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of a society of Na Dinuo city will produce California emperor shellfish on December 2 pop incident, cause 14 people to die, 21 people are injured, be come to the United States 3 years the pop case with the most severe casualties. And accompanying new the appeal of round act accusing a gun, also choose of a lot of person selected buys firearms defend oneself, cause firearms sales volume for a time increase sharply.

Will report on December 7 according to British Reuter, a lot of American purchase firearms ammo in succession after California pop case. Increase sharply of firearms sales volume, purchaser says to hope to be in in case the at hand when making a surprise attack can have handgun or musket defend oneself.

Atlanta firearms and safe sell company Range, peter of Guns Safes manager this (RayPeters) says, people more and more the necessity that realizes him protection,

everybody- - every every every inn, salesperson, cent sells business, report sales volume rises.

Those gets Stone to often carry handle gun, but after producing pop event last week oneself, he bought a semi-automatic rifle again.

Spot of case of pop of Na Dinuo of distance emperor shellfish only in the showroom of firearms agency Turner SOutdoorsman of a few block, people stated similar point of view.

Counterjumper expresses, the business in the inn after pop incident is thriving last week, weekday collected about 40 clients in the morning.

Xin Ge of 27 years old (ShivneelSingh) says he just bought a gun Saturday. He has had a 3 handle gun, shotgun and a rifle originally, he feels to be necessary to buy again after case of pop of Dan Shengbei Na Dinuo.

I want to put the gun in the car, can use at any time so. Xin Ge says. He says to a few friends that had not bought a gun and neighbour also plan to buy a gun. He says: I just want to feel a few safer.


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