The program of hot line of

Beijing of 2017 year general that gets attention fully time of Yu Mosi division 15 days midday at 12 o'clock (Beijing time at 17 o'clock) leave formally sow. According to statistic of Russian new company, russia people already put forward to exceed 1.9 million problem to general Beijing through all sorts of channel.

General Beijing is connected in direct seeding express in the line, s

ince 2000, russia baby and puerpera mortality drop significantly, life of average per capita rises from head of 70 annual expenditure.

It is reported, general Beijing hot line is in general Beijing found inside presidential tenure of office first. 2001, he undertakes connecting a line with the people for the first time, this year already is the 15th. [Guo Peng of reporter of round-the-world network coverage flies]


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