Ernest of spokesman of electric the White House was in Washington of China News Service 4 days local time on January 4 Washington expresses with respect to sand spy and Iranian become enemies, american appeal sand maintains with Iran especially exercise restraint, area of not farther aggravate is nervous.

Ernest expressed on press conference of the White House that day, the United States just is mixed especially dene to going a few days Iranian behavior feels care, include sanded outsize scale to execute program of convict, judicatory is opaque, and Iran fails the diplomatic establishment with responsible protection special sand. Condition of current middle east is full of wave motion and instability, american hope sand can take action with Iran especially alleviation insecu

rity condition, the appeal just maintains each exercise restraint, area of not farther aggravate is nervous.

Before Ernest rejects to confirm sand is announcing to break off a friendship with Iran especially, have without inform the United States ahead of schedule square, but he emphasizes beautiful honest officer already was opposite for many times in the past expression of state of human rights of sand spy home is anxious.

He says, american Secretary of State is maintaining a contact with Iranian respect in the gram, the United States is stationed in official of sand spy diplomacy to also be being communicated closely with sand spy

official. The United States just thinks each just can adopt more action to come close difference, boost the profit of area each country, be like multilateral adding up to thrust to move Syrian crisis to realize politics to solve, this accords with the interest of sand spy and Iran, the United States just hopes current condition does not want those who affect appraise crisis to solve a process.

Sand announces 2 days to execute especially 47 convict that commit terroristic crime, include famous assorted leaf to send priest Nai Mill among them. Iranian demonstrate person subsequently concussion is stationed in Iranian embassy especially dene, dozen break window of diplomatic mission door and arson burns body of building of diplomatic mission share. 3 days, announce to break off a friendship with Iran especially dene. After this, bahrain, Sudan, United Arab Emirates announce in succession discontinuity and Iranian foreign relations or reduce foreign relations level. Europe is multilateral appeal sand spy and Iran maintain in succession exercise restraint, alleviate through the dialog nervous.

The word of official of United States of 4 days of cite weighs much home media, kerry will begin phone diplomacy thick and fast that day, wait for a country with chief of a tribe of couplet of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, A and Oman respectively minister of foreign affairs communicates, drive condition to drop in temperature, avoid each country to make excessive response to a got-up affair. Beautiful honest officer still is anxious, aggravate of middle east condition is queasy the effort that organizes Mohammedan to current blow country extremely causes negative effect. (Be over)

(Original title: The United States sighs sand spy Iran maintains restrain insecurity of area of not farther aggravate)


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