Xinhua net Mexico city on November 17 report (reporter Xu Lei) message of Ma Na melon: Muliluo of Nigaragua government spokesman confirms 17 days, a helicopter that holds 4 people was in that day southern emperor Hu Anhe sheds this country near region crash, at present Ni Jun already just found a remains and partial plane debris.

Muliluo expresses, the Bell of wreck on 206 helicopter besides Nigaragua book air man, company of Coke Cola of Aolakayao, United States purchases Anthony of minister of government office of the president before still having the Buddhist nun a controller Huolisibaijie and entrepreneur of another United States. Up to now, already found a remains, ni Jun just is searching for other personnel with all one's strength.

The announcement of Nigaragua president government office says, the plane wreckage that d

iscovers from the spot is judged, what can eliminate helicopter basically to make a surprise attack by horror is likely, the specific reason of helicopter crash remains to be investigat

ed further.

Original title: Nigaragua crash of a helicopter


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