According to Russia TV station

will report on Feburary 15 now, south of early morning Russia amounts to the checkpoint of one place car of Ji Sitan republic to produce explosion that day, cause 2 people death, 17 people are injured. The extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) is being pushed go up especially announce to this explosive case is in charge of. Security bureau of Russian Federation state says to organization of one place horror also shares this record.

According to the report, those who produce explosion is one is pulled amount to Priora car. Classics of after the event confirms, fuzz signal this car berth examines certificate w

ith check, eyewitness says to be in the blare that heard explosion at this moment. Ministry of Public Health weighs Dajisitan, 2 fuzz in explosion die, fuzz and people in all 17 people are injured. Russia article passes telecommunications company to say, police is preliminary and affirmatory guilty suspect identity, this suspect name is Dalibofu, this year 23 years old, in Russia at present A Si pulls rarely especially a college is read. The police after explosion surrounds the house of guilty suspect father, negotiate with its.

This explosion power is vast, 4 cars that chirp blocks around anchor by complete burn down. According to the hereon on the net the spot video of second explosion case, can see surge of around car black smoke, checkpoint building is marred by the part. Russia country fears committee expressing instead, this explosive origin is to abstain exploder explosion. This device contains two artillery shell, its might is equivalent to dynamite of 30 kilograms of TNT.

Russia TV station says now, although IS has announced to be in charge of to this case, the local horror that shares this explosion record is organized or sufferred direct strong condemnation. It is reported, horror organizes deserve ground to was built 2011, russia message personage says, because turn over,fear hitting in going two years, this organization number already decreased by 30 people to 10 people.


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