Media of integrated United States reports, scare buying of people of American each district queueing up is puissant the ball is happy show lottery ticket, dweller of blame United States passes

a net to buy in world each district will enter this lottery activity.

Jialigelifu of chairman of association of lottery of combination of American much city (Gary Grief) say: This the happy amount that show reward is as high as 800 million dollar, cash amount already added up to 400 million 96 million dollar. Countrywide sale situation is satisfactory. Jialigelifu says, although rate of machine of win a prize in a lottery is only close 300 million 1/0, people still wishs to spend least the opportunity that two dollars will come to strive for this to be able to become billionaire overnight.

The happy limi

ts that show reward includes puissant ball Washington of 44 cities of American, capital, Puerto Rico and beauty belong to a the Virgin Islands to wait, the partial money of procuration will be used at subsidizing the service of local government. This lottery result will the prefecture where the provincial capital is located at American Florida city Dalahaxi undertook direct seeding through TV 10:59 9 days night local time. (Laoren)


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