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Buddhist is tall as a great artist, the time that takes paintbrush does not pass 10 years, create a work of a lot of legend however. To greet to this great artist, the cartoon that foreign somebody became a legend recently " Loving Vincent " . They collected Buddhist to be drawn 120 pairs high believe with many 800, made a cartoon, tell about his lifetime.

This animation film most the place with gorgeous Jing depends on: Its each frame is the canvas that scale of manual brushstroke brushstroke becomes, each canvas is having the color with tall Buddhist. Every second 12 frame, a minu

te of 60 seconds, whole department piece 80 minutes long, exceed 56000 canvas, it is a whole world full-length film of animation of canvas of first completely manual scale. It is reported, this film will be in fair this year mirror.

Whole department film is made spent 3 years many, of absolutely sincerity make. These canvas all are true painter create and become, each style criterion all follow the painterly style with tall Buddhist, color also is met from before dim to later bright.

These painter have often have little, the amount exceeds 100 people, in 3 years of in the past, they are duplicating an accident everyday: Sit before computer to draw the setting that film institute needs to screen.

Painter can be the renown division that is recommended, what also can have talent very much namely is freewill person. Every painter has an open small studio, common the clearance that they paint a picture can communicate each other. This short, into the project of the biggest artistic cooperation that has experienced for them.

The director of this animation says: It is feeling of safety of Buddhist high shortage about, his lifetime is full of the suspicion to ego, know him truly without the person what thinking. So, the lifetime that we feel the skill that uses him will reveal him just is most the expression of appropriate.

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