Super Tuesday is coming, this day will hold much city primary election at the same time not only, also be the day of decide the issue of the battle of a lot of candidate. Super Tuesday that day, two great political parties of American will hold primary election in more than 10 cities at the same time, its result will be final to two parties produce main effect by president of whose representing contention is big.

Will report on Feburary 29 according to American Chinese net, that day, the party will be the same as the Democratic Party and republican to hold primary election individual to poll in 9 cities, namely Alabama, A agrees He Ma of carat of Zhu Sai of Sa of lubricious, Qiao Zhiya, horse, Russia, Tian Na on the west, Dekesasi, Virginia.

The the Democratic Party can pull much, bright Buddhist nun in division collect Su Da and beauty belong to Samoa to undertake conference of political parties and other organizations polls. Republic party also can be in that day Su Da and Huai Eming city hold Alaska, bright Buddhist nun conference of political parties and other organizations is voting.

The ABC offerred a super Tuesday to view a guide:

1, Telangpu

Can Tangnadetelangpu's hotspot win already quickly from him become him to you can be defeated?

Since Telangpu win republic party after 3 cities primary election, he already became the Hou of republic party president with highest cry to choose what the person nominates to win the home.

The Hou Xuan of republic party president's person that releases jointly according to CNN and ORC investigation company supports rate civilian to move a result, rupee abstruse supportive rate is 16% , ke Luci is 15% , ka Sen is 10% , ka Xiji is 6% , and supportive rate of Telangpu is as high as 49% .

This is adumbrative also, this wins state of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth continuously, south Kaluolaina city and Nevada the magnate of new York estate of 3 presidents preelection, win those who become super Tuesday the home.

This civilian attune also shows clannish difference, the person that the republic party of close half the number polls expresses, they perhaps won't nominate possibly in candidate absolutely voting medium-counts holds Telangpu.

And the shift of another complete countryman that announces recently shows, supportive rate of Telangpu reachs two digit, the person that the republic party of 1/3 polls supports him.

Very republic partisans thinks, telangpu can win candidate of republic party president to nominate.

2, rupee abstruse

American Chinese net is analysed, rupee abstruse the gains the home opportunity that makes super Tuesday is not great. He himself also expresses, he does not think he has an advantage before March 15, join till city of his home town Florida voting.

Abstruse need is in rupee suffer the city with the city with educational higher rate and more constituency of suburb republic party to strive for vote, like Virginia city, civilian Buddhist nun Su Da city, Arkansas is mixed Oklahoma. His target is in these the city strives for the vote of at least 20% .

To rupee abstruse for, if super Tuesday is behaved not beautiful, he is exited at this point enter into an election contest no wonder also. The super Tuesday March 1, ke Luci and rupee abstruse reasonable cause is not to beat Telangpu, contend for however when survival, lest is abandoned early like Jiebubushen anthology.

3, Keluci

Super Tuesday will be to overcome Lu Ci to be in republic party contest when exhibiting skill, city of his home town heart will have primary election in Tuesday. He has won the victory of Iowa primary election.

Ke Luci ever had said, he is exclusive a republic party candidate that can defeat Telangpu. However, his advantage does not have Telangpuduo however, take primary election of below 3 cities continuously in Telangpu especially later. He can mail 155 pieces of ballot of hope Yu Dezhou only, and the 3rd position before is in in the following cities: A agrees color, Tian Na on the west, horse of carry on one's shoulder of carat of Qiao Zhiya, Russia and Alabama.

And he is returned will mix rupee abstruse share vote, your rupee abstruse voting rate under 20% , this is in Rangkeluci the 2nd position.

4, republic party is other enter into an election contest person

Will Ka Sen and Kaxiji still attend enter into an election contest? Block Xi Ji to still cannot make conclusion at present, one week later, he will take Mixiegen city and his home town Ohio. However super Tuesday his situation is not hopeful, this also is him in Fomengte the city is done greatly enter into an election contest propagandist reason. And to Ka Sen, he almost nowhere can go, enter into an election contest at present the situation is very bad.

As each city primary election spread out, condition general gradually Anacreontic, enter into an election contest the person knows general trends already went, beardless when the countrywide congress July, choose can sensibly to exit. But, also do not eliminate to resemble the Democratic Party 2008 in that way, hillary and Aobama choose affection to ankylose, fight hard all the time June.

5, Sangdesi

Although civilian attune shows, kelinduke can become Hillary in fact the candidate that the the Democratic Party nominates

formally. But her adversary Sang Desi insists to express, the battle is far still did not end. He still is continueing spread his information.

Sang Desi's target is to take next native place Fomengte city and neighbour Ma Sazhu fill in city. However, his ability can't let him take the administrative division of next need, he hopes to be able to win Keluoladuo in super Tuesday city and Minnesota, it is an Oklahoma next.

Sang Desi is Fomengte the federal of the city is senatorial, he occupies very preponderance; in this city in bright Buddhist nun city of Su Da, Keluoladuo, hemp is mixed Ma Sizhou of abstruse carat carry on one's shoulder, he and Hillary match each other in strength, the victory or defeat of 4 cities will be right Sang Desi future, produce conclusive effect. And present problem is, sang Desi whether can Hillary of pull up to?

6, Hillary

According to civilian attune, the Hillary of 3 victories is obtained in 4 elections, the most city in 11 cities is at present banner. On Saturday, be in south after city of Ka Luolai accept wins victory, hillary already spearhead from this party adversary Sangdesi changes one of candidate with republic party bullish momentum to Telangpu.

Because the Hillary of the the Democratic Party got within the party the support of super delegate, a stratagem which ensures success of super Tuesday is taller, unless Sangdesi is behaved that day,go up beautiful, otherwise primary election of the Democratic Party will end early.

The card austral super Tuesday and the battle; that March 15 is two keys is gotten the better of greatly, make two battle are in Hillary stand-in. Sang Desi is in white man constituency is more with free ethos relatively dominant; Hillary is in filled city the city house with more multivariate population is windward, be not the south with more descendants especially each city advantage is clearer. In 11 cities, alabama, A agrees color, Qiao Zhiya, Tian Na is mixed on the west Virginia is southern state, xi Laili precedes considerably in the civilian attune of 5 cities. Additional, in heart city she also precedes apparently. [round-the-world net reports reporter Chu Xiaohui]

(Original title: Super Tuesday 6 big hotspots: Is Telangpuhui defeated? Is Hillary a stratagem which ensures success much taller? Is Hillary a stratagem which ensures success much taller??

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is super Tuesday is newest latest news of plan ballot outcome updates beautiful president election to greet super Tuesday: How many city is held? Which be worth to pay close attention to beautiful general election to will greet super Tuesday the gender invades Telangpu accusation spreads out super Tuesday to have presidential primary election by republic party of United States of bring up again


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