Yao Gang of ca爱上海贵族宝贝论坛n former vice-president violates Chinese negotiable secu上海千华纺rity badly discipline is mixed by discharge party membership government service

A few days ago,上海千花网论坛 via approval of Central Committee of Communist Party of China,

Via checking, yao Gang violates political discipline and political rule badly上海龙凤阁, climb for politicize add, jobbery provides a help for other and enterprise, defy the organization is examined; Disobey constituent discipline, do not report by the regulation the individual concerns item; Disobey clean-fingered discipline, life discipline. Misuse of authority is other seek interest and receive property of a huge sum, be suspected of b上海龙凤419贵族宝贝Powered By 爱上海贵族宝贝ribery crime.

The Yao Gang's senior leader as the party cadre, good faith is lost, be without tenet consciousness, political custom consciousness is dim, destroy capital market order and negotiable securities to superintend sectional politics modes of life and relation to their environment, disobey the discipline of the party badly, be suspected of violating crime, property abominable, clue is serious. According to " byelaw of Chinese Communist disciplinary treatment " wait for concerned regulation, via central discipline appoint standing committee conference studies and sign up for approval of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the decision gives Yao Gang disciplinary action of discharge party membership; Sign up for the State Council to approve by censorial ministry, gi上海千花网论坛ve its disciplinary action of discharge government service; Capture its to violate record gain; Be suspected of its guilty issue, clew and other people[......]


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Sichuan begins environmental protection to work to cool hill special superintend and director guides: Wanting superintend of recognize env魔都新茶论坛ironmental protection is not bla上海花千坊1314st

According to Sichuan provincial Party committee, province the government unites arrangement deploy, on August 15 - 17 days, members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, farming labour appoint director Qu Mu history ha, save governmenta爱上海贵族宝贝l endowment politics Zhang Zunha, superintend and director of rate of Deng Chuan of vice-chairman of province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference guides group,

15 days - 16 days, superintend and director guides group group is passed visit on the spot, consult data, listen to the means such as the report, in and other places of county of division of county of heart of city of Xi Chang of cool hill city, happy event, general, environmental protection superintend is handed in in the center of detailed knowledge do item to fulfil, protection of drinking water source, river is long make wait for the job, visit a site include drinking water of company of mining industry of the sewage treatment plant of countryside of Xi Chang small temple, Xi Chang that weigh steel,上海千花网论坛 Xi Changxi river source ground.

Article chart all is cool hill picture of broadcasting television stage

17 days, superintend and director guides group feedback attends a meeting in Xi Changshao, to cool hill city feedback superintend and director guides circumstance, qu Mu history is breathed out, Zhang Zunha speaks上海千花419 respectively, deng Chuan moderates. Superintend and director guides group emphasize, cool hill city is upper reaches of the[......]


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Hao Jing Wenxian awards his into China Communist News Ministry of achievement b夜上海最新论坛rief introduction " age model " 苏州4197龙凤论坛title

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency will publiciz夜上海最新论坛e a ministry to will release advanced achievement of Hao Jingwe上海后花园419n to whole society conduct propaganda in Beijing on December 28 in the center of report on December 28, grant him age model title.

Hao Jingwen is air force air arm some brigade brigade commander, air force is fancy air man. Enrollment comes 24 years, he remembers duty mission well from beginning to end, the heart fastens motherland blue sky, practice hard essence of life to fly, arrowy annals is hit win, grow to be mixed for an elite air man outstanding commander. Of the party 18 big since, hao Jing Wenshen implements practice into study thought of close Ping Jiangjun, sedulous catch prepare for war seek dozen win, stare at the law that adversary deep development gets the better of closely, follow closely task promotes direct accomplishment, clingy actual combat develops flight person with ability, lead troop air defence of authority of the dimension in sky, the East China Sea identifies the outstanding Diaoyu Island that finish the area normalizes a canal to accuse to wait for major task, in maintain state sovereignty, safety and development important contribution is made on the interest, be commended to be horse and foot to love example of army essence fierce, have the honor to win air force first antagonism air battle compares fierce gold helmet, flourish establishs second-class meritorious 上海后花园论坛service 1 times, third class result 5.

After advanced[......]


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Yuan Guangping holds the post of Hainan photograph of resume of Yuan Guangping of上海夜网论坛 secretary of 3 sand上海龙凤后花园ed municipal Party committee

A few days ago, provincial Party comm杭州贵族宝贝论坛419ittee of Hainan of the Communist Party of China decides: Comrade Yuan Guangping holds the post of the Communist Party of China com上海千花网论坛mittee member of 3 sanded municipal Party committee, members of standing committee, secretary.

Yuan Guangping, male, was born in April 1966, chongqing city person, the Han nationality, the graduate student learns Yuan Guangping, male, was born in April 1966, chongqing city person, the Han nationality, graduate student record of formal schooling, economics doctor's degree, had a job in July 1990, joined a Chinese Commu夜上海最新论坛nist in October 1986.

Have successively held the posts of Hainan to save election of standing committee of National People's Congress of big talk city to appoint and dismiss contact studio head, secretary of director of bureau of audit of big talk city, leading Party group, orchid area of beauty of big talk city appoint warden of government of people of vice secretary, division, deputy mayor of上海贵族宝贝论坛 government of people of big talk city, vice director of department of construction of economy of Ministry of finance (hang duty to take exercise) , deputy mayor of government of people of members of standing committee of big talk municipal Party committee, city. Currently hold the post of7 Hainan provincial Party committee backup committee member,

Held the post of committee member of municipal Party committee of state of Dan of the Communist Party of China, members of standing c[......]


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The 14th China, east alliance expos闵行蝴蝶验证归来ition opening Zhang G夜上海论坛aoli carries deep chemical combination to make 6 proposals

Nanning of China News Service on September 12 report (Yang Chen Zhang Anquan) the 14th China east alliance exposition and China east meeting opening plenary session will be in alliance business affairs and investment peak on September 12 Guangxi Nanning is held.

Zhang Gaoli of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, China publishs gist speech to express on opening congress, in recent years, china and east alliance carries on peace collaboration, open include, the filar way spirit that each other learns win-win of each other ancient bronze mirror, mutual benefit, promote policy to communicate energetically, be in harmony of expedite, capital opens establishment UniCom, trade, common feelings of people is interlinked, each domain collaboration obtains striking progress, old maritime the Silk Road is new coruscate is exuberant opportunity of survival.

Zhang Gaoli says, just inspect from beginning to end in east alliance is periphery first direction mixes diplomacy to establish one zone in al上海千花验证归来l all the way key area. China wishs to continue to grasp hold kiss concept of sincere Hui Rong, with east alliance builds more close together China in all hand in hand - east alliance destiny community, collective compose 21 centuries are maritime the Silk Road builds new page.

For this, zhang Gaoli puts forward to suggested at 6 o'clock: The first, deepen letter of bilatera[......]


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Civil aviation bure上海龙凤419论坛Powered By 上海贵族宝贝龙凤au: "935 " will build finish carriage airport 上海花千坊爱上海to exceed 50

People net Beijing on September 19 report (Li Nan birch) yesterday, chinese civil aviation bureau holds a press conference, development of Chinese civil aviation bureau plans Dong Faxin of department vice director to express on the news briefing, arrive from 935 bureaus 2020, w上海贵族宝贝论坛ill build finish carriage airport to exceed 50, conveyor field gross will achieve 260 or so; Gain track newly 68, area of boat station building 7.07 million smooth rice, add newly halt a seat number 1832, increase integrated traffic key position newly 26.

Dong Faxin discloses, 935 during, the civil aviation bureau will be abided by hold to a target oriented, program leads, drive of harmonious development, innovation 4 basic principles, accelerate construction of civil aviaton infrastructure. It is the res上海千花网论坛tful airport that advancing a delegate上海贵族宝贝龙凤Powered By 龙凤419贵族宝贝 to ask new concept, newly, green airport, wisdom airport and humanitarian air上海千花网论坛port 4 airports build fluctuation time.

2 it is according to the project management specializations, informatization of measure of engineering construction standardization, government, day-to-day management changes a requirement subtly, in carry out modern project to run fluctuation time.

3 it is to be in fulfil construction of unit of government sector, construction, design and inspect manage unit to wait for kongfu of fl上海花千坊1314uctuation of each respect responsibility in the round.

4 it is to be in build fluctuation time from Yan Zhi party[......]


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Sun Chunlan emphasizes when Xi'an survey: Sturdy confidenc夜上海论坛网e controls e上海千花网论坛楼风pidemic situation to spread as soon as possible

Xi'an of Xinhua News Agency Sun Chunlan of Vice Prime Minister of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council will go to report 29 days on December 30 survey of city of Shaanxi province Xi'an coachs epidemic situation is prevented control the job, the place of dot of sampling of the community of area of wild goose tower with thorough serious epidemic situation, nucleic acid, segregation, hospital that decide a dot, sieve of on-the-spot understanding nucleic acid is checked, platoon drifting air is checked, cure of上海贵人千花网 segregation of have a change of luck, patient, community is sealed accuse, the circumstance such as safeguard of goods and materials, condolatory fight bravely the broad medical personnel of a gleam of that fight epidemic disease and cadre masses, accelerate drive a key to prevent those who control the job to fulfil. She emphasizes, height of the Party Central Committee, the State Council takes Xi'an epidemic situation seriously to prevent control the job, the health that cares Xi'an people, Shaanxi people very is safe. Each respect wants to consolidate thought and operation to Xi Jinping's secretary-general to be prevented about epidemic sit夜上海最新论坛uation those who accuse further a series of important directives come up, fulfil the written instructions of Premier Li Kejiang to ask, determined, scientific essence allows the manner,爱上海自荐贴 deal with efficient, no time to delay fulfils each to prev[......]


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Silver is new list of director of standing上海千花网论坛 上海贵族宝贝sh1314committee of National People's Congress of a city, vice director, secretary-general

Conference of first time of the 10th peo上海龙凤后花园ple's congress of silver city on December 10, 2021 election:

Song Fenji is director of stan夜上海论坛网ding爱上海贵族宝贝论坛 committee of the 10th people's congress o上海千花网论坛f silver city.

Ping Ying of lukewarm Xu Dong, Meng Zhanyuan, Hao (female) , vice director of standin上海龙凤后花园g committee of the 10th people's congress of city of Liu Peng Jiang Weibai silver.

He Jixian is secretary-general of standing committee of the 10th people's congress of silver city.

Original tit上海贵族宝贝论坛le: Silver is new list of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of a ci上海千花网论坛ty, vice director, secretary-general (director Song Fenji) responsibility edits: Zheng Lili[......]


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North denies bomb face to be stationed in benefit diplomatic mission about

N occupies report of Xinhua News Agency integratedly

North makes a statement about 12 days, deny bomb Korea to be stationed in Libyan embassy, the downtown in the Li Bo that says its assault a target to be handles large bunder defence works.

North explains about:

The likelihood is caused damage secondhand

Statement says, 11 day and night, north arranges successful bomb the bunder defence works that this is used at direct and controlling army. The message says, north arranges bomb Korea is stationed in Libyan embassy, this does not accord with a fact, "Actually, embassy is apart from north to assault a target to make an appointment with 500 meters about " .

Statement says, have media coverage, korea embassy got destroy, but " we do not know north makes an appointment with assault to whether can be caused destroy secondhand " . Statement admits, although north carries out accurate blow about, but still exist create the possibility that damages secondhand.

Occupy Libyan nation TV station 12 days to report, in the air attack in the Li Bo that Korea is stationed in Libyan embassy to be opposite about in north by scamper. Korea is stationed in Libyan embassy the member that a diplomat also reports to Xinhua News Agency through the phone confirms, korea is stationed in Libyan embassy to suffer bomb, a few cars are blown up, the glass of a building is broken by shake.

Continue bomb:

Show back in Kazafei

Opportunity for combat of North Atlantic Treaty Organization Libyan leader[......]


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Jin Zheng day cancels to visit Russian Han intermediary to say Korea is about to cast off pair of China to depend on

Occupy what will publish on June 30 " round-the-world times " report Han Ri media 29 days all the word of quote information personage says, 30 days visit Russia and be in Russia surely formerly the Korea leader that far east area and Jeff of Russia president Mei Dewei hold a talk Jin Zheng day because " healthy reason " cancel suddenly to visit Russia. Russia president spokesman also says 29 days, jeff of plum heart Wei will inspect area of Russian far east 30 days, but deny have the plan that holds a talk with Jin Zheng day. To Russian face head the talk cancels suddenly, media of Russia, Korea, Japan is conjectural say, because both sides does not have the topic for discussion that talks and achievement to reach,the likelihood is consistent.

Russia " morning paper " 29 days of reports say, day of Jin Zheng of chairman of Korea national defence and Jeff of Russia president Mei Dewei plan formerly on June 30 or will be in on July 1 Fu Ladi of Russia far east Wosituoke outskirts or the Ha Sang toward Russian border on. But Nadaliya of spokesman of Russia president news - Makewa represents season 28 days, jeff of Wei of presidential plum heart will pull Diwosituoke to attend Asia-Pacific to organize a peak to be able to arrange working meeting via closing in accord with on June 30, keep much day in far east area, mobile plan of the president does not include to meet with day of Korea leader Jin Zheng. In the meantime, lafuluofu also expresses Russia Foreign Minister, any info[......]


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Take chopper hammer to hijack 30 young child

N Xin Huazhong country daily website stalks of grain especially

The sea net - channel Metropolis Daily dispatch reports 7 days according to Malaysia media, a man that holds hammer hijacked this country that day 30 children inside a nursery school mix city of southern soft Buddha 4 teachers, those who pass 6 many hours confront each other, all hostage by police rescue, after cateran gets shot, be arrested.

The expert says he is abnormal
Police says he makes drug addiction

That day morning 9 when much, a man of many years old 30 carries chopper and hammer, had turned over enclosure to enter nursery school, the teachers and students inside garden of hold sb un上海千花网论坛der duress. Kidnapper drives many 30 children and nursery school teacher into a room, lock up housing door. Police 10 when the left and right sides is received alarm, immediately hurries to the spot, surround nursery school. This man asks police gives him a handgun at first, want killing hostage otherwise. In place the advise of a psychological expert falls later, the mood of cateran was stabilized it seems that come down, but state oneself are very hungry. Psychological expert thinks the psychosis of cateran, and police calls him poisonous addiction.

Ever two enter nursery school to violate

That day afternoon 3:45, soldier of special operation unit to nursery school cast lachrymator, then forcibly hostage of the rescue inside irruptive building. Rescue personnel to shoot to wound cateran, arrest its next. Fortunately, all h[......]


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43 Mexico student is killed capacity of victim of case progress first place affirms

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is 43 Mexico student killed does capacity of victim of case progress first place affirm origin: ? Travel hill?2014-12-07 18:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] it is reported, mo La of 19 years old is mixed before a few months other 42 students are in together melon of Yi of case thunder Luo Zhou pulls city to be missing.

Original title: Mexican student is missing capacity of victim of case first place affirms (graph)

According to British media coverage, 43 Mexico student is killed one case has new progress again, investigation personnel confirmed the identity of student of chief be murdered. Newest DNA detects the result confirms, the human body wreckage that on record discovers to the part of a上海千花网论坛 discovery is scorched belongs to to call Alexander 19 years old of students of Mo La. And the demonstrate protest activity of Mexican whole nation still is continueing.

The person that the graph is demonstrate holds high Yalashandamola's portrait of the deceased.

It is reported, mo La of 19 years old is mixed before a few months other 42 students are in together melon of Yi of case thunder Luo Zhou pulls city to be missing. According to the preliminary investigation of Mexican police, on September 26, yi melon helps city 43 are missing the student is missing after be mixed to peddle poisonous group hold sb under duress by local police, as the[......]


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Wu Kelan's official exposes to the sun Yanukeweiji is small the son is denied in Russia death rescuer

Login register Wu Kelan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian's official to expose to the sun is young son in Yanukeweiji does Russia death rescuer deny origin: ? Be not?2015-03-23 11:0 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] presently a car dropping enters Lake Baikal the accident that puts cavity on the ice, cause Yanukeweiji the hearsay that young son dies.

Since Wu Kelan crisis erupte上海千花网论坛d 2014, the destiny of Yanukeweiji of the president before black all the time complicated and confusing. Recently, presently a car dropping enters Lake Baikal the accident that puts cavity on the ice, cause Yanukeweiji the hearsay that young son dies. Black official vows solemnly, and spot rescuer does his utmost to refute. In the crisis hour of at swords' points of Russia black concern, this accident is cheated it seems that gauze of on one level.

Yanukeweiji is small son Weikeduo

According to Russian new company, TASS on March 22 message, advisory An Dongge plays minister of ministry of Wu Kelan internal affairs first division say, before the young son Weikeduoyanukeweiji of presidential Yanukeweiji dies.

Media coverage says the Wukelan before this, weikeduo or be crash when Lake Baikal drives on glacial face, sink in water. But the government did not report at this point give comment. Ministry of black internal affairs just discloses, d[......]


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When close-fitting guard is on duty, American first-lady flirts send affection lubricious short message and indelicate according to

Personage of American government message discloses 10 days, mixieeraobama installs first-lady of responsible United States the member that a secret service that keeps the job handles visit, flirt with a woman during executive task, send affection to her after come off work lubricious short message and indelicate take a picture oneself.

Media explodes makings, this explore member it is first-lady one of close-fitting guard round members. Secret service place makes a statement 10 days say, this explore member already accepted administration off, investigation is undertaking.

[scandal exposure]

This incident will happen on May 20. That day, michelle attends the thematic activity of family of soldier o上海千花网论坛f a care in capital Washington, the member that this secret service handles visit is one of members of task of responsible spot security.

During the activity, he knows a woman that comes round to enter an activity, two people instantly be on terms of intimacy. According to the view of message personage, this woman is the staff member that a famous privately owned organizes Washington. A few eyewitness see in the spot, this explore member during the activity undertakes already hard control oneself.

After several hours, this explore member issue a short message to the other side: Hello, it is me. Know you today very glad. Your occurrence makes invariable routine becomes interesting. After receiving this woman to reply, this explore member more bold, give out contain indelicate th[......]


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The United States receives holiday of National Day day alert of departmental door promotion takes strict precautions against horrible assault

Integrated outside intermediary report, annual July 4 is holiday of American National Day, main city will have cooked food or celebrate an activity, but include Washington inside this year, each execute the law the branch already promoted alert, take strict precautions against horrible assault.

American land already issued a warning before safe ministry and FBI are early, ask each city is minatory to potential horror raise alert, gu Mo of governor of new York state (Andrew Cuomo) says on individual gregarious media, can add a group alarm force, strengthen safe monitoring in main congratulatory circumstance.

Gu Mo appeals people of new York city, joyful independence day should retain the freedom that enjoys now not merely, should maintain vigilance to circumjacent environment and doubtful character more.

There is a report to say before this, FBI (how do FBI) and land issue announcement give a warning at 26 days entirely, the United States on July 4 holiday of National Day day, execute the law officeholder and legionary likelihood suffer horrible assault. This assault and 26 days of assault that happen in France, Tunisia and Kuwait have nothing to do.

How does land grow Johnson entirely (Jeh Johnson) expresses, after horrible attack producing 3 cases on the 上海千花网论坛international before this, how is land being urged e上海千花网论坛ntirely execute the law to the branch keeps cautionary during National Day and had made optimal preparation. The people still can enter National Day day as scheduled,[......]


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Philippine one ship capsizes because of soup 5 Chinese are rescued

According to central com上海千花网论坛pany Philippine media reports 6 days of quote, philippine upper zone produces crab boat to capsize badly because of weather incident, 5 Chinese are rescued, among them one person comes from Taiwan.

The report says, yiluokesi saves the north that accident place is Luzon north coastal waters, but did not point out detail of etc of hair unripe time. Philippine coast defends the group states of short duration did not rece上海千花网论坛ive relevant bulletin.

Luzon north area suffers effect of lotus typhoon pass through the territory of a country, weather is harsh, whole area already was enveloped it is in typhonic alarm, philippine sea prevents a team to already prohibited ferry goes to sea.



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Video of picture of spot of explosion of Somalia China embassy sends at least 13 people to die

Login register video of picture of spot of explosion of embassy of China of Somalia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to send funeral of at least 13 people to give birth to origin: ? ?2015-07-27 09:1 of ㄍ of discharge上海千花网论坛  feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reports, on July 26, the car bomb that happens in Somalia capital blasts, cause death of at least 12 people, tens of people are injured. Explosive happening is outside China and the hotel that Egypt embassy is in.

Explosive spot

This is the car debris that in Somalia capital Ma Jiadi bomb of car o上海千花网论坛f sanded suicide type assaults the spot to film (will photograph on July 26) . Somalia capital Ma Jiadi is sanded a hotel makes a surprise attack that day by suicidal car bomb, already caused death of at least 15 people, much person to get hurt at present. Xinhua News Agency is sent (Feisaeryisai is photographed)

Local soldier and journalist are in the spot after explosion. (picture origin: Reuter)

Somalia is radical party of constituent young person claims to be in charge of to exploding this, the target that weighs explosion is Majiadisha this peninsula hotel near the International Airport. This is member of a parliament, reporter and foreign diplomacy personnel often the hotel of patronage. China, Egypt and Qatar embassy are located in among this hotel.

Local media reports, great majority is civilia[......]


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80 years old of old people build India hill of female singer of miniature edition peaceful to grieve over the wife constructs coffin pit

Will report on September 15 according to British media, in Indian north state (the Kaser Kalan village of Uttar Pradesh) , 80 years old of old people expend Zuerhasang in boast heart (the Tai Jiling that Faizul Hasan Quadri) used 3 years of time to build miniature edition meticulously in the garden after oneself, die in order to commemorate wife.

Marry 53 years with wife Tajamulli in boast heart, latter died because of laryngocarcinoma 2012. To remember beloved wife forever, decide imitated Tai Jiling constructs coffin pit for its in boast heart. Because do not have the child, the 上海千花网论坛decision in boast heart will be lifetime the saving is used at building small Tai Jiling to go up. End so far, 110 thousand pound has been cost in boast heart (add up to a RMB about 1.07 million yuan of) . However because capital is extinct, he cannot finish small Tai Jiling possibly.

Build through 3 years, in boast heart face the dilemma with dried up exchequer now. Say in boast heart: Original, I sold my land with the price of 60 thousand pound, the bullion headgear of the wife sold 15 thousand pound, a manson of local is willing to provide the help that builds mausoleum aspect for me. Now, I need to enchase marble monument to go up, and around move it establishs lush and green garden, expense of these two projects still may need 70 thousand pound.

After the wife dies, its remains bury is in boast heart in farm. Subsequently, he begins to be all round wife graveyard build small Tai Jiling. Ma[......]


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Dream of · of Ma beautiful lotus shows naked menology to be in the beauty forcedly to auction appraise to be worth 6 million dollar according to exposure

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net a上海千花网论坛ustral Fujian roll上海千花网论坛s out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken



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5 million masses are multiplied because " discharges door " incident,return plant maintenance with car general

German people group releases statement 29 days to say, brand of about 5 million masses is multiplied return plant maintenance because of discharging door incident with car general, special grade of Sa of the 6th acting golf that includes to use EA189 derv motor, the 7th acting handkerchief.

Statement says, exhaust of experience thing model needs to improve, relevant model user will receive correspondence to inform. All car are safe on the technology, the user can drive. In addition, company of brand of all experience thing will be in charge of a branch to refer technical solution and measure to the government October.

Up to now, ao Di of card of inferior of people group division, Si Ke is amounted to, Xiyate has 2.1 million respectively, 1.2 million violate compasses installation with car of 700 thousand derv tail gas is discharged hold control software. The intermediary outside be being occupied additionally reports, about 1.8 million masses are light-duty commercial vehicle also be involved in discharge door incident. People group shows before this, discharge car of door experience thing to predict to have 11 million.

People group holds the post of presiding apparitor newly Yasimile expresses Ma Di 28 days, because t上海千花网论坛ail gas is discharged,hold accuse software to be activationed on one part car only, the problem car number that confirms finally is measured less possibly at predicting number. He still says, people corpor上海千花网论坛ation will be determined ruthless bottom.



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The United States is mad grab Le Toucai to the ticket spends 2 dollars or become tycoon of 800 million dollar

Media of integrated United States reports, scare buying of people of American each district queueing up is puissant the ball is happy show lottery ticket, dweller of blame United States passes 上海千花网论坛a net to buy in world each district will enter this lottery activity.

Jialigelifu of chairman of association of lottery of combination of American much city (Gary Grief) say: This the happy amount that show reward is as high as 800 million dollar, cash amount already added up to 400 million 96 million dollar. Countrywide sale situation is satisfactory. Jialigelifu says, although rate of machine of win a prize in a lottery is only close 300 million 1/0, people still wishs to spend least the opportunity that two dollars will come to strive for this to be able to become billionaire overnight.

The happy limi上海千花网论坛ts that show reward includes puissant ball Washington of 44 cities of American, capital, Puerto Rico and beauty belong to a the Virgin Islands to wait, the partial money of procuration will be used at subsidizing the service of local government. This lottery result will the prefecture where the provincial capital is located at American Florida city Dalahaxi undertook direct seeding through TV 10:59 9 days night local time. (Laoren)



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Direction of flying fault of danger of plane of boat of a horse has christmas day outside intermediary couplet thinks of MH370

Login register christmas of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does direction of flying fault of danger of plane of boat of a horse have outside does intermediary couplet think of MH370 origin: ? ?2015-12-28 09:1 of huge rock of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Christmas, one ought fly to the equestrian ship aircraft of kuala lumpur, nearly flies to Melbourne.

According to England " daily Post " report, 25 days of before dawn 2 when make, ma Hang flies to the MH132 plane of kuala lumpur by New Zealand originally, after taking off 8 minutes, air man discovers a voyage direction and anticipate contrary, channel slants rely on south to fly toward Australian Melbourne.

On December 25 before dawn 2 when make, ma Hang flies to the MH132 plane of kuala lumpur by New Zealand originally, after taking off 8 minutes, air man discovers a voyage direction and anticipate contrary.

Air man controls a tower to communicate with Oakland instantly, the plane just flies back t上海千花网论坛o right way. Immediately, the plane is in fly across tower Si Manhai (Tasman Sea) in the sky hind, fly toward northwest direction again, final safety arrives at kuala lumpur, the passenger was not alarmed.

Current, authorities already launched internal investigation with respect to this accident.

It is reported, control tower personnel expresses, flight plan is by responsible government New Zealand is reached south[......]


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The United States appeals sand spy Iran maintains exercise restraint not farther aggravate area is nervous

Ernest of spokesman of electric the White House was in Washington of China News Service 4 days local time on January 4 Washington expresses with respect to sand spy and Iranian become enemies, american appeal sand maintains with Iran especially exercise restraint, area of not farther aggravate is nervous.

Ernest expressed on press conference of the White House that day, the United States just is mixed especially dene to going a few days Iranian behavior feels care, include sanded outsize scale to execute program of convict, judicatory is opaque, and Iran fails the diplomatic establishment with responsible protection special sand. Condition of current middle east is full of wave motion and instability, american hope sand can take action with Iran especially alleviation insecu上海千花网论坛rity condition, the appeal just maintains each exercise restraint, area of not farther aggravate is nervous.

Before Ernest rejects to confirm sand is announcing to break off a friendship with Iran especially, have without inform the United States ahead of schedule square, but he emphasizes beautiful honest officer already was opposite for many times in the past expression of state of human rights of sand spy home is anxious.

He says, american Secretary of State is maintaining a contact with Iranian respect in the gram, the United States is stationed in official of sand spy diplomacy to also be being communicated closely with sand spy上海千花网论坛 official. The United States just thinks each just can adopt more acti[......]


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Is Iran strong: of new punish of fight back United States? Does  of  of  silk ribbon wrap up envy  to read?

Login register Iran of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: of new punish of United States of strong fight back? Does  of  of  silk ribbon wrap up envy  to read? origin: ? Be not?2016-01-18 15:4 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The intermediary outside occupying reports, american government announces, will be aimed at Iran ballistic missile project reachs an individual to carry out to Yi relevant enterprise new round of punish. Iran 上海千花网论坛is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, reported on January 18 according to TV station of Iranian English news, hou Sai of spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs because Gubieransali (HosseinJaberiAnsari) expresses, iran can continue to upgrade missile function, as the response to punish.

Relevant picture

According to the report, the origin of new punish was last year Iranian test-fire will make missile line missile accurately in October, this missile is capable to bear the weight of nuclear warhead. The United States says, this violated U.N. ban. The United States still expresses, ballistic missile project of Iran constitutes serious menace to area and international safety, remain the topic for discussion of international society punish.

11 units that new punish measure prohibits participating in project of missile research and development to concern and individual use Ameri[......]


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Case of afraid black dragon produces beautiful intermediary to remind a government not to treat unjustly scientist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin again

World-famous scientific journal, United States " science " 26 days of reports say the website of the magazine, public figure of American lawyer group appeals American government, careful investigation check just sues researcher of drug of foreign citizen of Chinese origin to be suspected of selling secret to Chinese company newest case, because of this and this before other the case that a few foreign citizen of Chinese origin sue is similar. In those cases, american check just abandons because evidential inadequacy or analysis are undeserved finally sueing.

Last week, american Philadelphia check just accuses Xue Yu (sound) the confidential document that waits for 5 foreign citizen of Chinese origin to be suspected of Shi Ke of Cong Gelan element be located in filch of center of research and development to involve more than 10 kinds of new drug, reach China through resale of company of estate of a drug. The United States " the person that Philadelphia asks ask signs up for " report, the studies protein biochemistry that Xue Yu is world center learns the home, element history overcomes Ren Gelan the senior management post of center of a research and development. The indictment says, she is suspected of using working mailbox to send confidential document to individual mailbox, then transmit gives other suspect. Dan Xueyu denies all to hers accusation.

" science " the records says, before this one case, square high-key accusation is in American check beautiful Chinese or Amer[......]


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U.S. Army naval vessel sails into the Xisha Islands area of 12 sea mile is challenged " the voyage is free " limitation

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes上海千花网论坛 happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to 上海千花网论坛in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken



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One institute makes an appointment with beautiful guest city 200 students erupt stomach trouble reason is still unidentified

According to American media coverage, ni Yazhou of guest evening standard Wuerxinnasi academic official shows 14 days local time, this school symptom of stomach trouble of report of about 200 students, but the pathogeny remains a mystery group.

The report says, have partial student most antedate 9 days to begin occurrence vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach-ache symptom. Subsequently, this college dining room is shut, but after the course is checked, did not discover any problems, open again so.

Subsequently, day and 11 course of 12 days and the activity is cancelled on the weekend, the course that predicts 15 days can return to normal.

Point out according to this institute official, most person reports dis上海千花网论坛ease is in 12 after coming 24 hours, alleviate上海千花网论坛. In this incident, share 22 students to be treated to the hospital, but without person be in hospital.

Current, this institute is located the wholesome personnel of county of benefit of horse of unconscious elder brother is investigating this disease to erupt is cause by food, still infect each other between the student.



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Does young lady of the shortest world have Japan much taller? Tong Yan gigantic breast likes quiet (graph)

Login register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does young lady of the shortest world have many tall? Does Tong Yan gigantic breast like quiet (graph) origin: ?  ?2016-02-02 08:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Xin Shixiang created the girl to 8 million is plant beautiful. In the shortest world that Beijing University reads young lady board walls true garment is among them a kind, her height has 1 meter only 52, carried off commissioner of Japanese young lady is met however special award. She reads in Beijing University, pass an entrance examination of after school time 11 qualifications certificate, returned part-work and part-study system to open store of a beautiful shell. Sprat schoolgirl also can have tremendous energy. Are you also 8 million one of?

Come from 152cm of height of board wall true garment, this is selecting beautiful contest and model group is not ideal height, it is a kind of obstacle even. Board wall true garment says: I do not want to abandon my dream at that time, hold to hard, overcame all sorts of obstacles. Final, the person that she of 152cm became the bear the palm of height of lowest of the history after competion area of Japan of world young lady opens contest. True garment is returned now is Beijing University external the student studying abroad of Chinese institute, be in a year short the pass an entrance examination inside time many qualifications c[......]


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Investigation shows go to Chile immigrant to have most probably nearly exceed experience of 10 years of study

In new network report will sign up for network coverage according to South-American live abroad on June 15, pull add classics appoint meeting (an investigation that CEPAL) announced recently shows, in the country of latin america and Caribbean area, chile, Panama, Ecuadorian and the country such as Bolivia is whole latin america is had accept the nation with emigrant and most higher education.

According to the report, pull add classics appoint the report of situation of latin america obtain employment that can publish shows, in emigrate, the person of 79% has study experience of more than 10 years, the person that there is 65.4% in Panamanian immigrant has study experience of more than 10 years, and Ecuadorian there are the 63.1% study experiences that have 10 years of aboves with the person of 62% respectively in the immigrant with Bolivia.

Pull add classics appoint the report of the meeting points out: "The appearance that had gotten higher education and has the people of advanced technology level to change another state from a country is very general. Some people immigrant also is not working reason to the reason of other country. Some people immigrant also is not working reason to the reason of other country..

Emigrant report shows the Chile that America development bank announces, the whole that will to the immigrant of Chile improve Chile country teachs a level. "Will in the im上海千花网论坛migrant of Chile have the person that has college degree even, although this part person i[......]


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Pakistan Kui is amounted to produce suicidal type explosion to assault casualty of at least 28 people

Beijing of China News Service report is Mohammedan on June 23 fort message: Road of Pakistan southwest ministry ining order to raises province metropolis Kui to amount to 23 days to produce suicidal type explosion to make a surprise attack, commit the crime " the person is played " constabulary chief inspector is amounted to in Kui bomb is detonated near the office, cause death of at least 12 people, 16 people are injured.

According to ining order to the road raises bulletin of province government spokesman, explosion happens local time 23 days in the morning, cri上海千花网论坛minal wants to drive had entered cordon to launch assault to office of constabulary chief inspector, the result detonated the bomb on the ca上海千花网论坛r when intercept of police be been on duty. Encounter an area to fasten Kui to amount to downtown, eliminate office of constabulary chief inspector, still include orgnaization of much homemaking government office and a female officer.

The word of chief of hospital of place of cite of Pakistan GEO TV station says, at present at least 5 polices die in explosion, 9 polices are injured. After the event is all the remains of the member that the wounded along with treats a person handling a delicate matter is sent toward the hospital. Because the condition of an injury of many the wounded is serious, casualty number may rise further.

The picture that GEO TV station broadcasts shows, the bomb power that charger detonates is vast, the spot counts a car to be damaged badly, explosive[......]


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Kremlin: What is dissolve by beautiful square decision Russia diplomacy personnel

In report will occupy new network on July 31 coverage of Russia satellite network, peisikefu weighs secretary of Russian president news, the United States should oneself decide what person will stay in Russia job in diplomatic corps, what person will quit the job.

Beijing of Russian president general expresses before this, the United States is stationed in number of Russian diplomacy orgnaization to will be stationed in number of beautiful diplomacy orgnaization with Russia same, all be 455 people. Say according to him, the United States just has many 1000 staff member, include diploma上海千花网论坛t and technical personnel, still work in Russia churchyard, among them 755 people should suspend an activity.

Peisikefu will decide in the answer leaves to say when the Russia, question that who leaves the job: "This is chosen by the United States. Yesterday general Beijing respecting diplomat and technical personnel. Here is to point to diplomatic personnel not only, diplomat amount does not have so much of course. This may point to diplomat, or be not the personnel that has diplomatic place, and the personnel of local employ, the Russia citizen that works over namely. The Russia citizen that works over namely..

Peisikefu expresses, muscovite need not when Telangpu signs punish act to act again, because of 上海千花网论坛" wait to be without a meaning " ; The United States Congress before this passed the new sanction to Russia.

Peisikefu grows quite with respect to the demarcate time of leave a country o[......]


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Statement of Department of Commerce: Sino-US class of deputy ministry of classics trade problem is held to consult in Beijing

Report reached Beijing of Xinhua News Agency 9 days on January 7 on January 10, sino-US both sides holds class of deputy ministry of classics trade problem to consult in Beijing. It is important that both sides ascertains two countries head of state actively consensus, the trade problem of collective attention and structural sex prob上海千花网论坛lem had extensive, thorough, meticulous communication, promotional mutual understanding, to solve each other care issue laid a foundation. Both sides agrees to continue to maintain close tie.

Original title: Statement of Department of Commerce: Sino-US responsibility of negotiation of class of deput上海千花网论坛y ministry of classics trade problem holds to edit in Beijing: Ceng Shaolin[......]


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Burmese came to will produce fire 1797 cases to cause 79 people to die in all in October this year in January

Burmese media " round-the-world new smooth newspaper " the data that Burmese Home Office will publish quote on December 7 says上海千花网论坛, gave birth to fire 1797 cases to Burmese in October hair in January 2021, cause 79 people death in all, 142 people are injured, 6352 people become destitute and homeless.

The report says, its go-between is arson 712 cases, 40% what hold fire sum total about, have silvan fire additionally 131 cases. Fire in all burn down 4167 buildings, 34 factories and 68 storehouse, cause belongings loss to amount to money of 32 b上海千花网论坛illion remote (add up to 17.8 million dollar about) . (Gao Jiayi of total stage reporter)

Original title: Burmese came to will produce fire 1797 cases to cause responsibility of 79 people death to edit in all in October this year in January: Ceng Shaolin[......]


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Now international news

Korea: ? Merchant is cover С straight this ┒  salary?

Fir of Cui Yong of spokesman of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 7 days on routine press conference, han Fang supports Beijing Olympic Winter Games to achieve complete success from beginning to end. According to information of Han couplet company, fir of Cui Yong of spokesman of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 7 days on routine press conference, han Fang only then. . .

2021-12-13 16:16 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Yang Tao replaces Liu Kang to take up the post of director of large department of beauty of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

According to net of official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs origanization construction column shows, yang Tao already replaced Liu Kang, take up the post of North America the Oceania department director one duty. Scheme of check of net of official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes public a data to show, . .

2021-12-13 16:14 origin: ? Is ぐ pace planted  ?
Israel premier visits A couplet chief of a tribe first

Will report on December 12 according to associated press Jerusalem, israel premier Nafudalibeineite says 12 days, he will go to visit of A couplet chief of a tribe that day. This is Israel premier visits this country first. This action is the back in get into trouble of Iranian nucleus negotiation. . .

2021-12-13 15:44 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ⑼ ?
Russian intermediary: ? Does ⑻ bilge Dong Pi of Tang Fan of expostulate with of discharge   ?

China is disr[......]


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8 strong leg are opposite America cup a team of match of list 1/4 final in group circumstance

8 strong leg are opposite America cup a team of match of list 1/4 final in group circumstance

As Japan and Ecuadorian kick 1-1 draw, current America cup 8 give heat formally also by force. In 3 groups, all of before the group two team wins promotion, brazil, Argentine, Uruguay this is traditional 3 Jiang Lianmei promotion. Be in 3 groups the 3rd in, japanese team grade is the poorest be washed out, venezuela and Paraguay success promote.

In A group, before Brazil and Venezuela are ranked two. In B group, colombia and Argentina are a group before 2. In C group, before Uruguay and Chile are ranked two. Be in 3 groups the 3rd in, peruvian accumulate 3 minutes of integral highest. Paraguay and Japan took 2 minutes, paraguay gets the better of a ball to be completely - 1 ball, japan gets the better of a ball to be completely - 4 balls, japanese team 上海千花网论坛is fallen into disuse to go out accordingly bureau.

As 8 give heat by force, the 1/4 final of current America cup is right blast Anacreontic also change. Brazil and Argentine cent are in with half area, the battle of Chile and Colombia, it is the battle of the focus of epicycle.

Final of America cup 1/4 is right b上海千花网论坛last

On half area

Brazilian Vs Paraguay is Argentine Vs Venezuela

Leave half area

Uruguay Vs Vs of Peruvian, Chile Colombia

Original title: America cup 8 be opposite by force a: ? Venezuela responsibility edits Argentine battle of? of  of massacre of buttock Kun paddle: Li Xiaoling[......]


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Hearing of Sun Yang incident will hear sessional time publicly at least by October

Hearing of Sun Yang incident will hear sessional time publicly at least by October

CAS announces Sun Yang hearing remit to at least by October, specific reason is to answer among them the individual of one party asks to defer, specific be WADA, Sun Yang or FINA requirement are deferred, CAS is announced not clearly.

Additionally CAS announces Ying Sunyang asks just, case hearing will undertake publicly, this also is a:appellant case that hears Debuluyin of Holand natant famous general publicly from 1999 hind, nearly 20 years are lain between the 2nd times to have the hearing publicity when, be worth what carry is to be in that open cognizance, because the De Bulu that is played tric上海千花网论坛ks in sample of medical check urine by suspicion puts forward to appeal, but final CAS adjudicates on she loses a lawsuit and ban contest.

Because CAS is in,state medium language is vaguer, the consideration that defer, party that puts forward to defer and specific the time that postpone did not give out clear answer.

The intermediary outside much home guesses the hearing also wants the earliest ability is possible in November sessional, CAS adopts the raise requirement of Sun Yang respect to undertake publicity cognizance, can have regarded as victory of Sun Yang, because prepare for war,do not pass the time of Tokyo Olympic Games is pressing, the hearing undertakes later is afraid to Sun Yang prepare for war to be added more adverse.

Original title: CAS announces Sun Yang hearing will make p[......]


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