Media of Japanese much home reports 11 days, a Japanese female of many years old 50 is suspected of be engaged in espial be arrested in Shanghai, in so far already 4 Japan emissary suspect suff

ers this year, just arrest. Spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms before this, square concerned branch arrested two to be in lawfully in China the Japanese book suspect that pursues espial. Additionally two emissary suspects that mention to day intermediary, just have not affirm in.

Although Japan is ministerial,magisterial Jian Yiwei denies government-owned room publicly to send spy to China, japanese media also claims, similar case fact is belonged to infrequent, but actually, china is the key target of Japanese data gathering all the time. Come for years, japan becomes information big state for seek, work up a giant information orgnaization group, and premier An Beijin 3 pay attention to information to work more after appear on the stage, exert oneself fosters intelligence activity expert, promote thereby external intelligence capability.

4 people are arrested in succession

Go up lunar base, a few media of Japanese most expose to the sun first the information that gives two Japan emissary suspect to be arrested in China. Hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will say on routine press conference on September 30, square concerned branch arrests two to be in lawfully in China the Japanese book suspect that pursues espial, concerned circumstance just already undertook a bulletin to day.

According to the report of Japanese media, t

hese two Japan men may be to suffer Japanese public security to investigate hall to entrust in China gather information, what will save in Liaoning early or late in May this year is medium be arrested near face border land and the martial establishment that Zhejiang saves.

The Japanese expert of perfectness information activity says, daily sex ground meets office of public security investigation gather information through civilian personage overseas. Martial news analyst is black Jing Wentai man expresses to joint company: Public security adopts the business affairs personage with come-and-go foreign country technique that go very nearly and listens to information before investigation office.

Sun Qi of the director before Japanese foreign affairs saves international information bureau enjoys an analysis to: This should be the data gathering activity that daily sex ground has by civilian personage.

When in this one message causes wide attention, japan " morning sun news " expose to the sun 11 days again makings say, a Japanese female of many years old 50 will be arrested by police in Shanghai in June, existence is engaged in the suspicion of espial.

In addition, still a Hokkaido male of many years old 60 will be arrested in Beijing in June, gather the information about Chinese politics situation according to saying to suffer Japanese public security to investigate hall to entrust.

Joint company reports, these 4 emissary suspects already were arrested longer, japanese government is intensifying gathering information in order to seek their get-off.

Seek big country of newspaper begging for leniency

Deny although Japan is curule publicly recently send spy to China, but in fact, china is the key target that Japanese information works all the time, job of relevant data gathering never stops.

After World War II, japan begins to break away from the dependence to the United States gradually on information job, build a relatively independent information system and orgnaization. A lot of Japan politician and scholar put forward, if Japan wants to become alleged and normal state, the information system that regards a country as information, pioneer and give advice is crucial.

The course develops for years, if had had a giant information orgnaization originally now group, the mentions often public security in media coverage surveys office recently, a be system of Japanese whole information only actually, be subordinate to belongs to law Wu to save. Besides, japanese government (room of ministerial information investigation) , foreign affairs is saved (bureau of information of international of foreign affairs province) , defensive province (information this department) all set respective information orgnaization with Ministry of International Trade and Industry, folk also has the firm information net of certain dimensions.

In Japanese information system, each orgnaizations each doing his own job already, each other has collaboration, among them room of officer of cabinet of directly under of room of ministerial information investigation is magisterial leader, senior office or officer to provide information to premier regularly through government-owned room; Office of public security investigation is had external the function of information and counterespionage; This department of defensive province information basically is in charge of martial information; Ministry of International Trade and Industry is the core of network of Japanese economy information, information of science and technology of key collect economy.

Although information orgnaization numerous and jumbled, but Japan " Tokyo news " reported 2013, japanese information job can divide it is two kinds: One kind is the counterespionage job that prevents native information to divulge, this is in Japan is assumed by public security police; Another kind is newspaper of the national condition outside be being obtained actively external information obtained through espionage works, this basically is assumed by diplomatic personnel.

Foster emissary expert

Install times after the end of the year appeared on the stage the 2nd times 2012, seek the restriction that breaks through peaceful constitution ceaselessly, enlarge militia activity domain. To coordinate this one strategy, an Beifei often takes information seriously to work, among them a significant move founded Japanese edition country to install meeting state security to ensure the conference namely, regard the commander of diplomacy and security policy as the tower.

December 2013, japan home security ensures the conference to hold water formally, immediately following in time year January, safeguard bureau establishs the safety of clerical orgnaization country that national security ensures the conference, its member comes from the branch such as hall of foreign affairs province, defensive province, police. The country is installed bureau set macroscopical, strategy, information, ally Korea of friendly country, China and middle east other door of 6 greater part.

This year April, japanese government referred to establish Japanese edition military situation again the proposal book of 6 place, put forward to set an information orgnaization newly, be in charge of abroad data gathering.

Message personage discloses, new those who establish external the information that information orgnaization will master to having an orgnaization not only undertakes collect and be analyticed centrally, still will have particular data gathering capacity. Day still just plans to send a person to go abroad make an on-the-spot investigation, destination includes England, likelihood with British military situation 6 place are pattern plate, establish abroad information orgnaization. Military situation 6 office are official the name is bureau of British secret information, it is England one of orgnaizations of 3 big information.

Outside dividing reform and orgnaization of integrated and existing information, install times government to still plan to foster the expert of intelligence activity, pay attention to information of so called manpower, rise thereby external data gathering ability.

Magisterial Jian Yiwei emphasized Japanese official room fostering the importance of intelligence activity talent in May 2013, express to will be strengthened right special, the research of the data gathering medium that has an organization and system.

" Tokyo news " report, senior to government of the other side official waits for the character contact of specific place and footing, acquire the intelligence activity that is helpful for native interest information, call manpower information. What Japanese government is considering is information of this kind of manpower, this is legal action, take the intercourse with personnel seriously more.

Install the times information function aggrandizement that when be in office first, establishs to analyse the conference to ever had submitted report of a collect 2008, also spoke of the importance of manpower information among them. The report thinks, the object country of data gathering and object organization are to close of the gender, because this obtains its interior information very hard, to obtain high quality information, ought to strengthen groom, through accumulating knowledge and experience, develop the technical qualified personnel of pair of alien force information.

Current, install times government to already took step, to abroad diplomatic and consular missions the defense that add a group is stationed in in the official, take exercise to will make orgnaization of information obtained through espionage henceforth and lay in personnel. (Zhang Wei)

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