According to Japan " morning sun news " will report on June 19, general merchandise counterjumper and employee of bank of Japanese whole nation divulge, write down card to take occurrence gold to undertake the incident increase sharply of bilk through borrowing. Whole nation of 1-4 month Japan is cheated amount exceeds 1.1 billion yen, will be cheated April amount is 3 times January about. Compared with hand in resistance of psychology of to pay cash to want with one's own hands small, notice all round the scope is very limited also, japanese police noticed the new measure of bilk gang.

I am clumsy really! City of jade of Japanese fine jade sees billabong area the member that a female is investigated crestfallenly to police of fine jade jade so say. When seeing TV reports, do not know why to fall into trap, special regret.

According to description of police of city of fine jade jade, on April 24, this woman received to profess in the home is inn of new constellation of Yi power red the phone of shop assistant of a man, the credit card that calls you under one's name was bought probably the dress of 60 thousand yen, be you excuse me those who buy?

What the accused after the woman is denied knows an incoming message is association of bank of Japanese whole nation. This man that is making bugle call of name of association staff member says to the message tells you, borrow write down card to serve as new way very pretty good also. Listen to him to explain necessary procedures, this woman told him the password. After a few hours, again one claims the man that is this man colleague will in woman home visit, this woman puts 6 pieces those who have ready money to borrow wrote down card t

o deliver to him.

The following day, after the cash in account is taken out entirely, this woman just realizes she is deceived.

Besides, still association of Japanese general merchandise, police waits the honor of such appellation a moment. Disclose according to respect of inn of general merchandise of red of the 3 power that jump over Yi, new old store is in Yi power red the telephone call that end will receive 10 to whether exist about inquiring the counterjumper of a certain name probably everyday in April. Police thinks these phones are probable is the telephone call that the victims in similar case have affirming.

According to statistic of Japanese police hall, place of police of Japanese whole nation understands with the type 1-4 month shared the case that be cheated 2017 800, amount involves about 1.18 billion yen. Produced 951 one year in all 2016, experience record amount is close 2 billion yen. Tokyo, magical Nai plain, 1000 leaves, fine jade jade the fall victim case of 4 ground in all 529, experience record amount makes an appointment with 745 million yen, 2/3 what hold countrywide total. And the incident amount June still is increasi

ng, only the fall victim case that city of fine jade jade will produce in April already held the in part 2017.

Disclose according to police of county of fine jade jade, the victim is old people more. Rank the old person of the life alone especially, they are in from till will borrow,receive a telephone call write down card to give during the criminal, the opportunity that communicates with them is very few, because this is very easy,be stared at to go up by illegal element. (The exercitation compiles: Ma Mengyuan goes over a manuscript or draft: Wang Huan)


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