Newlywed can be obtained most 10 thousand dollar (add up to sixty-four thousand eight hundred yuan of RMBs about) loan, want not to divorce only, this money need not be returned, once divorce, this money beard ceases even this belt remand. This is a financial service that SwanLuv of American Xi Yatu enterprise rolls out.

Think the new personality that obtains this loan can offer application to SwanLuv. The data that they can submit according to applicant analyses marital foreground, whether does the decision offer loan and loan interest rate.

If analyse a result to show marital prospect is good, so interest rate can be decided higher, that is to say, such marriage is probable beardless all one's life reimbursement, and once marital strike a reef, be about to press taller interest rate reimbursement.

SwanLuv author

holds presiding apparitor concurrently Siketeawei the gambling house of marriage of enterprise assimilate to him, believe with nowadays the United States near 40% lead to the divorce of 50% , his buying and selling can gain money, but he denies the intent that making money is him, meet from the fund that obtains over there divorcee 100% provide loan with the person that will be the marriage from the back.

The person that Swanluv will borrow money with application signs a contract, once go,one of assigning new talent arrives in marriage after the end be in charge of repaying loan. If marriage is immersed in the crisis, swanluv can improve marital adviser freely to serve with be being offerred for both sides.

England " daily Post " A Wei's word reports quote, major person supports his idea, they are applying for, we do not force them, everything is freewill.

A Weizheng raises fund for this drop in investor of arrange with angel, valentine's Day

of hope next year issues first loan.


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