In report will occupy new network on August 11 Afp report, iraqi parliament aims to eliminate corruption and the governmental reform program that reduce function of governmental no use at passing what go out by premier Abadidi 11 days local time.

The report says, introduce according to parliamentary spokesman, the parliament adopts this plan consistently. Any debates also did not produce before polling.

It is reported, reform program of A Badi is main the focus is 3 vice president that cancel to have and position of 3 Vice Prime Ministers. Once reform program pays all execution, include Iraqi ex-premier, currently hold the post ofvice president Ma Liji inside much name is curule will be dismissed. The analysis says, this one arrangement is to balance Iraqi abdicate Buddhist nun clique, assorted the interest of person of heart of Er of Xie Pahe library.

Reform program still includes to reduce Iraq the security number of each level leader; Cut down each additional spending of Iraqi government orgnaization and official; Establish committee of high level anti-corruption; Election much name is nonaligned reach independent religion personage to hold the position of ministerial and main job to wait. Afore-mentioned measure basically are to respond to Iraqi people of the near future a few appeal to st

rongly beg. A Badi says, concerned reform will improve finance condition of the government, and behavior of corruption of keep within limits.

Many cities produced Iraqi churchyard recently large-scale demo

nstration, the people is risking the intense heat of summer to be on street, demand government punishs corrupt, raise equality of public service water. A Badi still expresses to demonstrate people at this point, can undertake thorough reform to the government.

A Badi bore Iraqi president name last year, replace Maliji to take office as a premier, but the premier that Maliji rejects to admit Abadi for a time appoints. However Maliji suffers Iraq of many faction object, and the outside thinks Ma Liji government hits the Buddhist nun that press abdicate to send is one of causes that cause the extreme organization such as Mohammedan country to expand in Iraqi churchyard.


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