Login register White Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to suffer in development of Russia dairy produce be restricted to be about to develop: of Chinese market source? Be not Nao?2017-06-15 20:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The report will say Afp on June 14, the conflict between Russia and White Russia had affected it seems that milkings industry, because Moscow raised a conflict, force white Russia to will export a product to turn to China.

According to the report, the business of milk products production of White Russia criticises officer of Russia food sanitation hampers in cold blood they, to White Russia all sorts of dairy produce factories and shambl

es issue a prohibition many cases. But Muscovite respect insists to think, these practices are to stem from healthful consideration, say, no matter concern whether burst, the Kremlin also uses allied commercial embargo at other country.

The report says, russia and White Russia are close ally and commerce associate all the time. However, since Kelimiya merge into since Russia, lukashenke is opposite Alexander of White Russia president Muscovite all the time height is vigilant, cause tension of two countries relation, because border land control and issue of price of the sources of energy are vexed.

Because White Russia belongs to inland enclosed economy, be in so economically exceeding depend on Russia, especially dairy produce industry. Because the dairy produce of Russia production can't satisfy homeland to consume demand, and White Russia has a large number of raw firms, the dairy produce quality that so its produce also has very good reputation in Russia.

According to the report, official of Russia Ministry of Agriculture criticises Ming Sike carries a sale inferior product, the European food that will use Russia to retaliate European Union punish imports a ban.

And Zayacilieaonidelie of minister of White Russia agriculture is being accepted when interviewing, express, without doubt, certain orgnaization is in apply its consequence to drive out the Bai Esheng in Russia market produces business side to be very interested apparently.

The report still says, to the limitation of White Russia a few months fluctuates ceaselessly, from time to time is gentle, from time to time is tough. End by May, white Russia already had factory of nearly 100 dairy produce and shambles to be affected. To seek new market, agricultural experts are in conference of the middle ten days of a month is medium in May meeting, business of production of help dairy produce sells the product toward the China that increases ceaselessly to this kinds of product requirement.

Alexander of director of White Russia quarantine Yabintuo (Alexandander Subbotin) expresses, already many 30 milk products produces business to already was sold the product by accredit China. Yabintuo expresses, 2017 first quarter, white Russia suckles kind of value to Chinese exit 1.3 million dollar, prep above 2015 annual. (The exercitation compiles: Cheng Xiaoqian goes over a manuscript or draft: Tian Ruizhe)

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