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England " weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name " website report, air force of A couplet chief of a tribe announces, yemen air man drives light attack plane of IOMAX company AT-802U throws actual combat, attend what install to Hu Saiwu to fight. Series of the tractor in the sky that AT-802 plane is production of company of the tractor in American sky is agricultural the light attack plane that develops on plane foundation, this machine installation has engine of a 1350 horsepower, portable 3.6 tons of load, time of leave a blank 10 hours. Aircraft of series of the tractor in sky ever was regarded as Disney company " plane general mobilization " the prototype of cartoon leading role. Air force of A couplet chief of a tribe bought attack plane of the tractor in 24 built on stilts in all, among them 6 contributory give Jordan, the others plane will retire in succession, the likelihood is all and contributory give Yemen, a couplet chief of a tribe will buy 24 new-style Tartarean angel again from the United States light attack plane.

Air force of A couplet chief of a tribe assembles the AT-802U attack plane of equipment

Air man of Yemen air force drives the AT-802U light attack plane that A couplet chief of a tribe gives takes off

According to " plane general mobilization " the tractor in the AT-301 air that cartoon figure besmear holds is agricultural plane

According to report of news agency of WAM of government of A couplet chief of a tribe, army of A couplet chief of a tribe helps Yemen be in at present Aerande (Al-Anad) base

trains pilot, this is Arabia alliance t

he one share that the Yemen president Hardy that the help is driven away recaptures influence to fight. Yemen army is current had been in below allied forces support inferior Ding Wan is landed, will recapture this air base in August.

The photograph that WAM publishs shows, the aircraft that Yemen army uses is AT-802 model, this machine is change his costume or dress on foundation of airframe of plane of the tractor in sky by American IOMAX company and come, the Block1/2 that be called border land patrols machine. Enlighten the picture that does obeisance to a TV station shows base of A Eran heart at least deploy 3 this kind of plane.

A couplet chief of a tribe is new bought Tartarean angel is light-duty close of the tractor in the basic function of attack plane and sky, but cockpit is close to contemporary battleplan more, have head-up display, comfortable sex is apparent better, to the A couplet chief of a tribe of not poor money, it is to buy of course buy, is be not being bought still dog large family?

The photograph shows, these planes installed the reconnoiter towed bird of IOMAX company, this towed bird explores system, data catenary system of photoelectricity, also can install missile give an alarm and electronic antagonism system. The photograph shows, the plane carried bomb of laser control and guide, the likelihood is GBU-12 or GBU-58 model (it is 500 pounds and 250 pounds bomb respectively)

Air force of A couplet chief of a tribe purchased 24 Block 1/2 border land to patrol machine, among them 6 Block1 be given to Jordan. The others retires grading, plane of 24 when offer by IMOAX new-style and Tartarean angel is replaced.

The government-owned number of squares that offers according to company of the tractor in sky is occupied, AT-802U light attack plane uses a general to pull indulgence spy Buddhist nun the PT6A-67F engine of the company, power is 1350 horsepower, this wing exhibits 18.04 meters, the effective load that includes armor inside is 4000 kilograms, normal takeoff weight 7.2 tons. Highest flight speed 394 kilometers / hour, patrol speek of a ship or plane spends 333 kilometers / hour, range 2414 kilometre, time of leave a blank is as long as 10 hours.

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