the flower.

Absolve of tall wo[......]


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British man visits a mother to press second collect fees scoop up 10 years approach 1.17 million yuan

Reference news net will report stage intermediary says on November 5, england 62 years old o上海千花网论坛f men are battling the mother contracts senile and gawkish disease, because this spelled life ground to gain fund toward maternal body, go 10 years, want to nurse only the courtyard visits a mother, can move 400 pound from maternal account (add up to a RMB about 3897 yuan) him reward a victorious army, let a judge see no less than going to, privative his dealership.

According to cloud of news of ETtoday of Taiwan Dong Sen on November 5 cite " daily Post " report, england horse of 62 years old of men is fourth (Martin) it is a financial adviser before, hold the position of a mother to hope to pull since 2004 (Sheila) procuratorial, handle the big petty thing on the life for the mother. Because hope to pull,contract severe senile and gawkish disease, martin not only did not use up filial piety to, gain fund from maternal body wildly instead, every time arrives nurse the courtyard visits a mother, can grant oneself 400 pound travel allowance from maternal account, estimate 10 years already scooped up approach 120 thousand pound (add up to a RMB about 1.17 million) .

Not only such, avaricious Martin even without giving thought to maternal life and death, not only reject to pay beadhouse fee, also do not agree even expense of articles for daily use to pay the bill tardy even, and his reason is I think she does not need to catch hair. Of bristle with anger making a person still be in jian[......]


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Russia affirms crash plane department fears raiding general Beijing oath to punish responsibility person

Login is registering Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to affirm crash plane to fear raiding general Beijing oath to punish: of responsibility person origin? ?2015-11-17 17:1 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

In new network report is comprehensive on November 17 outside intermediary 17 days of messages, russia government says, was in a few days ago Egypt on the west the Russia plane of Nai peninsula crash was to be atttacked by horrible behavior. Beijing of Russian president general says, will be found and punish the terrorist that makes this raid.

After 31 days of early morning take off, before long crash Yu Ai reachs the Russia plane that from Egypt sanded Mu Shayihe flies to Russia Sanket one on the west the Ha Sang of south of area of the assorted in Nai peninsula A, on machine in all 217 passengers and 7 unit staff, the passenger is Russia tourist more. Russia is stationed in Egypt embassy to release a message to affirm, the passenger on machine and unit staff survive without one person.

Boertenikefu of director of Russian federal security bureau expresses, pass the investigation of pair of private article and plane debris,上海千花网论坛 examine to show to there is explosive mark on A321 plane as a result.

Boertenikefu says, when wreck A321 plane is flying, might is equal at dynamite of 1 kilogram of TNT abstain exploder to detonate.

Beijing of Russian[......]


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California pop case exposure of data of one suspect identity and another suspect or for brother

[round-the-world net reports] report according to Broadcasting Corporation of American whole nation, many newses source affirms, a suspect of case of pop of Na Dinuo of California emperor shellfish is called SyedFarook.

The message says, still have the brother that a suspect may be him. Still do not understand the identity of another female suspect at present.

(original title: Beautiful police confirms California pop proposal identity of a suspect)

Outspread read: Case of American California po上海千花网论坛p one male one female data of identity of two gunman t上海千花网论坛hat be killed is announced[......]


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Pass IS to promulgate the person that command children of killing and all congenital blemish is the youngest 1 week big

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to pass IS to promulgate the person that command children of killing and all congenital blemish is the youngest: of 1 week of big source? Discharge  A sunshine?2015-12-15 11:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

On December 14, 2015 dispatch, pass Mohammedan nation extremely horrible organization issues a decree, kill all sufferring from the Tang syndrome, baby that has congenital drawback and children. According to saying 38 have drawback or the baby of Tang syndrome is killed bloodily. Express according to Iraq organizes Mosul Eye, IS religion court signed an order, his member kills accredit the baby that has Tang syndrome or other and congenital drawback and children. The message says, these have the baby of Tang syndrome, great majority is a foreign country soldier and Iraq, Syria or inferior what after descendants woman gets married, give birth to.

Mosul Eye recorded 38 to blemish or the baby that have Tang syndrome are killed, these babies reach 3 months in 1 week only big between.

These babies reach 3 months in 1 week only big between, they die at inject or choke.

Mosul Eye recorded 38 to bl上海千花网论坛emish or the baby that have Tang syndrome are killed, these babies上海千花网论坛 reach 3 months in 1 week only big between, they die at inject or choke. User of a Facebook sees state heartbreak is sad after report, herself Yo has two need special the child that take ca[......]


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Does male arms of U.S. Army submarine form a delegation to pat female comrade-in-arms bathing: secretly? Da?0 month

The United States " naval times " will publish a problem to be on December 8 " the member that male mariner takes female a light boat secretly for many times is in bathhouse disrobe " the report says, the relationship of the crew on submarine is very close, so that they are regarded as a family. This one view makes Huai Eming date ballistic male mariner is illegal on missile submarine patted be related to draw on marijuana secretly irritated.

Be in what this submarine happens to take episode secretly is not one-time, also not be a mischief. Encroach it is pair of privacy right again and again. In these incident, a of submarine of Huai Eming date male mariner uses mobile phone or IPod Touch (this different thing is those who prohibit taking submarine) disrobe of the member that take female a light boat secretly, other male mariner is in stand sentry aside.

A mariner admits, the member that have female a light boat every time enters female shower room, he and another male mariner can run over hastily secretly kinescope. He says, in female a light boat member by a definite date of 3 months during patrolling, every time she goes bathing, they can be patted secretly, sometimes a day of number second.

The report says, come from the companion's pressure, make what this small gang on submarine of Huai Eming date held to 10 months long, female to the much name that enlists in army together with them everyday a light boat member undertake stealing patting, share video with other ma[......]


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Day intermediary: Aobama drafts adieu east diversionary China lends alliance head TPP expand with east alliance cooperates

According to " Japanese economy news " will report on December 21, american president Aobama is in with east alliance (ASEAN) is harmonious, will be in the United States the earliest in Feburary 2016 the countryside of the sunshine of California city south (Sunnylands) holds head talk. Alliance interior is put in different attitude and footing to China east, the United States hopes to consolidate east the solidarity of alliance. In addition, the United States still will appeal east alliance each country is assisted and attend to cross agreement of cooperation of Pacific Ocean economy in what will reach basic agreement in October.

This media evaluation says, in November 2015, aobama just attends East Asia summit in kuala lumpur when the meeting with east head of alliance each country had a talk. Talk again inside so short time solid belong to infrequent. Disclose according to American government official, considering the rural area that sets meeting site in sunshine. Here is the United States' famed recuperate resort, aobama ever was in made the same score nearly with be used to of Chinese state chairman 2013 talk he上海千花网论坛re. The United States issues ability to be able to employ the countryside of sunshine in special situation only, can see the United States just be in to this conference situation must.

It is reported, alliance is opposite east China the manner is not to agree on the manner. Can go up in the East Asia peak November, part east allied country home criticized China[......]


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Heart instead Mohammedan change parader of processional occurrence disturbance to atttack constabulary reporter

The report said broadcasting station of French international broadcast on January 9, germany crosses sex of the eve of the lunar New Year to invade with loot incident after 9 days, instead Mohammedan the Pegida that change and turn over the other side to hold parade in division grand in pairs on January 9 afternoon local time. But because appear rambunctious phenomenon, police force disbanded Pegida to pass through the processional activity of old city.

According to message of German broadcast broadcasting station, pegida of boreal power city and invade incident to hold meeting at the same time around station of division Long Huo to just crossing sex of the eve 上海千花网论坛of the lunar New Year with respect to division grand instead. Object just about one party of 1300 people;Pegida has 1700 people about, make an appointment with rogue of 800 factitious footballs among them. Police dispatched many 2000 police maintains order, team of high-pressured gush sprinkler, police dog also be ready in take action.

Nevertheless, processional spot still appeared to riot. Pegida parader is mixed to police and reporter cast bottle firecracker, appeared to start work phenomenon. When Pegida begins the parade that wear a city, police dispatchs high-pressured gush sprinkler, the armed strength broke up procession. 3 a reporter, polices get hurt.

It is reported, instead Mohammedan the Pegida lecturer that change before this cross sex of the eve of the lunar New Year to invade incident to ascribe to th[......]


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Mexican jail produces large-scale commotion to cause miserable intense fight closely to cause at least 52 dead

Mexico is upper 11 days of before dawn produce one jail large-scale commotion, cause 52 people death, 12 people to get hurt at least. Authorities says disturbance results from two hostile faction fight between the head, immediately causes the fight closely of miserable intense.

The case in Mei Luoge of sea of governor of Xin Liang state (Jaime Rodriguez)11 day says on the press conference, this city Meng Telei city (of Monterrey) hold an agree division jail in the palm (Topo Chico) before dawn produces commotion, the group that by notorious lustre tower member of the group that peddle poison heads is caused. Already caused 52 people death up to now, 12 people are injured, among them 5 people condition is critical. In disturbance, convict is incendiary burn jail establishment, at least 2 buildings suffer an effect.

Occupy network of news of cable television of associated press, United States to report, before tempestuous at midnight happening, authorities expedites police and confederative army to suppress, controlled an aspect 1:30 about till 11 da上海千花网论坛ys of before dawn. The rescuer gives wounded convict from the belt inside the jail, person of wh some of which by burn.

Eyewitness says, the left and right sides lighted conflagration Yu Lingchen 0:30, can hear people call out and detonation. Thick smoke rises in sky, it is convict ignited mattess apparently. Final conflagration goes out before long after sunrise.

The family member of personnel of a lot of be in custody hurries[......]


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Italian village is only one villager: Lifetime of 91 years old of old ladies gives a village to have twice only

Report will regard China Daily net as the village on June 15 in exclusive a villager, brief company comes before only the ability when on holidays has a tourist, do this kind live the life alone can very doleful? Baolina Gelaxi's experience can give everybody an answer probably.

Will report on June 14 according to Italian media, the Kannuobina上海千花网论坛 that cares about big profit and Swiss boundary in the valley, be located an insular little village, want immediately year full Baolina Gelaxi of 91 years old is here the last 上海千花网论坛villager.

Annual summer, the meeting is normally a bit more lively in the village, some tourists can go vacationing, but in other time it is a person lives Gelaxi here. Gelaxi says, once had gone out twice in her lifetime, "I had had brief trip twice, it is to go Nuowala sends my man into the hospital, it is another to accompany a priest to go Makuniyajia " .

Although reside the life to listen alone,go up very dejected, but Gelaxi lives to his however very satisfactory. "Everyday in the morning, I am to had breakfast at 8 o'clock, drink a cup of white coffee, eat a few cracker. Next I can be fed hello chicken, clean cathedral, pick dish, hay... "

Gelaxi's husband is in early died 1993, her the last sister also left the world 2016. "I hope only now my children and grandchildren people can healthy, hope I can live all the time provide for oneself. I am willing not quite occupy beadhouse, although I know over the old person can get be takinged care of very well, b[......]


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Government office of Thailand north good year produces bomb assault to send 6 soldiers to die, charger identity is unidentified

Xinhua News Agency on June 19 message, according to Thailand media coverage, the bomb that government office of good year of Thailand south north produces 19 days to be aimed at the army together local time makes a surprise attack, cause 6 soldiers death, 3 soldiers are wounded.

Tha上海千花网论坛iland TV reports 3 times, assault happens local time 11 when 45 minutes or so, several soldiers are taking leather lorry to patrol at that time, bury the bomb assault that has set beforehand by, cause 6 people death, 3 people are injured, leather lorry is blown up. Charger identity is unidentified, the army already gave orders to block the spot launchs investigation.

Boreal good year, that Ladiwa and also be being pulled is Thailand most 3 government office of Na Duan, be called normally the 3 government office austral peaceful. Since 2004, the separatism element of the 3 government office austral peaceful makes explosive event ceaselessly, cause 6800 people death at least so far.

(primary problem is " Thailand south produces bomb a上海千花网论坛ssault to send 6 soldiers to die " )



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California " dead cereal " air temperature will amount to 53 Celsius part airliner or suffer an effect

Will report on June 20 according to British Reuter, domestic Shangmufeisheer will express aerography of bureau of American country scene on June 19, the dead 上海千花网论坛cereal in California city the eastpart part and the small town that approach Arizona state border Nideersi, air temperature will reach 127 degree Fahrenheit in this week (the height of 53 C) .

According to the report, in Fukenasi the place of system of a high pressure in the sky brings heat wave of this kind of extreme, heat wave has swept across American southwest greater part to divide an area at present, will achieve in this week metaphase temperature new tall. Suffer this effect, bear of local country electrified wire netting can be increased, a few airline also warn partial flight number to may suffer an effect.

Fischer says, the hot weather of this your person lose one's mind ma上海千花网论坛y break a record in other area, but to place, the one part that is periodic loop only just, and climate change place does not bring this, also not be other blazing phenomenon.

According to the report, park of dead cereal state is the United States' celebrated with completely beautiful the hottest place travel resort. This park management board issues a warning on the website, tell tourist extreme summer burning hot. Say of personnel of park management board, predicting high temperature will achieve 100 F to come to 120 F(38 C 49 C) , exceed 120 F(49 C) even. Passengers answer drinkable and many water carries redundant drinking water, avo[......]


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Global coral changes the situation of a disaster to defer in vain expert warning: This harm is the most serious (graph)

Service of provide for上海千花网论坛 the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian roll上海千花网论坛s out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken



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Melbourne 3 years old of girl " language piece breathtaking " : Reject to go out without mother beauty

In report will occupy new network on July 26 Australia network coverage, bo Zhuli shellfish blocks Melbourne vogue (Rebecca Judd) has a place recently " irritated " , because of Li of daughter green jade (the appearance that Billie) appears to pay attention to his too, green jade Li is met to lens medium oneself are big growl, cold-shoulder oneself insufficient beauty; Also can reject to go out together with mom have a meal, because feel mother is more beautiful than oneself.

The reason that beautiful Bei Ka worries about is, green jade Li ability is mere 3 years old just, still be a child.

Li Bei of 34 years old blocks the mom that is 4 children, also be Melbourne at the same time a fashionable rich advocate. Recently, beautiful Bei Ka stated on gregarious media to oneself 3 years old of daughters green jade of Li anxious. Because green jade Li is valued more and more to his appearance, have a place even " infatuated " .

One of these day, station of green jade Li uses comb mad comb before the mirror, abrupt she to lens medium oneself give out rave, because she is dissatisfactory oneself curl. Green jade Li says to mom: "Mom, I do not like my hair, the hair that I think to let them follow you is euqally straight straight. The hair that I think to let them follow you is euqally straight straight..

Beautiful Bei Ka expresses: "Baby, straight hair can be pulled when I work, but my hair 上海千花网论坛itself also is to follow you to coil euqally coil. " Dan Bili appears and did not listen[......]


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Qatar criticizes country of sanded special grade " the mood is persistent " hope U.N. appears personally harmonious

Login register Qatar of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to criticize country of sanded special grade " is the mood persistent " does hope U.N. appear personally harmonious origin: ? Be not Nao?2017-07-28 18:50 Http://www.mnw.cn/

According to French international broa上海千花网论坛dcast broad上海千花网论坛casting station will report on July 28, mohammed of Qatar diplomacy chancellery is in at 27 days Guteleisi enters new York and U.N. secretary-general to meet all right. Silent heart censures silent rarely to be with the country such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt on the diplomatic crisis of processing and Qatar the mood is persistent, express to hope U.N. intervenes help mediatory this matter.

Mohanmode emphasizes, in current dispute, the orgnaization of all U.N. subordinate such as Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly should try hard to solving this matter to make. Because of thalassic allied country people still continueing to the encroachment of Qatar. He criticised country of sanded special grade rejects to make concessional conduct further, we can see mood of the other side is persistent, without any evidence that will solve this one problem through concession.

The report says, ever will represent Qatar to part to be represented with country of member of many U.N. Security Council in June according to Mohanmode meet, hope they intervene the help alleviates condition. But each country delegate and U.N. secretary-general Guteleisi still[......]


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