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[Li Tingting of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] according to Han Lian the company will report on June 22, the research center expresses IT of intelligence of university of Korea head Er car 22 days, that day afternoon 1:30, by head what Er university develops is automatic drive car SNUver is in an Er city start off checks near Ru Yidao of Yong Dengpu area, this is Korea undertakes road of car urban district is measured driving automatically first.

November 2016, approval of Korea land the Ministry of Communication drives automatically the car is in Korea is major the travel on highway, groove guard of security of only part pedestrian must not sail. Drive automatically car SNUver appeared first in November 2015, the course upgrades ceaselessly, now is the 3rd edition (SNUver3) , will two years already was in an Er university the travel inside campus above of 20 thousand kilometer, function got very big rise. The personage expresses related the research center, SNUver3 than before version is identifying and get upgrading on travel function, be opposite especially the identifying that wait and judgement ability increase signal lamp of line of car, pedestrian, driveway, traffic, road sign somewhat, can ensure drive automatical

ly the car stabilizes travel in the common highway environment inside the city such as a sector of an area of the artery between high-rise, side road, channel, construction.

The research center expresses, will continue to check SNUver3 inside year, consolidate its travel ability, make the material that in

be being driven with trying, collects the base at the same time, discuss traffic infrastructure and current laws and regulations to whether suit to drive automatically car, will face in November later common the person that drive is begun try drive an activity.

Research group still will be made public that day new drive automatically car SNUvi. SNUvi and SNUver are drive automatically in what the research and development on different car platform comes out car, will undertake trying driving in August. A professor that research center electrician learns to fasten expresses, expect this second road is measured conduce to raise Korea automatic road-sense level.

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