Reports of 24 days of a full length investigation show American media, go to what the foreign nationality worker that the United States works suffers American employer to mistreat with H-2 visa in great quantities, include salary of embezzle part of what should be issued, circle to ban, beat up, minatory, rape and force a worker to change religious belief to wait, make these foreign workers be

come the slave in modern society. American government sector says to be opposite this is helpless, and American employer often escapes by right of the affinity with local ascendancy character penalty. American media is maintained, this is new slavery of the United States. Mexican government censures the United S

tates, this is pair of human rights is crude encroach.

The appointment that astonishs

The on-the-spot record of this nearly 10 thousand words reports with findings report of American government sector, decoded judicatory file and media are interviewed for the basis. The appointment that whole story wants to let a person astonish from speaks of.

The brother of graceful exert Er of city of wood of horse of city of American south Louisiana two, the at present of heart of Er of child of many years old of 20 woman that knew two to say spanish accidentally and silk of ridge Sa Lei, date together in the evening Saturday. Very fast, two people discover somebody is dogging their car. After finding the police on the road, brotherly amazed ground discovers Mannuer, dog the employer that theirs is at present of child Er heart and silk of ridge Sa Lei, place's famous farmer Wei Si is special.

Fuzz wheat base show to the state that this had a case 2011 in police report, wei Si Tesheng calls at present of child Er heart and ridge Sa Lei silk is two his girls, still ask fuzz helps threaten they. Wheat radical is mixed with electrical shock gun subsequently the gesticulation that locks up larynx, warn two women to not be in West leaves a farm below unallowed circumstance, will be driven out otherwise.

The miserable experience of workingwoman

The investigation of basis of Buzzfeed of American news website to judicatory file and to two sisters interview, told about their whole experience:

At present of child Er heart and silk of ridge Sa bud say, they come from Mexico, work in West's farm with American H-2 visa, still have woman of about 20 Mexico with what they work together. They and additionally 3 young women are by arrangement in room of separate a trailer live, in the house dirty, unpleasant, have mice and bedbug, without clean drinking water. Their job is to give the crayfish of very hot heat to decorticate, finger constant by scald, and the when still working pungent odour that bears the hardest.


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