Login register administrative division of the card austral beauty of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian did big calamity already send at least 12 people to die to already entered: of critical condition source? ?2015-10-06 10:1 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] south block Luo Laina city to appear " historic " rainfall, local experience receives torrential rain 500 years

In report will occupy new network on October 6 American media coverage, in administrative division of the card austral the United States, the rainstorm that a low pressure brings, add the effect of hurricane China gold, bring about south card administrative division encounters historic rainfall weekend recently. American president Aobama has announced south card administrative division enters urgent state. Local time 4 days, card bey also holds a press conference to report rescuing case south. So far, the number that this city dies because of big calamity rises to 12 people.

Card collect comes to accept city Charles to pause south a patron wagon of city 3 days in the street advance in the flood that go up.

The report says, huge fall lets many town be wided, hundreds person waits to come to help 4 days morning, colombia personnel of one city first aid dispatchs 50 for many times; In addition, duoqiesite at least 100 people are rescued. The rescuer dispatchs the boat rescues the people from inside the building that is wided, receive safe haven.

In addition, heavy rain also allows way a lot of cars stopped fire, the rescuer also helps escape from a danger of the people that be stranded in the flood of neat waist. Card collect comes to accept highway policeman to report south, this city is in 4 days of mornings receive traffic accident many cases 300 to report inside 12 hours before 6 o'clock, authorities still cleared near 140 when be pressed on highway large trees.

The report points out, the flood also brought menace to the water supply of this city and power supply, as a result of conduit craze, lift with afraid water level affect water plant move, 375 thousand person of Columbus city is informed ability is drinkable after must heating boiled water, 30 thousand families confront power failure for a time.

Before this report, violent storm as

saults even recently American the eastpart part, among them south block Luo Laina city to attach most importance to disaster area, break out the flood to much 4 days morning ground, at least 5 people die, the amount drives unidentifiedly person and dweller are tired in the flood, emergency treatment personnel is endeavoring rescue. Before Aobama's president already approved confederative orgnaization providing disaster relief, go south Kaluolaina comes to help.

Because for a long time of low pressure system does not agree to leave,bureau of American country scene says the periphery effect that adds hurricane China gold, card collect comes to accept city to appear south historic rainfall, and partial expert and media say local experience receives torrential rain 500 years.

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