In report will occupy new network on September 5 outside intermediary reports 5 days, european alliance can announce next week, follower each country accepts the plan of the refugee more. Among the member of the European Union, finland and England announced respectively yesterday, want to admit more refugee.

U.N. appeals the European Union accepts 200 thousand refugee 4 days. U.N. refugee work is high commissioner Anthony Aoguteleisi makes a statement say, europe needs to build base oneself upon to accept refugee ability quite, need common strategy.


i of the first vice-chairman was in European committee a few days ago Greek family this the island says: Rong Ke of European Union chairman will announce next week more large-scale refugee finds a place for plan, enter Greek, Italy and Hungarian refugee especially.

Dimomansi says: We will suggest to member country, ensure we have an allocate, ensure the person that enter Europe is dispersed in each member country. I believe we can obtain positive result from this.

European Union official said a few days ago, rong Ke is considering at present, want a refugee to accept a number from 120 thousand increase to 160 thousand, and include in Hungarian refugee.

European commission spokesman says, rong Ke already put forward this to offer to committee member, he will be in next week 3 offer overall proposal to European parliament.

Dimomansi and European committee delegate arrive Greek go, it is to be the same as Sa of prime minister of Greek guard government exert and ministers are consultative, harmonious center is established in Greek Bileiaifusi, handle the work that the refugee flows better.

The base of a frui

t says when Athens speaks before Momansi: Because of,each person that has the spirit is met yesterday on Turkey beach one 3 years old young child remains and shock. By tens of thousands the refugee is original by Greek draw close the shore. We come here is to should be the same as Greek government consultative good plan.

Greek government Zhou Si already made clear, it will build harmonious management center. Helisituozulajisi of Greek economy minister expresses to media, the condition that the government also can offer economic support, improvement to have immigrant to recieve a center to the Greek islands that admits immigrant in great quantities, rate that accelerates emigrant conduction formalities, strengthen cooperation with the European Union, alleviate the pressure that relevant islands faces.

Finnish week 5 announce, the refugee number that it will predict this year to be able to be accepted is increased reach 30 thousand. Two Zhou Qian, finnish government just moved this amount to 5000 10 thousand. Finnish annual offerred asylum for 3600 refugees last year. The announcement of Finnish Home Office says, this week has better refugee to enter a country by Swedish overland.

Cameron also is in British premier 5 announce, england will accept more Syrian refugees. Of the BBC report, the Cameron that visits in Lisbon expresses, can announcing detail next week. But, he says, the refugee that accepts more will come from the refugee camp that U.N. establishs in Syrian border, is not the refugee that has arrived at Europe.

Since Syria was immersed in the crisis 2011, england accepted 5000 Syria refugee only, far the amount that accepts under France, Germany and Swedish place. Cameron ever said before this, refugee crisis cannot rely on each country simply to accept more refugees to solve.


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