Xinhua News Agency on June 19 message, according to Thailand media coverage, the bomb that government office of good year of Thailand south north produces 19 days to be aimed at the army together local time makes a surprise attack, cause 6 soldiers death, 3 soldiers are wounded.


iland TV reports 3 times, assault happens local time 11 when 45 minutes or so, several soldiers are taking leather lorry to patrol at that time, bury the bomb assault that has set beforehand by, cause 6 people death, 3 people are injured, leather lorry is blown up. Charger identity is unidentified, the army already gave orders to block the spot launchs investigation.

Boreal good year, that Ladiwa and also be being pulled is Thailand most 3 government office of Na Duan, be called normally the 3 government office austral peaceful. Since 2004, the separatism element of the 3 government office austral peaceful makes explosive event ceaselessly, cause 6800 people death at least so far.

(primary problem is " Thailand south produces bomb a

ssault to send 6 soldiers to die " )


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