Company of Japanese Tokyo power (the following abbreviation east report) will admit on Feburary 24, on March 11, 2011 east in the accident of that nucleus leak that Japanese earth shake causes, underestimated reactor of blessing island nuclear accident to pile the serious degree with fused core. Before this, east report all the time firm say at that time is injury piling core nevertheless. The accident goes nearly 5 years, progress of not only aftertreatment involving kind is slow, the brawl around nuclear accident is ceaseless, the sequela of that terrible accident still of brandish do not go.

Piling core to fuse is to show nuclear reactor temperature rises exorbitant, cause fuel club to fuse and produce damaged accident. This is the nuclear power plant is the most serious situation in the accident of likelihood happening. On March 14, 2011 before dawn 5 when, blessing island scale of 3 unit loss amounts to the first nuclear power plant 30% , scale of an unit loss is in in the morning 7 when amount to 55% , both all be in caboodle core fused condition. However, report is reporting to the government east reach when explaining to media, still insist to think to be in condition of injury piling core only at that time, after 2 months, report just admits caboodle core is fused east. This year Feburary, report just made known his position to clear up the standard with caboodle fused core eventually east.

On Feburary 15, report discards as useless in concerned nuclear reactor east express on the colloquium of the problem, to solve blessing island problem of sewage of the first nuclear power plant builds wall of water of frozen earth block, from freeze construction end to predict to need 8 months time. Because when begin to freeze tardy uncertain, government and east report is striven for finish inside 2015 year freeze impossible already. Current, blessing island the first nuclear power plant the 1 nuclear foul water that still produces to need about 300 tons to handle everyday to 3 aircrew.

Nuclear accident state is investigate

d also get into trouble. Because be opposite,volume of the radiate after planning area decontamination did not drop, report plans what safe to 2 aircrew reactor mec housing spreads out to use a robot formerly east probe hard and fast. According to the report, before the robot is entered, must make volume of radiate of ground of safe mec housing falls to horary 100 fine long hair hope to control. Although east report relapses decontamination, radiation quantity still is maintained in horary the condition of 500 extremely tall radiate that hope to 8300 fine long hair.

The edaphic decontamination job of area of nuclear accident pollution already was finished most probably above, but clear the nuclear rubbish that come out however nowhere can go. Japanese environment saves assistant secretary to disclosed recently, the government plans to purchase land of 16 square kilometer formerly, contaminate soil with what come out at piling up clear inside blessing island county. As a result of most land possessory heart puts doubt, 1% what the land inadequacy that asks for actually plans.

Our newspaper reporter steps afresh recently visit nuclear accident stricken be hit by a natural adversity area, everywhere of roadside of mouth of plastic bag village sees the black that holding contaminative ground. Person of a few whole villages goes out although the village that take refugee was removed to take refugee directive, but be damaged because of figure of blessing island produce, agricultural production renews prospect vague.


ish environmental institute additionally to published a report to say recently according to Japan, after nuclear leak accident happens, mix with the invertebrate sort of Nanhai bank at this nuclear power plant habitat the amount decreases significantly, the Japanese red pine because of mutate and growing height is remarkable grow in quantity. And blessing island county has 99 thousand person about up to now still outer take refugee. On Feburary 22, county of Japanese blessing island knows elegant hero of the Ku inside the thing to express: Although the accident is fast in the past 5 years, the of 7% area inside the county still is scattered area, people lost basic life. He expresses, some people fail 5 years return to one's native place spends the New Year, the life is very painful in strange heart.

When the national reporter club in Washington made a speech a few days ago, straight person of villous themeda of the premier before Japan shows, the first nuclear power plant has blessing island without doubt radioactivity material was mixed in groundwater midstream to enter the sea, nuclear accident still is in continuously. Reporter Tian Hong


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