null Baseball null null If you plan on watching Game 7 of the World Series Wednesday night between the Cubs and Indians, you might ask, "Where is Marlins Man?"The man, who wears a noticeable orange Marlins jersey to prominent sporting events, will not be at Game 7 due to concerns over his safety. The news was first reported by ESPN's Darren Rovell , and

Marlins Man confirmed it on Twitter. MORE: Game 7 for long-suffering fans of Cubs, Indians"Sadly, it's true," he tweeted . "Not worth chancing that one psycho person [who] wants to be a hero to Indians fans. Better safe than sorry." The orange-jersey wearer has complained about the hateful messages he's received from "abusive" and "vile" Indians fans throughout the World Series. This is the first World Series he's not attended in the last five years, but he's been taking the threats on Twitter seriously and is fearful what would happen if he attends the game.It's not only how at game Indians fans were abusive, MOST post game postings by them have been derogatory, threatening & classless.GO @CUBS !— Marlins_Man (@Marlins_Man) October 23, 2016"It only takes one psycho on a mission to be a hero to harm me," he added in a tweet . "Not worth it"