Who does not want to have according to report of Xinhua News Agency exceed strong memory? But sand collect of 25 years old of women overcomes England this kind exceeds strong memory, let a person feel not to want. All all things that after Sha Luoke can remember be born 12 days, oneself experience, dreams that make, everything is bright if just happened before long.

England " daily Post " Shaluoke's word reports quote yesterday: I re

member mom putting me on driver's seat, took a piece of picture to me, that day is I am born 12 days. That is my earliest memory, each days later I remember, mark not quiet specific time a little possibly, because I am too small in those days, do not write down calendar, but I can remember what doing that day, if why is weather waited a moment. Those who make Shaluoke helpless is, she did not forget ability, the past emerges from time to time mind, all moods subsequently and come, those who exceed strong memory to become her to bear hard is heavy.

Till 2011, sanded Luo Kecai knows he has super- recall

disease, the whole world shares about 79 wardmate.


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