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According to England " daily Post " will report on December 6, magazine of American famous adult " playboy " the decision will have beauty of out of service from March 2016 naked according to draw when foldout, this indicates the move is popular 62 years " playboy " foldout belle is naked will move toward according to the times terminative.

Playboy magazine

Playboy is naked illuminate foldout

This records says, 26 years old of belles that come

from republic of case Lu Jiya overcome Lisidijialete (Kristy Garett) is chosen to be this magazine final in Feburary 2016 first phase, she will serve as " playboy " magazine insert last naked girl. 1953, " playboy " first phase is published, cover girl is dew of Ma Lilian dream. Special issue publ

ished the space that has 12 pages Christie's photograph in Feburary 2016, this changes the hour of life namely simply to her.

" playboy " chief editor Jiesenbuermeisite (Jason Buhrmester) expresses, christie was represented " playboy " in the past 60 come for years change. She knows 6 kinds of languages, she is a model amiable also however. Outstanding dark still say to hear of for the first time when him should out of service is naked when planning according to this, he also very astonish, but he understands this is times place hasten.

(Original title: The times is terminative! " playboy " affirmatory foldout last female model)

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