In report will occupy new network on December 9 day intermediary report, the incident of explosion of organized body of pacify country mind that is aimed at happening of not long ago, japanese police arrested a man of 27 years old of Korea that has suspicion of case of serious your work 9 days this month.

According to the report, the event of explosion of closet of organized body of pacify country mind that produces around not long ago, tokyo alarm inspect hall to Korea 9 days a man of 27 years old is released formally this month arrest your, call a basis spot monitoring video, this person or have suspicion of case of serious your work.

Personnel of Japanese police investigation says 2 days, analyse monitoring kinescope discovery, go up the suspect of case of explosion of men's lavatory of organized body of mind of lunar pacify country may be a Korea man, he has returned Korea. Local time on November 23 morning 10 when the left and right sides, me

n's lavatory happening explodes near the door austral organized body of pacify country mind, the ceiling by scamper unkennel, metope is damaged, but nobody get hurt.

In addition, the remains that Japanese police still discovers in explosive spot discovers Han Wen on exploder, and judge this be a simple and easy and time exploder. Magisterial Jian Yiwei is in room of Japanese ministerial official 3 days morning express on routine press conference, may ask Korea respect assists investigation.

Conspicuous of Zhao Jun of spokesman of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs ever expressed at this point, korea government is paying close attention to closely, day just has not inform findings formally or raise cooperative requirement. His complement says, according to the convention, if day just raises extradite requirement, han Fang Huigen occupies relevant law order to handle.

(original title: Japanese police arrests suspect of explosion of organized body of pacify country mind is man of 27 years old of Korea)

Outspread read: Japan alarm inspect hall to deny case of explosion of organized bo

dy of pacify country mind and Korea man to concern


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