Vienna of Xinhua News Agency on July 21 problem of electric Iran nucleus 6 countries (the United States, England, France, Russia, China and Germany) Yi nucleus is held 21 days in Austrian Vienna with Iran the 8th meeting of committee of comprehensive agreement combination. The European Union moderates to Schmidt of the dilettante secretary-general that use office, american deputy Secretary of State is sweet farming, Iranian deputy minister of foreign affairs Alagexi and Russia, flower, law, heart is corresponding the official attends the meeting. Abroad hands in ministry army to accuse to manag

e director Wang Qun leads a group to attend the meeting in.

Wang Qun says, this second conference is the important meeting that holds below the setting that in Yi nucleus comprehensive agreement reachs two years. Just will continue to support sturdily and uphold comprehensive agreement in. Wang Qun stressed the significance of comprehensive agreement, express to be below current condition, each Fang Yingjian decides political desire, faithful fulfil obligation, appropriate handles difference, ensure the agreement continues to get be

executived in the round, effectively. This pair consolidates international nucleus does not diffuse it is peace and stability of system, stimulative middle east, important to safeguard multilateral creed to have meaning.

Wang Qun still reported A to pull caboodle of gram heavy water to transform progress circumstance, in emphasizing, just will continue to reach each consensus according to comprehensive agreement, drive transform a project to obtain greater progress.

The United States just expresses to will continue to fulfil the commitment that its make below comprehensive agreement. Other each all just reiterate support is overall agreement. Each still just carry out comprehensive agreement punish to remove, the problem openness such as nuclear domain measure, development exchanged an opinion. A just is driven to pull caboodle of gram heavy water to transform project place to be made hard in all just admiring each.

Original title: Square support continues to carry out Yi nucleus effectively in the round in comprehensive agreement responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension


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