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On January 20, national chairman Xi Jinping arrives at Egypt capital Caire, begin to have state visit to Egypt. When the private plane that takes when Xi Jinping enters Egypt territorial air, egypt air force 8 opportunity for combat enter the space convoy.

Local time on January 20, xi Jinping and talk of Egypt president Cecil offer a plan / Xinhua News Agency

20 days of evening, xi Jinping interviews Egypt president Cecil than Ding Gong in Caire A. Xi Jinping and Cecil edge walk along an edge to talk, in all in appraise dust traditional friendship, future of relation of communicative two countries develops.

21 days, xi Jinping holds a talk with Egypt president Cecil in Caire library Ba Gong. Xi Jinping invites Cecil to will regard honored guest country as dynast this year in September attend 20 countries peak of group leader Hangzhou is met. Xi Jinping still interviewed Egypt premier Yi Simei respectively in A of Er, prolocutor, secretary-general of League of Arab States A rabbi.

Make known one's position

In square: Wish to participate in the big project construction such as capital of corridor of Egypt the Suez Canal, new administration. Wish to be the same as dust just expand in the domain such as development of resource of commerce, financing, spaceflight, the sources of energy, manpower, safety to cooperate. Strengthen coordinate mediumly in U.N. general affairs cooperate, maintain on the international such as change of middle east, climate and area problem communicate. Wish to be the same as dust just strengthen humanitarian cooperation, close culture, education, travel communicates.

Dust square: Wish to develop oneself the program same area builds a butt joint all the way. The collaboration such as infrastructure is pushed inside frame of bank of Asian infrastructure investment. Course of study of the state-owend enterprise in the welcome is increased right dust investment. Wish to drive the affiliation that deepens Arabia country to be the same as China actively. In wishing to be the same as, just be inside frame of forum of Central Africa collaboration close harmonious cooperation.

Sign a document

" People's Republic of China and Arabia Egypt republic carry out compendium about strengthening two countries 5 years when overall strategy associate concerns "

" government of People's Republic of China and government of Arabia Egypt republic take what with 21 centuries maritime the Silk Road builds to forgive memorandum about pushing economy of the Silk Road jointly "

The domain such as change of trade of construction of electric power, infrastructure, classics, the sources of energy, finance, aerospace, culture, news, science and technology, climate is multinomial and bilateral cooperative file. Include Egypt among them construction of new administration capital is total always contract contract, contract total amount is 2.7 billion dollar about. The autograph makes an appointment with a project to include edifice of center of Egypt country conference, parliament, meeting to exhibit city and 4 projects such as office building of 12 ministries and commissions.

Attend an activity

The Aisuyishi in be cooperates via trade area 2 period uncover a shop sign.

Visiting China high-tech is exhibited.

Integrated Xinhua News Agency

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