According to day intermediary report, 23 days, japanese people compares hall of the music outside Gu Ye to hold in Tokyo day object security the assembly of relevant proposed law. The participant hallooes oppose warlike bill, must s

top the catchword such as behavior of governmental out of control.

Turn over battle Tokyo according to sponsorring the citizen team of this assembly 1000 people committee introduces, about 2500 people attended this second meeting.

Japanese people objects security in assembly relevant proposed law while, also object the airport between day of U.S. Army general removing to protect city to the name from city of wild bay of Okinawa county appropriate Bian Ye is ancient. Grown city realizes bureau of work of center of Okinawa peace movement to make a speech on

assembly, appeal today is Okinawa to comfort clever day, bring times government to stop the behavior of radical out of control, must stop the construction of new base, this wins the person that attend meeting blast an applause.

Come from jade county long the Dayeyingzhao that is fond of city (66 years old) with respect to congress sessional lengthen considerably express: Premier wants to let act obtain anyhow through, we convey crosscurrent only through such assembly.

A female that comes from yokohama city (60 years old) say the son is reading an university. She says: If constitution is revised,will come, be about to begin conscript probably. To be in charge of to young generation, must prevent this kind of action of the government nowadays.


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