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Before wall street female staff member

Maureen Sherry, this year 51 years old, the personal experience that she works with once her was in wall street wrote to cry " Opening Belle " novel, all sorts of things that in carrying the work, encounter announce the sexual distinction of wall street profundity discriminates against a problem.

Si Dengyin of Er of shellfish of street of Sherry Ceng Shihua Er goes (wall street of former United States bank of the 5th large investment) a general manager. Well-known, the female that works in wall street lives not easily, because they are met,suffer those who come from the male to all sorts of mocking and be discriminated against.

Sherry is graduated from university of health Nai Er and Warton business school, the first when she is working the first day to open to wall street wraps around inside Sa, not be Italian piquancy banger, however the condom of a mischief.

Bei Ersi records a reduction that the bank is wall street, in this company female classics regular meeting is mocked, male lead still breathes out to be drunk to them with microphone.

Sherry expresses, discover to there is the recording that tears off briefs actually on computer desktop when she and husband spend honeymoon to return a company, the person of those mischieves is on the side jest she, say she is wretch. And in her lactation when, male work in the same placing are to meet more all sorts of sarcastic, taking in her absorb milk-like liquid implement go anteroom when, they still can give out weird sound, the mother milk that she discovers to she is put in freezer even is drunk.

The male colleague of those responsible invite applications for a job still can discuss them publicly to want to look for the female fellow with handsome cheek, and still can be in invite applications for a job when

the bosom outline that the hand depicts female applicant. Sherry quited his job finally, repaired the artistic Master of Colombian university, absorption nowadays writing.

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