[round-the-world net reports integratedly] will report on June 20 according to Russia satellite network, active support included capital of Russia president general in project of Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 " pull a rod " the match (Mas-wrestling) .

According to the report, "Pull a rod " the match is a Russia Yakute person tradition moves, in this kind of match, the athlete is sitting face-to-face, double foot step is worn the board among, there is to be called in the hand " Mas " club. The one party that takes the l

ead in seizing a stick from adversary hand in the match wins victory.

According to the report, in a report that issues after the world tumbled tounament ends 2015, general Beijing states his support is included in Olympic Games project " pull a rod " the match.

He also expresses, "Pull a rod " the match represented a Russian civilian multivariate culture. General Beijing thinks, disseminating the information that more moves about this is very important, come so " pull a rod " the match is not just in Russia popularity, it also can get on the world of other country love. "Pull a rod " th

e match has been in the United States well known, get especially the female's favour. (The exercitation compiles: Wang Pei goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)


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