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On December 12, in Parisian north environs Boer rest exhibition center, fabiyousi of chairman of congress of change of climate of French Foreign Minister, Paris (left 3) change in Parisian climate the drop hammer on congress, the mark is worn of Parisian climate agreement reach. That day, " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " conclude a treaty nearly 200 times just reach new global climate agreement in Paris. Zhou Lei of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Congress of change of electric Paris climate will pass xinhua net Paris 12 days late on December 12 new agreement of global climate change. The agreement will answer climate change operation to make arrangement for the whole world after 2020.

That evening, " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " (the following abbreviation " convention " ) conclude a treaty nearly 200 times just agree consistently to pass " Parisian agreement " . Agreement in all 29, include target, slow down, suit, the loss is damaged, the content such as check of construction of capital, technology, ability, diaphaneity, whole world.

" Parisian agreement " point out, each just will strengthen minatory to climate change whole world to answer, the whole world the level before average air temperature is more industrialized lifts control is in 2 Celsius, it is warm up to control is in 1.5 Celsius and try hard. The whole world will realize greenhouse gas to discharge Da Feng as soon as possible, gas of greenhouse of implementation of below this century half leaf is only 0 discharge.

According to the agreement, each just participate in the means with own contribution the whole world to answer climate change to act. The developed country will continue to be the first decrease a platoon, the capital that strengthens pair of developing countries, technology and ability build support, help latter decreases alleviation to get used to climate to change.

Begin from 2023, 5 every years will overall to global action progress has check, increase strength in order to help each country, strengthen international to cooperate, implementation whole world should change to climate long-term goal.

General affairs of Chinese climate change is special express in congress speech on behalf of Jie Zhenhua, " Parisian agreement " it is a fairness the abiding and reasonable, overall balance, rich great ambition, effec

tive, agreement that has legal sanction, deliver gave the whole world to will realize green low carbon, climate to suit model with the strong positive signal that can develop continuously.

He appeals each just fulfil Parisian meeting positive result actively, for " Parisian agreement " become effective carries out ready-made, in emphasizing just will assume the international obligation with phase of oneself national condition, development and practical capacity co

nform to actively, continue to cash the target should act to climate change before 2020, fulfil own contribution actively, strive for hard amount to a peak as early as possible, just try hard together with each, according to " convention " each principle, drive " Parisian agreement " carry out, drive the global climate that establishs cooperative win-win to administer a system.

Panjiwen points out U.N. secretary-general, " Parisian agreement " become reduce climate change risk this one historic itinerary medium critical turning point. Just have great ambition to reach each, agile, mix authoritatively continuously significant agreement, show a flexibility and solidarity. This once unthinkable, overwhelm now.

French president Aolangde expresses, to reach this agreement, had waited 40 years, but " Parisian agreement " not be terminal, however start. He is affirmatory, french government will is carry out " Parisian agreement " had made all preparation.

Congress of Parisian climate change still passed relevant resolution that day, " Parisian agreement " specific fulfil and problem of a few detail makes arrangement. (Zhang Xiaoru of reporter Tang Zhijiang)

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