Login register the Christmas in Ma Bu of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to will obtain Chinese green card to become that day obtain always reside: of origin of celebrity of foreign country of authority first place? Be not Nao?2015-12-25 09:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Basketball legend character looks in cloth of Si Difen horse Chinese green card should be obtained that day in christmas. League matches of basketball of profession of United States of this NBA(before the name) super star has been one of China's most welcome now athletes, the outside also believes he is the first foreign country personality that acquires permanent and resident right in China.

BBC (25 days of reports say BBC)12 month, mabuli is in earlier this month before the government in oneself announced this one news on small gain account. The foreign basketball athlete that initiates historical ground to become the first to obtain green card in China is meant a lot of, he is written in small gain, obtain Chinese green card to let me feel very blessed, be very obliged. I feel I am getting identical get one's own back to Chinese love.

Green card hard-earned

China began to implement green card policy 2004, but have firm demand to resident authority. Nevertheless some earlier this year moment, chinese media coverage says, to attract foreign investment, the government had relaxed to file regulation and order. Applicant needs to have professional honor, and had made outs

tanding contribution to China.

They must work 4 years in China above, have stable pay taxes record. The government expresses, came 2004 between 2013, only 5000 foreigners acquired permanent and resident right. And at present estimation China has 600 thousand foreigner.

And Mabuli made one of foreigners that work in China 2010, he ended the professional career in NBA at that time, join league matches of Chinese profession basketball.

Beijing welcomes you

Chinese fan becomes Chinese permanent resident to express to welcome to Mabuli in succession on gregarious website.

A netizen expresses: We welcome all people that have talent to be honoured to you become our a member very much. Another netizen that is in Beijing expresses in the comment, mabuli was brought for Beijing unprecedented honorary, say this is Beijing redound his best means.

Arrive from NBA CBA

Mabuli was mixed 2001 respectively group of complete star of selected 2003 NBA, ever was in new York Buddhist nun of Nikesi, humble overcomes Si Taiyang and effectiveness of net of Xin Zexi basket.

After coming to China, he is successful w

ill the throne that club of Beijing head steel took national champion, win league matches of profession of Chinese man basketball 3 times (CBA) champion.

China was Mabuli to build in place of a basketball this year statuary, still will publish his stamp in April. And this week, exclusive the museum of his individual kicks off in Beijing, show his professional career in the United States and the life that are in China with the photograph.

Today is one of the best times in my life, the museum of myself kicked off, he is written on small gain, I daydream repeatedly did not think of oneself can have this one day, nevertheless god created another miracle to my life. He still expresses: Without the teammate of Beijing, coach and fan, won't have all these.

Basketball motion attracted a lot of fan in China, a few people regard it as right throughout the country the first motion. It is reported, the American basketball star such as Dannisiluodeman and Lin Shuhao of Kebibulaiente, player of foreign citizen of Chinese origin is in China on small gain platform. [round-the-world net reports the reporter holds the post of plum]

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