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In report occupied new network on January 12 American media coverage, famous American Ling Ling is circus wagon (Ringling Bros. , barnum Bailey Circus) announces, the elephant that lets all make one's rounds act will carry leave early to rest in May this year, earlier than booking time one year half.

Data chart: Asian elephant.

The Asian elephant that the parent company Feld Entertainment with Ling circus wagon Ling owns is amount of the North American is maximum. A lot of moving protect an organization to accuse all the time circus wagon mistreat elephant. Ling Ling is circus wagon express, this not only it is to cast off the accusation that mistreats elephant at an early date, because Ling Ling discovery makes elephant emeritus,also be faster than what anticipate.

Feld Entertainment says, circus wagon li of famous 11 head elephant can retire be located in the elephant with Florida mid city to protect a center to this company. The elephant that Feld Entertainment ever announced to will make it all perform before 2018 last year is emeritus.

Compose saves the author Carol Bradley of novel of circus wagon elephant to say, the decision of Ling Ling is right other circus wagon meeting has far-reaching effect, because Ling Ling is the United States the biggest circus wagon.

Other and famous sun is circus wagon (the big apple of Cirque De Soleil) and new York is circus wagon, prove to was not performed with elephant, also can obtain masses welcome.

(original title: Be pointed to to mistreat animal beauty the biggest circus wagon announce to retire ahead of schedule all elephant)

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