Follow most Londoner same, kukeni of gregarious media director (although SamCookney) lived 9 years in London, but bear the tall chummage over there hard from beginning to end. He bets with the friend once say, if he lives,Na Tongqin of Ba Sai collect makes a round trip, cheaper than living in London.

According to Taiwan " sign up for jointly " will report on August 31, kukeni made public his algorithm on rich guest in October 2013: Arrive from London Basailuona these 930 miles of roads (add up to 1500 kilometers) about, if with be being connected every week diligent 4 days will calculate, he can hire the charge of the room every months to save below 387 euro than be in London. So, thi

s year earlier when Kukeni wants to move, the hypothesis before he is illuminated really, seek a room to Basailuona. This year in June he if really moved Basailuona, and euqally OK every morning punctual 9:30 appear in the office.

Kukeni follows others sublease house in London originally, every months of chummage 700 pound. He is in later the room that area of heart of song of accept of Ba Sai collect finds has two houses, adscititious gazebo of a housetop, every months of hire just 800 euro (570 pound) . From Basailuonaaierpulate the airport flies to Si De of London Shi Dan (the airline ticket of Stansted) restrains 37 dollars, flight duration is about the same 2 hours, increase the time that the airport goes before he takes the train from abode of accept of Ba Sai collect, and build a bus to reach London from the airport the time of Liverpudlian market station, diligent time adds up to make an appointment with 5 half hours, fare altogether 23 euro.

Nevertheless, library gram Buddhist nun is connected every months only actually diligent 3 or 4, never connect every week diligent 4 days, other time is not job is in the home, it is hire collective work space (Co-workingspace) , every months of charge 90 euro.

Kukeni tells website of news of science and technology BuzzFeed, airline ticket price is forecasted the hardest, the summer goes back and forth between airline ticket to be able to go up to 150 euro, off-season fall to 70 euro.

Have what believe Kukeni hard in view of everybody idea, he from beg

in to cross a state this paragraph itinerary push in gregarious media continuously up to now special (Twitter) updates message, upload boarding card photograph, pat oneself on the seat number even.

Kukeni says, besides can save hundreds of pound every months, more important is promotion life quality. He says: This may be my best decision, the life quality of every respect becomes better, live, traffic and food are, the lifestyle that London is in before me is essential and complete be not a patch on.

Of course, early morning controlled day going to work partly at 4 o'clock that day he must get up.

Kukeni expresses, he has discovered a few old face in journey, about 3, 4 people appear every time embarkation can be come up against. He thinks to a few people are doing same thing. Somebody follows what Kukeni shares them to connect diligent experience, these people head for London from embarkation of France, Holand respectively.


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