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The nobel prize that be called the Chun Shu on the Japanese writer village of small plum, since 2009, already was inspected 6 years to be to be Nobel literature award continuously popular person selected, but all fail bear the palm. The Nobel literature award this year will be announced late on October 8 at 7 o'clock at Beijing time, the Chun Shu on the village this whether bear the palm, make the central point that all circles pays close attention to again.

The Chun Shu on the village (the data pursues)

The Chun Shujin on the village year a list of names posted up of the gas that list a person the 2nd

According to Japan " produce classics news " report, in the whole world the most wholesale rich color company stands rich (Ladbrokes) the group announces compensate of Nobel literature award leads sheet of a list of names posted up to go up this year, the Chun Shu on the village is listed 6 times with 1 compensate again the 2nd. Ranking first is Si Weila of White Russia authoress graceful Yalisaiweiji (Svetlana Alexievich) . In addition, the writer Engujiwadiange of Kenya one's previous experience and American writer Feilipuluosi (Philip Roth) also on a list of names posted up famous. On the village if bear the palm, he will become afterwards plain to carry Kang Cheng, great river be good at the winner of award of literature of Nobel of the 3rd Japanese after 3 man.

How do oneself look on the village?

Ceng Chuang is made " Norwegian forest " , " the Kafuka of the seaside " , " and chant audition wind " the Chun Shu on the village that waits for popular work, annual it is rich colour bound those who forecast is big popular, miss again and again with Nobel literature award however. To this, the Chun Shu on the village says when undertak

ing communicating with the reader on the home on its website village, tell the truth, this thing lets me feel embarrassed. Because what is this formal backup, lead place to decide according to the compensate of line of business of civilian rich variety however. This is not horse race.

Why is Nuo award made on the village small plum?

Why the Chun Shu on the village and Nobel literature award are missed again and again, as small as Oscar bound plum (Laiangnaduodikapuliao) , does team of Holand of bound of bound fruit elder sister, football become Gelaimei side-by-side most pathos player? Because all appraise sth through discussion mix nobel prize,vote the record gives confidential, period of efficacy 50 years, because this people can rely on guess only, the Chun Shu on conjectural village loses an election (perhaps press a root to did not enter candidate list) reason.

Guess one: Work is too common, is devoid society critically quality?

The Chun Shuyou on the village is nodded too in a popular style, the feeling resembles reading caricature. The netizen evaluates the work of the Chun Shu on the village so. Roughly for, look in a few scholars and media, deepness of sex of everybody of Nobel literature award, heavy innovation, heavy poetry, heavy Thespian, light sell well and common. The person that choose more favour exposes the reality such as social imparity, authoritarian, human rights problem or sympathize with weak force group to wait for a task. And this respect, the Chun Shu on the village is very ambiguous still. Literary bound somebody thinks, the work of the Chun Shu on the village is too common, popular, little endowment change, what did not pass political sex is critically come to those who obtain the person that choose approbate.

Guess 2: Does Nobel literature award also talk endowment platoon people of a certain kind?

The analysis thinks, in recent years, award of nobel prize literature more writer of favour advanced age. Although be put in bear the palm of many years old 50 really person, but many years old 70 is the mainstream, the authoress of England of winner of award of 2007 Nobel literature that still has 88 advanced age among them is much Li Silai laborious.

It is below in recent years the age of bear the palm of winner of award of partial Nobel literature:

2014: French writer Patelikemodiyanuo, 69 years old

2013: Si Mang of Canadian authoress Ai Li collect, 82 years old

2011: Swedish poet holds Masitelansitelemo

in the palm, 80 years old (had died on March 26, 2015)

2010: Peruvian the Aobaerjiasilue in the writer with Spanish dual nationality and poetic forces Sa, 74 years old

2008: French writer straps Kelaiqiao, 68 years old

2007: British authoress is much Li Silai laborious, 88 years old (had died on November 17, 2013)

Although the Chunshu on the village that is 66 years old already was accompanied run old, but with numerous advanced age elder photograph is compared, its age does not show pathos.

Guess 3: Too the west is changed, cannot represent Japan?

Someone says, nobel prize needs ethical literature, examine minutely what give birth to a meaning to the person to the means expression that uses exotic emotional appeal comes out namely. And the writing of the Chun Shu on the village contains very strong Yingmeiwen to learn colour, humorous, fragment is changed, be full of feeling of going from place to place. With dark Europe outside, the rich sense that the traditional Japan literature such as one man shows profit of the interpose of dragon of stone of summerly eye gargle, mustard plain, Gu Qi is different, be thought to lack literary artistic quality by a lot of Japan readers, can not represent Japan. (Zhang Tongtong)

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