Los angeles of Xinhua News Agency on July 16 report (reporter high mountain) official of American Arizona state confirms 16 days, mountain torrents of area of a situation of local is eruptive already caused at least 9 people to die.

According to local media coverage, as a result o

f light rainstorm, arizona city is connected hold a valley inside national groove guard in the palm 15 days eruptive afternoon mountain torrents, the rapid river water that cataract unloads continuously whirled the 14 people that swimming inside the swag in cereal.

Up to now, the personnel that rescue discovers 9 victims remains in all, age is the oldest have 60 many years old, the smallest is year only two years old female child.

According to police introduction, police rescues 4 people successfully in the spot, but the Communist Party of China of the valley when still cannot affirming accident happening has how many person. At present the personnel that rescue still is searching for a person that be missing, but latter survival hope is uncertain.

Doug Disai releases Arizona state governor 16 days statement, express to mourn to the victim. China is stationed in los angeles to always get a house to express, still did not receive the bulletin that Chinese citizen dies in the accident at present.

According to the report, that day afternoon, hold national groove guard in the palm the rainfall inside a many hour exceeds 25 millimeter, and the average fall July arranges place 61 millimeter. Atmosphere branch warning says, because still be faced

with,last rainfall, place may be eruptive new mountain torrents. (According to client of Xinhua News Agency end reports)


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