Login register Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to meet with 40 years do not receive price of big drought Chinese cabbage nearly 19 yuan (graph) origin: ? ?2015-12-05 12:2 of contraction cowardly collateEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] homebred beef price achieves Korea 5 years to come new tall, the vegetable price such as Chinese cabbage, onion rises also exceed 90% for a time.

The newest statistic data that Korea statistic hall releases shows, suffer 40 years not to receive effect of ravages of a drought, the food basket price of Korea people rises apparent. Among them, homebred beef price achieves Korea 5 years to come new tall, the vegetable price such as Chinese cabbage, onion rises also exceed 90% for a time, price of every Chinese cabbage is as high as nearly 19 yuan of RMBs.

At the beginning of November, the people is in the pickle that make sends an Er pickle section the difficult family that has need

The data that Korea statistic hall releases 4 days shows, this year the beginning of the year, price of Korea farming by-product rises relatively smooth, maintain all the time in 1% the following. But will

appear this year in May after severe ravages of a drought, farming by-product price begins violent wind to rise. This year 6 to August, farming by-product price rises every months amount to respectively 4.1% , 3.7% with 3.4% .

In all projects of statistic of Korea statistic hall, farming by-product price rises panel height head the list. This year 9 to in November, this goes up although somewhat fall after a rise, but still maintain higher level.

The price rises highest should belong to Chinese cabbage, onion, beef and pork. Among them, chinese cabbage price will begin to soare all the way in May from this year. Statistical data shows, the average retail prices of a Chinese cabbage will be 3364 Han this year in June yuan (add up to 18.7 yuan of RMBs about) , achieve calendar year the record June. With the month, chinese cabbage price rises panel height is amounted to 90.9% , achieve since 2013 the biggest go up.

Onion price rises also be in each farming the be far ahead in by-product. Since this year June, its price house does not fall high, will go up in November it is to be as high as 98.9% more. According to the data that Korea statistic hall releases, this year in November, average price is every kilograms of onion 2326 Han Yuan (add up to 12.9 yuan of RMBs about) , achieve calendar year highest value.

Statistical data shows at the same time, korea is homebred every kilograms of average price will be beef this year in November eighteen thousand six hundred Han Yuan (add up to 103 yuan of RMBs about) , achieve since 2010 new tall. In addition, homebred pork price also achieves Korea since 2011 new tall.

Personage of a few analysises points out, although farming what by-product occupies specific gravity to be reduced gradually in Korea family total outlay, but because buy frequency taller, so many consumer face high food price to feel pressure hill is big.

(original title: Korea meets with 40 years do not encounter big drought Chinese cabbage one sells nearly 19 yuan (graph) )

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