Login register stupid thief of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to open grab to steal ATM machine finish to whole 2 layer buildings build empty-handed and return (graph) origin: CNbeta website 2015-10-01 15:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Present thief to steal ATM machine it is not to have place need not its extremely, had seen useful ax is bungled, had seen those who use dynamite flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil even, had not seen those who use grab namely. According to England " daily Post " will report on September 29, peter uncle straps British Cambridgeshire city (Peterborough) the benefit around Teerxi village (Whittlesey) happened to be robbed mysteriously together a few days ago case, a group stupid thief dispatchs grab, forklift and two ATM machine of gas s

tation of lorry desire spirit away. But, although their finish whole 2 buildings construction, be being returned finally however is empty-handed and return.

It is reported, temporality happens local time 29 days before dawn, cambridgeshire police maintained this group of larcener to employ an a forklift, grab and two lorries at least.

People think this crime gang shares 4 people, police chief say, they try machine of spirit away ATM. The report says somebody

, they used many project car, include a 2 lorries, forklift and a grab. In addition return somebody to see flee in disorder of car of a gules Ao Di.

As we have learned, this group of thief is in a month was suspected of ATM machine 3 cases robbing at least in the past case, police is undertaking investigating to this.

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