Beautiful couplet store an in-house working group released a report to express recently, american consumer and enterprise will let enjoy faster disbursement before 2020 solution.

This the name is beautiful couplet store pay a system to carry fast the proposal that the working group offerred to buil

d those who accord with science and technology to develop plan to pay a system in the report. Report proposal beautiful couplet store evaluate with other superintendency orgnaization apply to burgeoning the law that pays a technology, carry out faster disbursement the solution serves, pay a system the function that has to run in perfect process in support.

In addition the diaphaneity that the report still suggests to increase terminal user and service provider and security, research burgeoning technology continuously at the same time, so that build faster disbursement,frame, regulation is mixed standard.

Kenili shows vice president of association of banking of one of working group members, U

nited States, afore-mentioned proposals will drive American banking system to build more driving with effective disbursement system. Telierte of lawyer of general affairs of alliance of another working group member, consumer expresses, all terminal user will be enjoyed safer, quicker pay a system with what provide diaphaneity more.

Beautiful couplet store evaluate a report when released 2015 to show, the United States pays a system to did not catch up with science and technology progresses, because this founded afore-mentioned working groups. This working group includes many 300 member at present, come from financial system each branches. Reporter Yang Bo


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