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In report will report new net integratedly on July 1, korea government will release statement to say on July 1 local time, korea near future is breathed to be asked for integratedly by middle east (MERS) is affected and tourist number is decreased greatly, to restore travel market, han Fang decides to wait for a country to avoid visa cost to China and southeast Asia.

Korea judiciary expresses, the visa of 3 months period of efficacy that the diplomatic mission before this will reach to will be given out on June 30 on March 1 is postpone 6 months. Begin to come from July 6 at the same time on September 30, the certificate fee that Korea will exempt partial country tourist is used (15 dollars) ; In the meantime, the Chinese tourist that has visa of Japanese organization travel also can avoid an autograph to stay 15 days in Korea.

Korea not the school of suspend class, guaze mask is worn to measure temperature before student class.

Korea respect expresses, this one policy comes on stage in the light of China, Kampuchea, Indonesian, Philippine wait for a country with Vietnam.

Occupy Han intermediary story additionally, on July 1, cadre of MERS government the way to deal with a situation expresses in the center of ministry of happiness and benefit of Korea health care, did not produce the MERS diagnose patient that adds newly, total patient number and identical on June 30, for 182 people.

Get the influence of MERS, 7, the travel

busy season that August is Korea originally, korea travel number is gone to to be compared possibly however with photograph of the corresponding period outside the condition drop considerably, the Chinese visitor that for instance aid city island will greet in June and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year dropped 46% .

Summer vacation is c

hanged to plan in Han student studying abroad

Express what come from Shou Erhan in relief university in unripe Han Liuxue Mr Gong, at present integral epidemic situation prevents the school that his place reads the case is good, every student got the school the mail about precautionary MERS epidemic situation, requirement student registers a few individual lash-up to contact means, if somebody gets segregate announcement perhaps has,inform them appear the phenomenon of symptom of calorific, respiratory tract, want to appoint a hospital technically.

Mr Gong says, because this semester courses of the school still does not have an end, also did not expire end, if go back to the motherland now,individual feeling can delay school work. If continue,I go back to the motherland, plan originally summer vacation stays in Korea, will see the think of a way before epidemic situation had changed me at present. Mr Gong says, if connect an Er to need suspend class, epidemic situation should be quite serious, he is opposite all the time these days in Chinese parents of epidemic situation diffuse express concern, hope he can go back to the motherland instantly.

Tourist of round part of the journey that go to Han begins to retreat order

Korea official says 3 days, as middle east breath is asked for integratedly (MERS) diagnose patient is ceaseless grow in quantity, certainly will of this one negative factor affects further Korea economy many domains.

The data that bureau of Korea travel development provides 3 days shows, from May 20 diagnose head name since MERS patient, chinese mainland and Taiwan have about 2000 people and the stroke that 500 people cancelled to will travel to Korea in June respectively, a few Korea travel agent that do Chinese business technically predict to will receive more to cancel the phone of order.

Be aimed at recently Korea epidemic situation, the reporter understands, because at present national tourism bureau was not released,go to Han You ban, because of this travel agent or comply with those had signed up and the guest wish that wishs a travel, normal hair is round. In the meantime, make progress as epidemic situation, already partial tourist begins to retreat order Korea relevant travel product. (Tecent news is integrated Xinhua News Agency, inspect CCTV to report)

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