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On November 13, 2015, paris makes a surprise attack by mass terror, horror organizes Mohammedan country to allege responsible to this. The photograph that reporter of the intermediary outside occupying releases on gregarious website, the U.S. Army is before the air attack that launchs subsequently, go up to bomb and missile write down catchphrase to taking love to come from Paris, in order to show the souvenir of horrible to Paris assault and the retaliation to Mohammedan country.

Be used on the JDAM bomb that becomes a platoon earmark pen is written down taking love to come from Paris

Be used on the JDAM bomb that becomes a platoon earmark pen is written down taking love to come from Paris

The film that taking love to be directed from Piaiermoruier from Parisian origin " From Paris With Love " , domestic interpret is " Parisian spy film " , those who tell about is an United States explore of senior FBI of Richard of youth of employee of the embassy that be stationed in a law, France and United States member Wakesi frustrates jointly the story of horrible assault.

Catchphrase is being brushed on bomb is the tradition since World War II, and the U.S. Army is its development became culture of a kind of doodle more.

Observer of observer net military affairs expresses, the U.S. Army soldier that gives bomb doodle is initiative behavior likely extremely, nevertheless this group of photographs pacify north to restrict the import of ally, also be more than bomb might itself. However this also showed from flank a favour publicizes bomb one batch this to fall unlikelily to people head.

(original title: After Paris fears raiding, the U.S. Army is on the bomb of bomb IS write taking love to come from Paris)

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