They take away our job, take away our money, take away everything. Resemble be aimed at Chinese

opinion on public affairs so, american president participates a person Telangpu all along not stint at expression. What show satirize slightly nevertheless is, 7 days of reports say company of American Peng rich, a landed project that with Telangpu the name names was United States of abroad plute immigrant to create advantage, and these plute basically are a Chinese.

Peng rich company says, one contained the conduct propaganda of Chinese caption recently piece make conduct propaganda greatly to be located in the Telangpude of new jersey to produce an item. This project is to build 50 tall Telangpu bay street apartment, be apart from Manhadu only Cheng of 5 minutes of cars, telangpu is all round square is uptown. The owner that enters can enjoy the swimming-pool outdoor and indoor golf.

According to the report, this purpose is built just is the United States Kushennade produces a company, company presiding apparitor Gulidekushenna is Telangpu the husband of daughter Yimoka. the president Nigulasimasiteluoyang of the American emigrant fund that is in charge of be project recruit capital the Buddhist nun.

The EB-5 visa that Telangpud

e produces an item is American immigration office invests emigrant project. According to the regulation, investor must invest at least 500 thousand dollar to American development project and can create station of 10 full-time jobs for American citizen. As redound, they will obtain by a definite date two years temporarily green card, hopeful turn for formal and permanent green card. Data shows, the United States signed and issue 10692 EB-5 visa 2014, among them 85% be obtained by the Chinese.

Peng rich company says, this project has arrived through EB-5 collect 50 million dollar, occupy the 1/4 of total amount. Total adviser of American emigrant fund thinks, the investor that EB-5 visa wins in the project comes from China almost.

To this matter, telangpu's spokesman expresses to Peng rich company, although the project is very successful, but Telangpu did not participate in financing. The spokesman of company of library assorted offer says, the project is completely lawful, and created obtain employment post. It is reported, telangpu built a few buildings 20 years only in the past, if develop business to want to use his name, must pay a license fee to him.

To EB-5 project, peng rich company says, this policy gets dispute fully all the time in the United States. The proponent thinks, it can attract foreign capital and create obtain employment, and won't increase new burden to taxpayer. Critical personage thinks, this is sell the foreigner that does not have a technology visa, wash money for them security of state of minatory even United States is big convenient door. The report still says, the original idea of EB-5 project is obtain employment of creation of area of difficulty of economy of help United States, but actually, a lot of projects that are located in flourishing area scored gain from which.

[round-the-world times is stationed in bare of Sun Wei of reporter of American engage by special arrangement Zhang Wang of round-the-world times reporter]


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