Will report on June 20 according to British Reuter, domestic Shangmufeisheer will express aerography of bureau of American country scene on June 19, the dead

cereal in California city the eastpart part and the small town that approach Arizona state border Nideersi, air temperature will reach 127 degree Fahrenheit in this week (the height of 53 C) .

According to the report, in Fukenasi the place of system of a high pressure in the sky brings heat wave of this kind of extreme, heat wave has swept across American southwest greater part to divide an area at present, will achieve in this week metaphase temperature new tall. Suffer this effect, bear of local country electrified wire netting can be increased, a few airline also warn partial flight number to may suffer an effect.

Fischer says, the hot weather of this your person lose one's mind ma

y break a record in other area, but to place, the one part that is periodic loop only just, and climate change place does not bring this, also not be other blazing phenomenon.

According to the report, park of dead cereal state is the United States' celebrated with completely beautiful the hottest place travel resort. This park management board issues a warning on the website, tell tourist extreme summer burning hot. Say of personnel of park management board, predicting high temperature will achieve 100 F to come to 120 F(38 C 49 C) , exceed 120 F(49 C) even. Passengers answer drinkable and many water carries redundant drinking water, avoid excurse (in the morning the) after 10 o'clock, prepare a journey to live things. Once happen,concern pyretic disease, all get on for a cool local ask for help!

Will publish in on June 19 " natural climate changes " a research on periodical makes clear, predict to 2100 the amount of extreme heat wave will climb the global population that rise and can affect an in part continuously. (The exercitation compiles: Wu Fan goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)


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