This lustre horse extortionate case is arrested or be sentenced 5 years to imprison because of kinescope of experience sexual love (graph)

Beijing time on November 4 afternoon, according to Afp report, benzema regards emperor horse forward as sexual video tape the experience case personnel of extortionate case is detained by police. Go up 13 days month, on the west the 4 people such as a place of strategic importance are suspected of using sexual video tape with respect to Ceng Yin extortionate. . .

2015-11-05 08:35 origin: ? Does food container instruct?
Maldives enters 30 days of critical condition to go vacationing passenger of short duration is insusceptible

Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces 4 days: Because national security is browbeaten, the whole nation enters urgent state 30 days. After incident happening, home carries Cheng in enterprise of line travel bibcock understood local travel to get influence case for a short while: Current and critical condition only. . .

2015-11-05 08:25 origin: ? Muching huge rock?
Tower of Romanian premier bitter fleabane announces resignation 4 days

Xinhua net dispatch: Tower of Romanian premier bitter fleabane announces resignation 4 days. (original title: Tower of Romanian premier bitter fleabane announces resignation 4 days)

2015-11-05 08:24 origin: ? Salary  ?
Maldives state security suffers minatory whole nation to enter urgent state

Maldives president inferior bright taken motor boat produces explosive @ in returning equestrian tired way new China international: [dispatch of Xinhua News Agency] according to associated press on November 4 message, maldives president Abodulayamingjiayaomu announces. . .

2015-11-04 20:36 origin: ? Is salary  ㄑ crossed?
The fart in 2186 sheep sky sparks alarm cargo aircraft tightens urgent crash (graph)

Integrated outside intermediary report, on October 26, the cargo aircraft that Singapore carries 2186 sheep goes to Malaysia kuala lumpur by De Fei of Australian A Delai, the aerosol siren on the machine in road rings, the plane satisfies urgent crash to come Indonesian ascend cling to Sa. Cargo aircraft. . .

2015-11-04 20:19 origin: ? ㄍ of discharge  felt?
Russian transport already sent 41 people to die in exposure of picture of site of Na Sudan crash

[transport of a Russia already sent 41 people to die in Na Sudan crash] Russia reports now, transport of a Russia falls around International Airport of Na Sudan Zhu Ba now. Spokesman of Na Sudan's president says, organic group staff and passenger carry on machine in all. . .

2015-11-04 17:25 origin: ? Oily Piao of an ancient unit of weight?
Transport of a Russia is in crash already sent Na Sudan near Zhu Ba International Airport 41 dead

Russia reports now, transport of a Russia falls around International Airport of Na Sudan Zhu Ba now. Spokesman of Na Sudan's president says, organic group staff and passenger carry to make an appointment with 20 people in all on machine, among them two people survive, someone else or already died. Additional. . .

2015-11-04 17:06 origin: ? Oily Piao of an ancient unit of weight?
Dispatch: Maldives announces to enter urgent state 30 days

According to Xinhua News Agency: Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces 4 days, because national security is browbeaten, the whole nation enters urgent state 30 days. Original title: Maldives announces to enter urgent state

2015-11-04 16:59 origin: ? Long?
Brazilian police and wife brawl open 11 guns to send its to die repeatedly in the street (the spot pursues)

This will be on October 20 in the morning city of Brazilian southeast ministry the Jing fetch of Wubeilandiya happening one act: A police chases the wife that approachs madly on the ave, and 11 guns cause close quarters a running fire the wife dies. The data shows this shooting time of 46 years old of men is made an appointment with. . .

2015-11-04 16:41 origin: ? Thank  ?
London cloth pulls Keneier blaze of picture of spot of explosion of one industrial district develops nearly 10 meters

Will report on November 4 according to daily Post, will control at 11 o'clock in the evening on November 3 local time, london cloth pulls Keneier area of an industry garden produces massive explosion, blaze develops nearly 10 meters of headroom, enlighten night sky. London cloth pulls Keneier one industrial district explodes. . .

2015-11-04 16:23 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Timor produces deepness of focus of 6.4 class earthquake 20 kilometers (graph)

Determine according to network of Chinese earthquake station, beijing time on November 4, 2015 11 when be in 44 minutes Timor (south latitude 8.3 degrees, the east longitude 124.9 degrees) produce 6.4 class earthquake, focus deepness 20 kilometers. Timor produces short of Wenshui River of emperor of 6.4 class earthquake. . .

2015-11-04 16:21 origin: ?  of sluggish of Bo of an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel?
Dispatch: A transport sends 10 people to die in accident of Na Sudan crash

Xinhua net dispatch: Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, a transport is in 4 days Na Sudan crash, cause 10 people death.

2015-11-04 16:19 origin: ? Salary  ?
British frequency shows giant mice: System takes poisonous rat drug more like the cat greatly more powerful (graph)

According to England " daily Post " will report on November 1, recently, england appears again and again giant mice, not only the kitten that bodily form and home raise is general big, and to mice medicine immunity, take poisonous rat drug more even more powerful. If expert warning a got-up affair continues to expand, . . .

2015-11-04 15:55 origin: ? Salary  ?
Boss of Honduras alligator fish farm is arrested 9000 crocodile are close to starved to death

Local time on November 1, 2015, honduras San Manuel, in one private and crocodilian farm of local by tens of thousands crocodile and a few lions bear hunger to be close to dying. A few days ago, honduras media exposes to the sun piece, the name is the fund company of mainland group. . .

2015-11-04 15:50 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
U.N. official: 13% Japan female high school student sells spring day just is denied

 Mo Dede of ambassador-at-large of problem of U.N. children pornography is Boer cloth radical engraves abstruse on the month says, the female high school student of about 13% is engaged in Japan alleged aid intercourse, japanese government is badly in need of making blow sex exploit. . .

2015-11-04 15:47 origin: ? Hold  procuress?
Champion of competion area of Japan of international young lady announced Qing Chuntian beauty 2016 (graph)

According to day intermediary report, the match of competion area of Japan of contest of international young lady was held 3 days in Tokyo this month 2016, those who come from county of hand of this country cliff to fill ridge town is big pure course of shape of 3 students hill (21 years old) win championship.

2015-11-04 14:59 origin: ? Travel hill?
Does graph of beauty of Australian net red cutout announce element colour to illuminate: ? ? of  of  of Xie of division of Huang Qu swiftly pursues)

Zun Tu is long graph, right graph takes report of the intermediary outside occupying for element colour, australia model of belle of 19 years old of golden hair O'Neil is a favourite by sb in power of local gregarious website, share website Instagram to go up to have 100 thousand several epigone in the picture only, she also is borrowing conduct propaganda. . .

2015-11-04 11:49 origin: ? Travel h

Sexual behavior of Tan Qing's teenager calculates BBC new program not to calculate a gender to invade provoke controversy

Is the gender invaded comfortable do not suit to go up program discussion? According to Taiwan media Dong Senxin hears the cloud to report, BBC (BBC) the channel below the banner rolls out new program recently, descriptive adolescent opens a clique to be opposite or orgiastic wait for a process, discuss to fall in the sort of state, men and women. . .

2015-11-04 11:37 origin: ? Person?
Immigrant of base of Cyprus Ying Jun produces rambunctious spot picture to have tent on fire

According to the BBC (BBC)11 reports 4 days month, video material shows, the hope left England to make a series of disturbance in the immigrant of the air base of Cyprus. People tries to surmount segregation hurdle

a tent catchs fire inspect. . .

2015-11-04 11:05 origin: ? Be not net of annulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome


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