American He Fen pauses Post website will publish a problem to be on September 15 " end Syrian war through negotiating " article, the author treats relation of Washington university international to teach Amidayiaiqiaoni for tall, compile as follows:

Be moment accepts such fact, syria has bad option only, we should choose the plan of lowest of an unfortunate degree. This accepts the appeal of political power of Ba Sha Er and its ally Russia and Iran with respect to need, through negotiating implementation politics reconciles. From this for, what we can expect at most is: Syria is dissension different hostility factional, but civil war will end, refugee crisis can alleviate. If meanwhile, we can let Iraqi government fulfil the commitment that its make for many times, stop to mistreat abdicate Buddhist nun to send (the position that asks to appoint justice to abdicate Buddhist nun, not actual still perhaps) .

If want to gain headway, the United States and its ally need abandon two illusions: The first, the United States can find the organization of a latitudinarian, lay, close west, or a gentle organization, the soldier training that the United States can organize this kind becomes the force that can beat other and all organization. We see only, last time the result that the United States tries to train a Syrian is very awkward: Only few person finished training, and they are ambushed to Syria, pop, kidnap or was missing.

The 2nd, the United States had better not hold to a Ba Sha again Er is nono

fficeholding as negotiation premise. If you ask one of main group the post that leader quits him, so cease-fire negotiation has progress unlikelily. In addition, if you think to there can be the person selected in power that suits more after Ba Sha Er is nonofficeholding, this kind of idea is too innocent. Although who can the United States control to come carry on euphemize, the result that the United States chooses leader is quite bad. In Iraq, the United States supports exiled politician, fame at first not the banker Ai Ha of beautiful strides De Sha rabbi. Sanded rabbi is an incompetent cacique, be he was offerred about so called Iraq large-scale the false information that kills and wound sexual weapon. In Iraq parliamentary vote is medium 2010, assorted Xie Pazheng treats an Ayadealawei to win victory with weak dominant position, this person is in political group to include abdicate Buddhist nun to send already, also include assorted leaf group. However, the United States pushs Alawei at

the same time, the Malaji in the candidate exert that supports Iranian preference. Begin from 2006, we support Malaji all the time. Ma Laji's dictatorship is regnant, and mistreat to what Iraqi abdicate Buddhist nun sends, it is a when must answer horrible force when preexistence bound main reason, and the effect that Iraq suffers Iran is bigger and bigger. In Afghanistan, the United States supports Hamidekaerzayi all the time for years, and the government of his leader is corrupt and efficiency is low.

Really, ba Sha Er and Iran, Russia is ally relation. But the United States just is revealed to the world, it can negotiate with Iran and come to an agreement. We may let Iranian sit beside conference table again.

Russia increases the support of political power of pair of Ba Sha Er it seems that. The White House issues a warning to Russia, the support that says to enlarge pair of Ba Sha Er may cause the confrontation with the United States and its ally, but so do be a mistake. These just have the empty menace of credit of caustic United States. In the meantime, these menace brought about the United States to be on the road that collides possibly with Russia happening. Russia abandons the exclusive ally that its remain in middle east almost impossibly. What we should do is, undertake cooperative with Russia, so that terminative civil war, bloody destroy, and refugee crisis. If this means political power of Ba Sha Er to will be in Syrian part area to live,go down, so betterer than letting a war last also.


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