Civilian blame of Japan seeks profits the concerned day Han that academy of wisdom library East Asia announced NPO of constituent expression of one's political views and Korea 21 days to be carried out every year since 2013 concerns the findings of associated public opinion that wait. The result shows, hold negative impressional to suffer the person that visit to increase in Japan to country of the other side achieve 48.6% , relatively exasperate last year; is improved s

omewhat in Korea, for 56.1% .

According to Japan joint company will report on July 21, the delegate of NPO of opinion on public affairs that attends a press conference is versed in cany peaceful annals points out, because be criticized on historical problem,Japanese aggravation is. At the same time the analysis shows, the improvement of Korea is to be increased by the tourist that visit day, communicate distensible influence directly.

Nevertheless, the answer that thinks present day Han relation is bad is occupied in Japan 57.7% , it is in Korea 65.6% , relatively increased somewhat last year. On the other hand, anxious countryman feeling is exasperate and bad, be a problem suffer the person that visit to exceed 6 to become in two national capital, prep above last year.

Right day Han was concerned 2015 comfort the answer that the consensus that the problem that install Fu reachs gives affirmation is in day Han two countries decreases, think to comfort through consensus the answer that the problem that install Fu gets settlement is occupied in Japan 25.3% , it is only in Korea 19.5% .

The answer does not support American president Telangpu of words and deeds suffer the person that visit to be in Japan 65.3% , also achieve in Korea 73.1% .


estigation will part to be carried out in order to make an appointment with 1000 factitious objects in day Han two countries in July at will coming in June. [Yu Peng of round-the-world network reporter flies]

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